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Summer Sale: Great Deals at Martin + Osa

You loved our finds at American Eagle’s sister store Martin + Osa, but in the words of Jennifer, "Oh, it’s all SO gorgeous, but so expensive too!"  But now, with Martin + Osa’s summer sale, you can get all of the gorgeous–but at significantly reduced prices (up to 60% off in some cases).  Here’s what we just bought from Martin + Osa’s summer sale:

Canvas + Patent Leather Belt
Canvas + Patent Leather Belt | $14.95 (sale) at Martin + Osa

Scoop Neck Sweater Dress
Scoop Neck Sweater Dress | $34.95 (sale) at Martin + Osa

Tretorn Perforated Leather Sneaker
Tretorn Perforated Leather Sneaker | $44.95 (sale) at Martin + Osa

Oh, and you can use coupon code 63299191 at checkout for an additional 20% off.  Happy shopping!

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Go International Ruffle Front Dress

Go International Ruffle Front Dress

Love your legs? Show them off in this ruffle front minidress from Target’s Go International line. The short skirt is offset with a high-necked top, complete with a set of feminine ruffles.

$29.99  at Target.

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Designer Spotlight: ToyWatch

Who says watches have to be all gold, diamonds, and leather?  Chicago-based ToyWatch challenges you to think differently; think nylon instead of calf or alligator skin bands, plastic instead of gold or sterling silver cases, and, as is the case with their newest collection, neon-bright colors instead of more subdued offerings.

These Italian-designed watches from designer Marco Mavilla are crafted after high-end watches, but sell at more affordable prices—most watches are in the $200 to $400 range—exactly the kind of steal we love here at Omiru.

The magic of these watches is that they resemble high-end luxury watches, but you never get the feeling that they are just cheap knock-offs.  Jazz is to music as ToyWatch is to watches.  Like jazz artists, who take already written pieces and employ tropes to make the music their own, ToyWatch takes classic timepieces and uses new and interesting materials and design elements to make them unique.

Mr. Mavilla designed his first ToyWatch in 2006, and just two years later, they have caught fire, especially among L.A. celebrities.  It could very well be that ToyWatch will be the next Swatch.

Brown Sports Watch
Brown Sports Watch | $255 at Barney’s New York

At first glance, this piece, the result of a collaboration between Men’s Vogue and ToyWatch, looks like an expensive luxury watch.  The band is a grosgrain ribbon, and the subtle rose gold finish on the casing is absolutely perfect.  Subtle and refined, you could wear this piece for almost any occasion and it would look great.  I love this watch.  Limited to 200 units; a steal at $255.

Toy Watch Crystal Watch Rolex Oyster
Crystal Watch | $175 at ToyWatch (left) and Rolex Perpetual Submariner from GQ (right).

This is the quintessential ToyWatch.  The case and bracelet are both made of a clear acrylic.  And at 38mm, the size is just right.  And, while it is not explicitly stated anywhere, this piece was modeled after the classic Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner; just look at the resemblance!

Ceramic Watch and Chanel J12
Ceramic Watch | $950 at ToyWatch (left) and Chanel J12 from TimeZone (right).

A piece from ToyWatch’s high-end line, this watch is just beautiful.  The entire thing is ceramic, which gives it a sleek, modern look.  Best of all is its durability: it’s virtually scratchproof. It reminds me of the Chanel J12.

Strong Watch and Panerai Watch for Ferrari
Strong Watch | $385 at ToyWatch (left) and Panerai Watch for Ferrari | $6400 at GQ (right). 

Featuring a black rubber band with stainless steel buckle and a silver dial and bezel, this bold piece is another stunner.  The shape of the case and face make me think of those beautiful Panerai watches.

Mother of Pearl Chrono and Breitling Navitimer
Mother of Pearl Chrono | $275 at ToyWatch (left) and Breitling Navitimer | $6,425 at Mens Watches Guide (right). 

Nothing says “man watch” like a chunky chronograph.  I like this piece here, with its mother of pearl dial.  It looks similar to a Breitling Navitimer, no?

Style Tip:
ToyWatch’s website has a nice little glossary of watch terms that appear frequently throughout the ToyWatch site.  Remember, the informed buyer always makes a better purchase.

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Lacy Dotted Nightgown

Lacy Dotted Nightgown

Looking for a sweet-yet-sexy nightgown for summer? Check out this lacy (yet comfy) nightgown from the Gap.

$49.50  at Gap.

