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You Said: Yes to Skinny Jeans!

Omiru Poll Result: You Said Yes to Skinny Jeans!

Earnest Sewn Cigarette Leg Harlan JeansWe asked: Would you wear Skinny Jeans?

You said:  Yes to Skinny Jeans, with 62% of the vote.

Style tip?  Dark wash jeans are going to be the most flattering, as they visually slim the leg.  For a fresh look, pair a voluminous top (jacket or shirt) over your skinny jeans for a big-over-small look.

Next question: Trenchcoats are a classic that never really go out of style.  The twist this season?  Bright colors.  Would you wear a brightly colored trench? Cast your vote on the sidebar!

Pictured:  Earnest Sewn Cigarette Leg Harlan Jeans | $185 at 80s Purple.

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Wave Frill Dress

Wave Frill DressThe short sleeves are flattering on less-than perfect arms, and the belted shape defines your waistline.

$76  (approx) at Topshop.

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Success! Software upgrade complete.

Hi everybody,

We just upgraded our blog software to the latest and greatest version.  Everything should be working the same, but let us know if you find something wonky. 

On a separate note, how do you like the changes we’ve made to Omiru in the last month?  There are still more improvements to come, but we’ve been working on diversifying our posts, adding more pictures (the #1 request we saw on our reader survey), and making sure we have men’s content every Wednesday.

-Trisha and the Omiru team

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Grocery Totes: Save the Environment, Save the World

Can’t get your hands on the limited edition Anya Hindmarch’s "I’m not a Plastic Bag" tote?  You can still tote your groceries in style with a statement tote bag.  Here’s Omiru’s picks for the five chicest grocery totes:

Floral Print Cotton Tote
Floral Print Cotton Tote | $19.50 at Banana Republic
We can’t get enough of the beautiful blue and purple floral pattern.

Reuse Me Tote
Reuse Me Tote | $12 at Urban Outfitters
Stay on trend with this butterfly motif tote–and save the environment while you’re at it.

Eco Friendly Fold Up Bag
Eco Friendly Fold Up Bag | $19.80 at Forever 21
Abstract, eye-catching patterns make this bag a keeper.

Peace Tote
Peace Tote | $12 at Heritage 1981
Maybe peace isn’t all that we need, but it’ll sure make the world a better place.

Finnish Animals Tote Bag
Finnish Animals Tote Bag | $43 at Etsy
Simply adorable, no?

Oh, and if you’re holding out for the "I’m not a Plastic Bag" tote, you can always find it on eBay.  Happy bidding!

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Medium Printed Silk Twill Scarf

Medium Printed Silk Twill ScarfWe just can’t get enough of the gorgeous dot pattern and the vintage-inspired colors.

$42  at J Crew.

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Fashion Fundamentals: The Scarf

Keep a scarf stashed in your handbag.  You never know when it’ll come in handy.  Scarves are great for punching up a ho-hum outfit, giving you a bit of extra color, and keeping you warm from overzealous air conditioning.  Often, they do all three. 

How do you wear a scarf (in three easy steps)?  (1) Fold it in half lengthwise, (2) Wrap it around your neck, and (3) Tuck the loose ends through the folded end.  Presenting our five favorite scarves to sweep you through Spring:

Banana Republic Cashmere Wrap
Cashmere Wrap | $68 at Banana Republic
Simply elegant, and that purple color is lovely.

American Eagle Sheer Striped Scarf
Sheer Striped Scarf | $17.50 at American Eagle
Bright colors and stripes…what more can we ask for?

Large Tie Dye Scarf at Topshop
Tie Dye Scarf | $30 (approx) at Topshop
There’s nothing quite like tie dye to liven up an outfit.

Crinkled Cotton Scarf at Martin & Osa
Crinkled Cotton Scarf | $34 at Martin & Osa
Love the elegance of this casual-yet-sophisticated crinkled cotton scarf.

Tight Square Weave Scarf
Tight Square Weave Scarf | $30 (approx) at Topshop
Add some texture to your outfit with this open square weave scarf.

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Inhabit Cotton Thermal Henley

Inhabit Cotton Thermal HenleyINVESTMENT PIECE

Between the extra-long six button placket, the soft fabric, and deconstructed details, this is no ordinary henley shirt. John, a proud owner of this shirt, recommends it in putty or light grey.

$218  at Inhabit.

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Fashion 101: Meet the Plaids

You may have voted pro-Plaid last week, but do you know your plaids?  Plaids all have criss-crossed horizontal and vertical stripes, but not all plaids are created equal.

Houndstooth is a two-color pattern characterized by broken checks or abstract-looking four-pointed shapes. 
Style tip?  Try a fitted houndstooth blazer paired with a solid colored shirt for contrast.

Glen Plaid
Glen Plaid
Glen Plaid is a variant of houndstooth with contrast striping. 
Style tip?  Glen Plaid is a bold choice for suiting, especially if you don’t want to look like every other guy in the office.

Prince of Wales Check
Prince of Wales Check
Prince of Wales Check is version of glen check, usually with a light blue overplaid. 
Style tip?  Wear it with a light blue shirt for best results.

You’ll know herringbone by the zig-zag pattern made by the alternating diagonal rows. 
Style tip?  Herringbone is a heavy fabric, making it a prime cold-weather choice for suits.

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Pale Country Bird Pendant Charm

Pale Country Bird Pendant CharmIsn’t this bird pendant simply precious?

$8  at JessicaJane’s Etsy Store.

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Q&A: Art Gallery Style in Your 50s

Q:  I am to be the featured artist at a gallery art walk in a city by the water north of Seattle.  What do I wear?  I want to look classy, yet artsy.  I am 51.

Feeling the love for this outfit?  Here’s more information about it.

by Colleen Geary, fashion stylist and image consultant

A: At fifty-one, you fashion priority is to select a dress or suit that is not only sophisticated but also suits both your coloring and body type.  For a classic yet artsy look, build your outfit with classic foundation elements.  A little black dress is always appropriate—but if you dare, you may want to wear a splash of color. 

  • If you have an hourglass figure, try a sleeved wrap dress to accentuate your curves. 
  • To elongate a fuller figure, you can try a suit with a high stance (where the two lapels meet in front) and strong vertical lines.
  • If you’re blessed with a long, lean figure, a colorful maxi dress may also fit the bill.  A maxi dress gives you full coverage, and it also has a bohemian air to it.

Finish off your outfit with a pair of comfortable flats or low heels.  You’ll be standing for hours, so choose a pair of shoes that will allow you to focus on the event—not your aching feet.

Style tip?  After thirty-five, the color black tends to drain color out of a woman’s face. Should you choose a black dress, make sure to accessorize with colorful jewelry (or a scarf) and give yourself some extra color with your make-up. 

Have a great tip about style in your 50s? Share it with us in the comments!

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