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Shopping Guide: Banana Republic Fall Collection

Now Banana Republic hasn’t always been a design force, but their team of designers followed up their lovely summer collection with an equally fetching fall collection.  It is a bit expensive, but we’re loving the sophisticated prints, elegant colors, and, as always, the details.  After all, the details are the design.  Here’s our five favorite pieces from Banana Republic’s fall collection:

Sleeveless Printed Tie-Neck Top
Sleeveless Printed Tie-Neck Top | $44 at Banana Republic
Pair this with a pair of high waisted black wide leg trousers.

Blousy Top
Blousy Top | $49 at Banana Republic
Isn’t this a great weekend top?  Layer on the jewelry to make it more playful.

Printed Bow Tie Blouse
Printed Bow Tie Blouse | $69 at Banana Republic
We’re loving the ruffle details, the bow-tie, and the graphic print.  Simply charming.

Crisscross Sweater Dress
Crisscross Sweater Dress | $130 at Banana Republic
Texture makes this dress special.  Love the crisscross pattern and the pleats on the skirt.

Silk Cap Sleeve Lady Dress
Silk Cap Sleeve Lady Dress | $150 at Banana Republic
Be the picture of elegance in this classic silk dress - and turn heads with this sumptuous purple color.

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Metallic Brushstroke Print Cardigan

Metallic Brushstroke Print Cardigan

Pair this boldly patterned cardigan with simple neutrals, as pictured.

$34.99  (sale) at J Crew.

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Build Your Exercise Wardrobe for Under $100

Hello, Beijing.  We’re watching the Olympics, and we’re feeling inspired to start exercising.  Whether you’re looking to start practicing yoga, playing tennis, or even jogging around the neighborhood, we’ve got you covered with chic exercise wardrobe essentials.  Here’s what you need to fill your gym bag, minus shoes:

T-Back Sports Bras
T-Back Sports Bras | $16.50 at Old Navy

Summer Games Graphic Tees
Summer Games Graphic Tees | $14.50 at Old Navy

Puff Sleeved Fleece Jackets
Puff Sleeved Fleece Jackets | $19.50 at Old Navy

Active Jersey Pants
Active Jersey Pants | $19.50 at Old Navy

C9 by Champion Mesh Shorts
C9 by Champion Mesh Shorts | $9.99 at Target

Double Strand Yoga Headband
Double Strand Yoga Headband | $18 at J Crew

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Suede Moccasins

Suede Moccasins

Need a pair of fabulous flats to wear to work and on the weekend? Look no further–these suede moccasins have you covered. Better yet, get two: a neutral colored pair for work, and a pair of brightly colored moccasins for the weekend!

$24.50  at Old Navy.

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Mens Ready Made Outfit: Fresh Summer Style in Gingham

Feeling the love for this set?  Here’s more information about it.

This week, we have another deceptively simple men’s fashion formula to add to your arsenal.  Start with a patterned gingham shirt, add a bright tee, toss on a pair of jeans, and finish off the outfit with a pair of driving moccasins.  Here’s why this outfit works:

Repetition: The colors in the outfit are driven by the blue and white gingham shirt.  The blue in the button down shirt is echoed in the more vibrantly colored blue ringer tee, which itself hints at the white in the gingham shirt–and the crisp white jeans.

Color Coordination: The vibrant blue of the tee requires an equally rich color to complement it.  The deep chocolatey brown driving moccasins are exactly what the stylist ordered.  Aren’t these colors great together?

Attitude: From the ever-so-wrinkled gingham shirt right down to the suede driving moccasins, the entire outfit exudes a kind of refined casualness.

What do you think about this fashion formula?  Would you wear it? Share your style with us in the comments!

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Hayden Woven Metallic Sandal

Hayden Woven Metallic Sandal

For those of you who are pro Gladiator Sandals, we’re loving the strap pattern on Topshop’s metallic sandal.

$43  (approx) at Topshop.

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Q&A: What to Wear to Flatter a Small Bust and Larger Middle

Q: I have recently lost 40 lbs and my bust is considerably smaller than it was before.  My stomach still has a ways to shrink, which leads to gapping and looseness across the top.  Any suggestions for what to wear for a small bust and a somewhat bigger middle?

Feeling the love for this outfit?  Here’s more information about it.

by Colleen Geary, fashion stylist and image consultant

A: Congratulations on losing 40 pounds!  We encourage you to celebrate with some brand new clothes to fit your new body!  You deserve a treat–and the encouragement to keep the weight off.  Here’s what to look for to flatter your body:

Add visual volume at the bust.  Pleating, shirring, or ruching will help to add visual volume to your bust.  With your body shape, you’re going to look great in empire waist tops.  A shirred empire waistline will add some extra volume in the bust, and the fabric will drape nicely over your middle.  Try empire waist dresses as well–the empire waist creates a nice long leg line.

Draw attention up to your face or down towards your legs.  Redirect attention towards your face with jewelry or special detailing at the neckline.  Or direct attention towards your legs with a great looking skirt.

Define your waistline.  You can flatter your middle by defining your waistline as best you can.  The right undergarments are a great first step.  Wear Spanx or other bodyshaping garments in order to create the longest, leanest line possible.  Choose tops and jackets with distinct waists so as to suggest an hourglass shape.

While you wait for your stomach to shrink, you may want to consider tailoring to adjust your tops.  The proportions of your body aren’t going to fit most "off the rack" clothing.  Fit is absolutely essential to making you look your best.  So if you cannot find clothes that fit you perfectly, do consider paying a visit to your tailor so that your clothes fit you not only at the bust, but also at the shoulder and the waistline.  Believe me, it’s worth the expense to feel and look great!

Have a great tip about what to wear to flatter a small bust and a larger middle? Share it with us in the comments!

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Boatneck Shift Dress

Boatneck Shift Dress

Picked this dress up on my last malling trip…what was striking about it was the perfect fit. It’s a great dress for a chic Sunday brunch, and it even goes to work when paired with the right shoes and a scarf.

$58  at Gap.

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You Said: No to Brightly Colored Jeans

You Said: No to Brightly Colored Jeans

Overdyed Matchstick JeansWe asked: Would you wear Brightly Colored Jeans?

You said:  Not so much.  65% of you said No to Brightly Colored Jeans, with only 35% saying Yes.

Style tip? Brightly colored Jeans don’t have to look like you stepped out of the 1980s.  They look amazingly fresh great paired with a brightly colored top in a complementary color.  Or try a top with metallic shine for a bit of extra sparkle.

Next question: Bright, sunny yellow has been a favorite of ours all summer.  For fall, though, yellow is becoming more muted, more mustardy in hue.  But what do you think?  Tell us, would you wear Mustard Yellow?  Cast your vote on the sidebar!

Pictured:  Overdyed Matchstick Jean| $88 at J Crew.

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Fab Houndstooth Scarf

Fab Houndstooth Scarf

Hello, houndstooth! Preppy fashion is in, in no small part thanks to Gossip Girl. Prep for cooling temperatures this fall with this striking houndstooth scarf.

$4.50  at Forever 21.

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