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Fashion Philosophy: Finding What Works for You

Today, we’re taking a break from our regular fashion advice to spotlight an excerpt from a very smart reader comment on our Figure Flattery Guide: What to Wear to Flatter a Large Bust.  

“The trouble with formulaic rules is that they are in conflict with the uniqueness of each person’s body and so are completely unreliable.  Better to do as the Europeans do - dress from your heart and your increasing knowledge over time about fabrics, colour tones, textures and drape (how a fabric hangs). Find the styles that suit you by trying on everything until you know what principles - not rules - apply to your unique shape.”

Beverley is questioning the "rules" that we provided to flatter a large bust.  And she’s right–the advice we shared was not meant to be rules to be taken as law.  Rather, we intended for you to take the advice as a guideline.  

It’s our philosophy that you should dress based on your holistic body type, instead of merely concentrating on one part of your body (e.g. large bust, short legs, etc).  Furthermore, only by trying a bunch of stuff on (yup, trial and error) do you find out what really works for you–-for silhouettes, for fabrics, and for colors.

Please take our advice as a starting point in your fashion exploration.  Your body will change over time, as will your tastes, and as will fashion.  Excuse the cliche, but finding what styles and colors work for you and what doesn’t–it’s a journey, not a destination.  So get out there–try stuff on, both items in your closet and new items in stores.  Find what’s right for you.  And please continue to share what works (and what doesn’t) for you with the rest of the Omiru community!

Trisha and the Omiru Team

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Cotton Cashmere Hoodie

Cotton Cashmere Hoodie

Here’s the perfect hoodie for lounging around on a Saturday afternoon–or heading out to a picnic with friends.

$98  at J Crew.

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You Said: No to Big Shoulders

You Said: No to Big Shoulders

Short Sleeve Collarless Textured BlouseWe asked: Would you wear big shoulders?

You said:  Overwhelmingly, no.  Only 9% of you were for big shoulders, with the rest of the 91% against.

Style tip?  Big shoulders are very 80s, and probably not in a way that we’d like to relive.  But–you can hint at the big shouldered trend with blouses and shirts with ever-s0-slight pouf sleeves.  But be careful.  A little bit of extra fabric poufing at the shoulder point on a short sleeved shirt can be flattering (especially on those of us with heavy upper arms), but if that pouf is too big, the look goes from flattering to frightening.  Note that if you have broad shoulders, even the small pouf is something to stay away from.  The ever-so-slight pouf works best on those that have narrow shoulders.

Next question: First it was handbags that appeared to be on growth hormones.  Now it’s jewelry that’s growing oversized.  But what do you think?  Tell us, would you wear giant jewelry?  Cast your vote on the sidebar!

Pictured:  Short Sleeve Collarless Textured Blouse| $64 at Banana Republic.

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Short Sleeve Sweater with Printed Collar and Cuffs

Short Sleeve Sweater with Printed Collar and Cuffs

Crisp and fresh, this sweater will bring a polished look to any summer outfit.

$29.99  (sale) at Ann Taylor.

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Trend Alert: Upscale Collegiate

Thanks to Gossip Girl, preppy looks are in.  Not only preppy, but upscale preppy, as befitting for the Upper East Side.  Think blazers.  Think vests.  Bows, ruffles, and argyle.  Think pink.  Here’s how to get the look:

Our $ Picks:
Lily Casual Vest
Lily Casual Vest | $19.90 at Heritage 1981

Cropped Linen Jacket
Cropped Linen Jacket | $22.80 at Forever 21

Basic Polo Shirt
Basic Polo Shirt | $24.50 at American Eagle

Our $$ Picks:
Three Button Blazer
Three Button Blazer | $59.50 at American Eagle

AE Pretty Bow Dress
AE Pretty Bow Dress | $59.50 at American Eagle

Mallory Shirt
Mallory Shirt | $69.50 at Abercrombie and Fitch

Solid Silk Elizabeth Halter
Solid Silk Elizabeth Halter | $88 at J Crew

Our $$$ Picks:
Hadley Jacket
Hadley Jacket | $118 at J Crew

Italian Matelassé Lucia Jacket
Italian Matelassé Lucia Jacket | $209.99 (sale) at J Crew

Wool Hacking Jacket
Wool Hacking Jacket | $235 at J Crew

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Flower Art Dress

Flower Art Dress

Now this is a great color combination: orange, brown, and deep pink.

$24.80  at Forever 21.

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