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Q&A: Great Tops for Wide Leg Jeans

Q:  I am loving the whole relaxed boyfriend jean or wide leg jeans but I feel I have very limited options when it comes to tops to wear with them.  What are my options for casual tops, and what tops can I wear for a more formal feel?

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Wide leg jeans can actually be pretty versatile–here’s how to wear them:

Start with a dark rinse jean.  The darker the wash of the jean, the more versatile it will be.  A dark rinse jean pairs well with fresh whites, bright colors, and even other dark colors. 

Wear a fitted top.  Create a classic small-over-big silhouette with a fitted top to balance out the volume of the wide leg jeans. 

Slip on a pair of heels.  The elegance of wide leg jeans comes from the long, clean leg line that they create.  Add to the illusion of mile-long legs with a pair of high heels.

The three tops shown here all straddle the border between casual and formal, and can be dressed up or down with the appropriate outerwear and accessories.  More casual options include sailor striped tees, tanks, henleys, and brightly colored sweaters. To give your wide leg jeans a more formal feel, choose drapey tops in sumptuous fabrics.

What do you wear with wide leg jeans? Share your style with us in the comments!

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Patent Bauble T-Strap Sandals

Patent Bauble T-Strap Sandals

Brighten up your outfit–and your day–with these cheerfully bold patent bauble sandals. Playful and chic!

$19.50 at Old Navy.

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Ready Made Outfit: Night Out on the Town

Feeling the love for this set?  Here’s more information about it.

There’s no better time than summer to drop your work and go out for a night out on the town.  Whether you’re hanging with the girls or out with your beau, we have a flirty-yet-sophisticated outfit for you.  Here’s why it works:

Anchor the outfit with a design detail.  Here, ruffles tie the outfit together.  Ruffles are the showcase of the tiered skirt, they extend to the detailing on the camisole, and they even appear as a trim on the bright yellow sweater.

Opposites attract.  It seems to be a rule of nature–it’s true for subatomic particles, for people’s personalities, and even for colors.  The bright yellow cardigan and clutch really pop against the deep blues of the camisole and skirt.  Why?  Yellow sits on the other side of the color wheel from blue, almost directly across from it.  Sidebar: Blue’s direct complement is orange - note the strategic addition of orange as trim on the camisole.

Don’t forget the surprise.  The camisole and the skirt work well together, as do the coordinated cardigan and clutch.  No real surprises here.  What does provide a bit of a jolt are the bright blue shoes.  They toe the line (no pun intended) between fitting in with the rest of the blue outfit and standing out.  The shoes shout "look at me!", but they’re also a great foundation for the rest of the outfit.

What’s your go-to outfit for going out on the town? Share your style with us in the comments!

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Glen Check Wool Cambridge Tie

Glen Check Wool Cambridge Tie

A classic done well, this tie looks especially great with a button down collar. Of course, you could follow Mr. Agnelli’s lead and dress it up with a medium grey wool suit.

For those of you lucky enough to live in New York, do pay a visit to J. Crew’s first menswear store, opening this month in Tribeca (235 West Broadway at White Street).

$79.50 at J Crew.

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Designer Spotlight: Topman

The US has Gap, Japan has Uniqlo, Sweden has H&M, and Britain has Topman, the UK-based menswear-only designer that has been gaining more and more publicity in the UK.  Topman is appreciated for its budget-friendly prices, but the clothes aren’t half bad either.  But best of all, Topman is coming to the United States this Fall.  

In the meantime, you can purchase Topman clothes online and have them shipped to the US.  Here’s our six favorite pieces from Topman’s UK Fall 2008 collection:

Knitted Grey Toggle Cardigan
Knitted Grey Toggle Cardigan | $75 (approx) at Topman

Chunky cardigans are in this fall and this is your chance to get a great one.  I love the texture and the toggle detail.  Plus, it’s machine washable, unlike most sweaters.

Orange Check Scarf
Orange Check Scarf | $19 (approx) at Topman

Perfect for when the leaves change, this scarf adds an instant burst of color to any outfit.  Wear it when the rest of your outfit is muted to make it really stand out.  

Navy Blue Skinny Tie
Navy Blue Skinny Tie | $19 (approx) at Topman

Maybe I’ve been watching too many Mad Men reruns, but I am all about monochromatic outfits this year.  This tie is simple and stylish – although, at 3.5 cm, not “skinny,” as the site labels it. One of my favorite ways to wear a solid navy tie is with a medium gray suit and a simple windowpane shirt.

Style tip: For all things ties, be sure to check out Tie Crafters.  They specialize in cleaning ties and can narrow, widen, shorten, elongate, reline and even retip your ties.  They are based out of New York, so unless you live there, you will have to mail your tie to them.  But it’s worth it.  Neiman Marcus in Palo Alto, CA, charges $112 to narrow a tie, but Tie Crafters sets you back just $17.  Not bad.

Brown Hudson Leather Brogues
Brown Hudson Leather Brogues | $140 (approx) at Topman

Topman seems to favor selling “distressed” (or in their words, “creased”) shoes.  I prefer to buy a clean pair and distress them myself through wear.  I love loafers and lace ups that are really worn in.  

