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Faux Wood Headband

Faux Wood HeadbandWe love the look of this cutout headband–it seems more MOMA Design Store than Twelve by Twelve.

$4  at Twelve by Twelve.

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You Said: Maybe to Minidresses

Omiru Poll Result: Maybe to Minidresses

Kate DressWe asked: Would you wear a Minidress?

You said:  Maybe.  For the second week in a row, both "Yes" and "No" each got 50% of the vote.

Style tip?  If you have less-than-perfect legs, you can still pull off the minidress trend.  Try wearing a minidress over (opaque) tights.  Black tights are the most slimming, but you can also experiment with color here.

Next question: We’re seeing plaid everywhere–on the runway, in stores, and on the streets.  But would you wear plaid yourself? Cast your vote on the sidebar!

Pictured:  Kate Dress | $98 at J Crew.

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Silver Whale Hoop Earrings

Silver Whale Hoop EarringsAdd a touch of whimsy to an otherwise serious outfit with these adorable whale hoop earrings from Imogene and Annie.

$48  at Imogene and Annie’s Etsy Store.

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Friday Fashion Hotlist | Treats from the March Sampler

Welcome to a Special Sampler Edition of the Friday Fashion Hotlist.  This week, we present to you Our Favorite Goodies from the Sampler to show you the best of the best from independent crafters and artists.

Andy Pratt Greeting Cards
Bees Knees Gocco Print | $3.50 each at Andy Pratt Design
Andy Pratt’s Location Collection features handmade letterpress visions of Brooklyn, Nice, and London.

Mixtape Vintage Shilling Charms
Check out Mixtape’s Etsy Store.
Mixtape’s designer is a lover of all things quirky, kitsch and retro cool. Like these vintage shilling charms.

Foundling Recycled Hairpins
Poppy Bobbypins | $6 each at Foundling
Foundling’s Bobbypins are made of repurposed vintage fabrics.  Absolutely lovely.

Are you a designer or crafter?  Spread the word about yourself by sending your goods to The Sampler today!

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3/4 Sleeve Frill Front Blouse

3/4 Sleeve Frill Front BlouseClassy enough for work, but fun enough for the weekend.

$5o  (approx) at Topshop.

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Q&A: How to Find a Signature Scent

Q:  I will be turning 30 in April and have decided to celebrate by finding a signature scent to wear for the next decade. I do think perfume can add something special, but… a lot of places are becoming scent free, and I don’t want something that’s either overpowering or girly. How do I choose a scent, and is it considered rude to wear perfume these days?

Annick Goutal\'s Petite Cherie Perfumeby Colleen Geary, fashion stylist and image consultant

A: At thirty, you should be looking for a complex and sophisticated perfume that reflects your personality and life experience.  Select a perfume that speaks to your own unique personality—and one that doesn’t overwhelm you. 

When selecting a perfume, consider your climate.  Some scents are too heavy for the summer, and others are too light for the winter.    Beyond that, we can’t tell you which perfume to choose—choosing a scent is very personal as each perfume has a different chemical reaction (and thus, a different scent) on each individual.  Like we said in our article on cologne last week, we recommend experimenting by (1) finding scents that appeal to your senses, and then (2) seeing how the scent smells on your skin.  One trick for clearing your nose from all the different scents (cleansing the palate, so to speak) is to carry coffee beans with you.  Sniffing coffee beans will clear your nose from the scent of the previous perfume.

Coco by Chanel PerfumeGreat classics are usually a good place to begin, so try Robert Piquet’s Fracas, Chanel No. 5 or Coco by Chanel.  For a non-overpowering, non-girly scent, you may also want to try the lush tuberose scent of Carnal Flower by Frederic Malle.  A couple of my personal favorites are Annick Goutal’s Petite Cherie (which has pear and peach notes) and Jil Sander #4 (which is a little spicy). 

As for your last question, it’s not rude to wear perfume–it’s rude to wear too much of it.  Rule of thumb?  If you’re riding in an elevator, your fellow passengers should only smell a trace of the perfume.  Try a dab here and a dab there–or spray the scent into the air and walk through it.

Have a great tip about how to pick a perfume  Or would you like to share your favorite scents? Share it with us in the comments!

Petite Cherie by Annick Goutal (left) and Coco by Chanel (right).

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Octopus To Do List

Octopus To Do ListMake sense of your overcrowded life with this adorable Octopus To Do List.

4″ x 6″, 50 pages of recycled paper.

$8  at Shana Logic.

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Striped Lucite Bangle

Striped Lucite BangleThis lucite bangle bracelet is the perfect accessory for a breezy Spring day.

$9  at Twelve by Twelve.

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Men’s Fashion: 7 Investment Pieces for Spring

Spring is around the corner, so welcome it in style with these seven investment-worthy wardrobe upgrades.

