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Q&A: How to Create a Modern Look with Pearls

Q:  I have been hearing rumors about how pearls are coming back. Do you have any recommendations for how to make them look modern?

Modern Pearl Jewelry

by Colleen Geary, fashion stylist and image consultant

A:  Pearls are a true classic—while their popularity has waxed and waned over the seasons, they have never gone out of style.  It’s no surprise that they’re gaining in popularity now, given the movement towards more ladylike fashion (though they work with almost any outfit, from a casual sweater and jeans to a formal business suit).  Plus, pearls are universally flattering—you can find pearls to complement any complexion. 

That said, the single strand necklace that your Grandmother wore can look dated.  For a fresh, modern look with pearls, here are three tips:
(1) Invest in jewelry that combines pearls with other stones, such as a cluster earring combining pearls with  aquamarine or amethyst.  Should you have a strand of family pearls, you could restring them, adding crystals or other jewels to the necklace, to make them more modern. 
(2) Try Nontraditional Pearls: Baroque pearls are less pristine in appearance, yet they are beautiful in their imperfection.  Added bonus?  Baroque pearls often come in beautiful colors from pinks to golds to purples.  We also love the look of coin pearls, which are characterized by their flat, coin-like shape.
(3) Do as Coco Chanel did: Wear your classic pearl necklace with an assortment of other necklaces to add dimension to their appearance. 

Looking for some basic information on pearls?  For a primer on pearls, Omiru recommends Blue Nile’s Guide to Pearls.

Have a great tip about how to create a modern look with pearls?  Share it with us in the comments!

Pictured, from left:
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Manly Padlock Choker

Manly Padlock Choker NecklaceForm and function meet in this self-described Manly Padlock Choker. The padlock on the choker comes with a key–so you can actually use the padlock when you’re not wearing the choker.

What will they think of next?

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