Grey Check 5 Button Waistcoat
Grey Check 5 Button Waistcoat | $56 (approx) at Topman

I think waistcoats should be worn more often.  Waistcoasts aren’t just for bankers wearing three piece power suits.  I think a great waistcoat can look fantastic with a tie and shirt over jeans.  It’s a great going-out-in-the-city look. If you want some visual inspiration, look no farther than Mr. Simon Spurr, the creator of his eponymous label.  

Grey Dogtooth Skinny Blazer
Grey Dogtooth Skinny Blazer | $104 (approx) at Topman

A one button blazer is about as rakish a blazer as you will find.  I like the grey “dogtooth” (I don’t know what that is either; I’m assuming they mean houndstooth) detail; it gives it character from afar and is a cool little detail up close.  Most of all, I love the look of a slim lapel, which this piece surely has.

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Floral Embroidered Sweater Top

Floral Embroidered Sweater Top

Pair this embroidered sweater with a flouncy skirt for a fittingly feminine look.

$26.90 at Heritage 1981.

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Fashion 101: Your 10 Piece Foundation Wardrobe

We’ve gotten a lot of questions from recent college grads (and some not-so-recent college grads) about building a wardrobe from the ground up.  The situation?  You already have jeans, tees, and plenty of weekend wear.  But the foundations of a chic wardrobe?  Maybe you need some help.  You’ve come to the right place.  Here’s a 10 piece skeleton wardrobe from which to build upon:

The Business Suit
Classic Blazer and Trouser
Classic Blazer and Trouser | $198 and $98, respectively, at Banana Republic

School’s over, and you’re off to work.  Keep a pant suit or a skirt suit around for interviews - and buy multiples if your office is business formal.  

The Perfect White Button Down Shirt

Solid Kelly Shirt
Solid Kelly Shirt | $54 at J Crew

Fit is key for any garment, but it’s especially important for your foundation wardrobe.  Start your button-down shirt collection with a crisp white shirt, and then build out your shirt wardrobe with patterns and colors.

The Going Out Top
Solid Silk Elizabeth Halter
Solid Silk Elizabeth Halter | $88 at J Crew

The ideal top is a stunner that can seamlessly travel from work to cocktails.

The Knee Length Skirt
Pencil Perfect Skirt
Pencil Perfect Skirt | $69.50 at Martin + Osa

An a-line skirt is universally flattering, but feel free to choose one that works for your figure, your personality, and your lifestyle.  I personally have a collection of pencil skirts hanging in my closet.  I love the hourglass shape they create, especially since I’m shaped like a boy.

The Perfect Fit Trousers
The Perfect Trouser
The Perfect Trouser | $54.50 at Gap

How do you know that the fit is perfect?  It should be fitted but not tight at the waist, and it should drape nicely, with a slight flare from knee to foot.  Have your trousers hemmed to a length that works with leg-lengthening heels.

The Go To Evening Dress
Sleeveless Origami Knit Dress
Sleeveless Origami Knit Dress | $150 at Banana Republic

Because you never know when an emergency party situation will come up.  Keep a great evening dress in the back of your closet for spur of the moment dress up occasions.

The Go To Day Dress
European Collection Wrap Dress
European Collection Wrap Dress | $78 at Gap

Because a dress is a great alternative to jeans and a cute tee for weekends, and dresses spice up your work wardrobe.  Need some inspiration?  Try a shirtdress, a wrap dress, or a sweaterdress.

The Wear Everywhere Sweater
Tartine Cardigan
Tartine Cardigan | $88 at J Crew

Perfect for breezy mornings and cool evenings–and for times when the AC is turned up too high at work.

The Tailored Blazer
Two Button Cotton Blazer
Two Button Cotton Blazer | $104 (sale) at Martin + Osa

A simple, sophisticated look?  Pair your tailored blazer with your crisp white shirt and jeans.  Substitute a tee or polo under the tailored blazer for a younger, more playful look.

The Trenchcoat

Classic Puff Sleeve Trenchcoat
Classic Puff Sleeve Trenchcoat | $150 at Banana Republic

The trench is my go-to coat–so much so that I have a trench collection.  The trench is so versatile and yet so chic.  And it works for all of those times when a blazer isn’t just right.

What are your go-to wardrobe pieces?  Tell us, what else would you recommend to build out your foundation wardrobe?

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Issac Mizrahi Liz Gladiator Sandals

Issac Mizrahi Liz Gladiator Sandals

Bronze snakeskin sandals provide a chic foundation to any summer outfit.

$24.99  at Target.

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You Said: Yes to Gold!

Omiru Poll Result: Yes to Gold

Xhilaration Tanya Strappy SandalWe asked: Would you wear Gold?

You said:  Yes!  62% of you would wear Gold, with only 38% of you saying No to Gold.

Style tip? Gold is a warm colored metal, and it looks best with warm colors.  Think reds, oranges, and yellows, and warmer shades of blue, green, and purple.  Our favorite gold color combo?  Gold and a warm shade of purple with lots of reddish undertones.

Next question: With the whole menswear as womenswear look continuing for Fall, we’re seeing some great slouchy sweaters in stores.  But what do you think?  Tell us, would you wear The Slouchy Sweater?  Cast your vote on the sidebar!

Pictured:  Xhilaration Tanya Strappy Sandal | $14.99 at Target.

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Womens Plus Colorblock Top

Womens Plus Colorblock Top

So fresh and so pretty! We love the soft cotton and the empire waistline on this gorgeous top.

$26.50 at Old Navy.

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