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Q&A: How to Wear a White Jacket Without Looking Like a Doctor (or an extra on Grey’s Anatomy)

Q: I love white jackets/blazers, especially in the summer, but I always feel like I look like a doctor or a vet! Any advice? I’, 5′4" I usually wear a size 2-4P on top, but I am pretty curvy (32D), so I usually avoid cropped styles and jackets with more than 2 front buttons.

by Colleen Geary, fashion stylist and image consultant

A: Sounds like you’re already on the right track.  Since you’re curvy and have a full bust, you want to keep your neckline very open by wearing single breasted jackets in semi-fitted shapes.  Like you already know, jackets with a single or double button closure are going to be your best bets.  (Bonus points for jackets that button right under your bustline.)

And cheers for you for embracing the White Jacket.  White jackets and blazers look fresh for summer, especially given this season’s focus on white.  But how do you wear these white jackets without looking like an extra on Grey’s Anatomy?  Here’s three ways to avoid the doctor look with a white jacket:

Go Feminine and Flirty with a Brightly Colored Top and a Pretty Skirt

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To best flatter your figure, look for moderately low cut blouses and camisoles.  The light fabric and open neckline will help to visually lengthen your torso and balance out your bustline.  They’ll show enough skin to keep your chest from looking too top heavy, but they’ll also provide enough cover to avoid revealing too much.  A splash of bright color peeking out from underneath your jacket will elevate your outfit while keeping the look flirty and playful (and non-doctor-like).

As for skirts, navy looks especially fetching with a crisp white jacket (for the same reason why dark blue jeans and a white shirt are an American classic). 

Go Classic (with a Twist) with Black and White

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Pair your white jacket with a black and white striped tank top.  Narrow stripes are going to be best here; stripes that are too wide will overly accentuate your bustline.  Add a skirt in medium grey, dark enough to provide contrast to the white jacket, but light enough to complement the white.

Go Casual-Yet-Tailored Look with a Sexy Top and Dark Jeans

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Create a look that’s one part tailored and one part relaxed by mixing casual and formal elements.  You can try toeing the line between casual and formal with a crisp white blazer, a sexy top, and a dark wash jean with a lean leg line.  Be sure to add a very sexy, strappy black heel for added interest.

Have a great tip about how to wear a white jacket? Share it with us in the comments!

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