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Ready Made Outfit: How to Wear Colored Jeans

Feeling the love for this set?  Here’s more information about it.

Yeah, we know that colored jeans are very 1985, but they’re coming back this summer looking surprisingly fresh.  Goes to show that in fashion, what goes out does eventually come back in.  How to wear brightly colored jeans?

Play Up the Color by wearing a colored tee in a complementary color.  Brightly colored jeans are, by nature, playfully casual.  So wear them with a tee that brings on the fun.

Balance with Neutral Colors to your outfit with a light sweater or jacket.  Mixing too many bright colors can make your outfit look schizophrenic, so we like to balance out the brights with some neutrals.  Our favorite neutral to add to brights?  Grey.  We love grey for its ability to provide visual stability in an outfit, and it works a lot better than black for pairing with brights.  Or do as we did here and try a smart looking stripe.

Layer on Accessories to complete the casually playful look.  Look for fun accessories such as colorful cuffs, chunky necklaces, or oversized cocktail rings.  Brightly colored jeans deserve equally playful accessories.

How do you wear brightly colored jeans? Share your style with us in the comments!

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Collared Sweater Dress

Collared Sweater Dress

Wear this 60s inspired sweater dress over a pair of pants–or if you dare, bare your legs and wear it as a minidress.

$26  at Twelve By Twelve.

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