The Tom Ford Inspired Shirt
Tom Ford Suit and Shirt
Tom Ford Suit and Shirt, photo courtesy of

It’s an understatement to say that Tom Ford does everything bold.  (Have you seen his ads?  And the ones in US magazines are the “toned down” ones; check out the UK GQ for the real deal) So it shouldn’t be a big surprise that his spring collection is particularly eye-catching. Unfortunately, not all of us can a) afford Mr. Ford’s clothing or b) pull it off.  We love the shirt in this suit set.  Wear it under a solid colored blazer, such as charcoal, grey—or white, if you have that certain je ne sais quoi.  Two more affordable options:  the Secret Wash Point Collar Shirt in Large Gingham ($64.50 at J Crew), and a shirt with the same pattern (albeit of a lower quality) for a little less than $100 at Club Monaco (not available online).

The Slim Fit Polo Shirt
Michael Kors Striped Polo
Michael Kors Striped Polo | $175 at Neiman Marcus

Polos are a staple of any gentleman’s casually cool spring summer wardrobe.  Some designers to watch: Ralph Lauren’s spring line always resonates with color, and their rugby pieces have been recently increasing in popularity.  Lacoste is celebrating its 75th anniversary by putting an oversized alligator on their classic polo shirts.  Burberry has done two things we’ve loved over the last couple of seasons: (1) they came out with a slim-fit line of shirts, and (2) they’ve toned down the pretentiousness factor (i.e. they’ve gotten rid of that signature Burberry check on the front button placket on some shirts). 

Bloomingdales sells a great rugby-striped, slim-fit, ultra-soft cotton polo by Burberry, which unfortunately isn’t available online.  If you find it in store, check it out in the white/gray colorway.  But similar to this Burberry shirt is the Michael Kors shirt pictured above.

The Perfect Chino Pant
Mason\'s Chinos
Mason’s Chinos, photo courtesy of

As it gets hotter, jeans become a little too heavy to wear.  Instead, try these chinos from Mason’s.  They’re slim, rich in color and are sans pleats and cuffs.  Perfect for any event not held at a country club. 

The Lightweight Blazer
Oak Soft Blazer
Soft Blazer | $165 at Oak

When it gets chilly at night—or you need to dress up for that dinner date, you’ll want to wear a blazer.  If you’re looking for a new one, we recommend this blazer by OakNYC, as it’s a great lightweight summer choice.  Style tip?  The trick to instantly casualizing anything, especially coats (even trenchcoats) or blazers, is to push up the sleeves.  Note that pushing is not the same as rolling– rolling up the sleeves will wreak havoc on finer jackets.

The Low Top White Leather Sneaker
Common Projects Achilles Low Top in White
Common Projects Sneakers | $264 at Revolve Clothing

The perfect casual summer shoe is a low top white leather sneaker.  I recommend a slip on by Common Projects (a style that is in fashion at the moment, but not in stores yet).  The pictured sneaker, a low-top lace up, is a close substitution.  Well made and comfortable, Common Projects shoes bear no logos.  Instead, each shoe is individually numbered in subtle gold writing.  Style tip? When wearing white sneakers and dark denim, beware: dark denim is often dark because of a powder coating.  This powder will rub off onto your shoes (and shirt, for that matter).

The Trenchcoat
Modern Glen Plaid Straight Trenchcoat
Modern Glen Plaid Straight Trenchcoat | $198 at Banana Republic

Springtime welcomes warmer weather—but it also brings rain.  When storms hit, you’ll need to keep dry.  This single breasted trench by Banana Republic will do that for you.  Note the glen plaid design, which keeps things interesting.

The Lightweight Jacket
Modern Short Zip Jacket
Modern Short Zip Jacket | $98 at Banana Republic

Even though its spring, it can still get chilly at night.  You’ll want to have a casual, lightweight jacket like this reasonably priced one by Banana Republic.  It’s only available online in black - the picture doesn’t  quite do it justice - but we suggest looking at the cream color, which you can see but not buy online.

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Q&A: How to Dress Up Jeans for Work

Q:  I work in a super chilly office, and I have to dress somewhere between business casual and business. Everyone has instructed me to wear jeans (since I wear skirts all the time).  What is the proper way to dress up jeans?

Feeling the love for this outfit?  Here’s more information about it.

The key to surviving the cold in a chilly office environment is layering, layering, layering.  Because while your cube may be freezing, the conference room with southern exposure (and floor to ceiling windows) may be an oven.  Layering your clothes allows you to add and remove layers as the temperature around you shifts.

It sounds like your personal style falls on the dressier side, since you’re big on skirts.  Like skirts, dark jeans are the way to go for a dressier look.  The darker the jean, the dressier the look it creates. 

Here’s three basic fashion formulas to get you started:
(1) Blazer + Sweater + Tee + Jeans.
(2) Cardigan + Button-down Shirt + Tee +  Jeans.
(3) Jacket + Sweater + Blouse + Jeans.

Finish the look off with a pair of low heels (or boots) and a killer bag.

P.S. If it’s unbearably chilly, you may also want to go hunting for the thermostat or call facilities to adjust the temperature.  In a pinch, you can also cover up an air vent that’s blowing directly at you with a plastic trash bag and duct tape.

Have a great tip about how to wear jeans to work? Share it with us in the comments!

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