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Q&A: Modest Fashion for Tall Women

Q:  I’m 19 years old, 6′2", and have a skinny body. I love fashion, but for religious reasons I’m supposed to wear modest clothes, like long skirts or dresses, but they always make me look even taller and not very attractive.  I hope you have some advice for me on how I can look chic, shorten my height, and still dress modestly.

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To make yourself look shorter, the key is to manage the visual length of your legs.  Basically, the shorter your legs look, the shorter you look.  So skip the high waisted pants, and instead opt for low rise styles.  Any garments that visually lower your waistline will help to create the illusion of a shorter you - drop waist coats and dresses, skirts with a lower waistline, and low rise pants. 

The other key way to manage your height is to choose garments with horizontal details.  The horizontal details draw the eye from side to side, which will help to visually shorten you.  Look for horizontal stripes, horizontal seamlines, and any other details that visually cut your body widthwise.

Layering is going to be your friend as you put your outfits together.  With your height (and your age), you have the opportunity to experiment more with layering.  Pictured is a simple fashion formula that you can play with: a drop waist coat, a long sweater that hits at the hip, a top with horizontal details, wide-leg jeans, and flats.  When the weather gets chillier, add a colorful scarf to the outfit for extra color and texture.

Last words - I know it may be hard now, but I hope that you’ll come to embrace your height in time.  I’m at the opposite end of the height scale, and I always wanted to be tall, if only for the fashion!  With your tall, slim physique, you can wear the styles that I can only dream of!.

What advice do you have for fashion-forward women who dress modestly? Share your style with us in the comments!

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Zebra Print Dress

Zebra Print Dress

Bold prints are perfectly on-trend, and while we’re not usually fans of animal prints, this zebra print is a cut above. But we’d recommend swapping out that plastic belt for one that’s a bit more sophisticated.

$49 at Twelve by Twelve.

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You Said: No to Electric Pink

You Said: No to Electric Pink

Patent Skinny Belt - Electric PinkWe asked: Would you wear Electric Pink?

You said:  No to Electric Pink, says 57% of you.  Only 43% are for Electric Pink.

Style tip? Bold colors and bright hues are playing a central role this Fall
.  Royal purple, Grass green, Cobalt blue, Blood Orange, and Electric Pink are all fair game.  Should you choose to wear Electric Pink, you can be bold and wear it proudly - or you can tone it down with shades of brown or grey.  An easy way to add a touch of Electric Pink to your wardrobe is through accessories, like the pictured Patent Skinny Belt.

Next question: Now that Fall is here, it’ s time to put away the Espadrilles and the Gladiator Sandals (sigh).  We’re shopping around for Fall shoes - and we’re considering Oxford Flats.  But what do you think?   Tell us, would you wear Oxford Flats?  Cast your vote on the sidebar!

Pictured:  Patent Skinny Belt | $7.80 at Forever 21.

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Gray Drawstring Chain Tote

Gray Drawstring Chain Tote

Carry this lovely gray tote on your shoulder as a foil to Fall’s bright colors. No matter what you’re wearing, this gray tote will match.

We thought that the price of this bag couldn’t be beat–but Mai Olivo from Ruche is kindly offering Omiru readers 10% off your entire Ruche purchase. Just use coupon code OMIRU at checkout.

$36.99 at Ruche.

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Ready Made Outfit: Autumn Layers

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Temperatures are falling, the days are getting shorter, and soon the leaves will turn beautiful shades of orange, yellow, and brown.  While we’re going to miss the lazy days of summer, we’re excited for the beautiful colors and luxurious layers of Fall Fashion.  Here’s some inspiration for a layered Fall look that’s completely on trend:

Why does this outfit work?

(1) The outfit is anchored by a single statement piece.  The eye is immediately drawn to the yellow patterned tank.

(2) Color coordination ties the outfit together.  The yellow patterned tank is surrounded by an adjacent hue, orange, both in the form of a hoodie sweater and a pair of standout shoes. A brown handbag picks up the brown in the tank as well. 

(3) Count the trends that this outfit manages to combine.  We count Statement Prints, Orange, Brightly Colored Shoes, and thanks to the crisp piped blazer, Prep School Chic.

What will you wear to transition to Fall? Share your style with us in the comments!

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F Troupe Leather Tornado in White

F Troupe Leather Tornado in White

It’s the details that make this shoe. The stitches in the leather actually give the shoe texture, and the plaid near the ankle is kind of like the lining of a jacket: it’s a cool detail that only you will know about (your pants will cover the plaid). Understated details like these are the dreams of true Sartorialists everywhere.

$116 at Revolve Clothing.

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Q&A: How to Work Pattern into your Wardrobe

Q: My wardrobe is mainly solids.  Any suggestions as to how to work patterns into your wardrobe both for work and for play?

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by Colleen Geary, fashion stylist and image consultant

A: It’s common to be uncomfortable with pattern and color–it’s just so easy to fall back on the safety net of black or other monochromatic neutrals.  Though these neutrals are easy, they’re not always the most flattering.  Even neutrals can visually drain color from your face–and they leave you as a bit of a fashion wallflower. 

How to Choose a Pattern

Be sure the pattern is scale to your own proportions.  Petites should look for small patterns so as not to overwhelm the body.  Those with larger frames, however, would look frumpy in small, delicate prints. 

How to Choose Colors for your Patterns

Choose colors that enhance your own coloring.  How do you know what colors work for you?  Here’s a simple test: Hold two pieces of construction paper under your face: one orange the other pink.  Whichever color softens your features and lessens shadows on your face is the tone you should look for.  If orange works better for you, look for warm colors like reds and oranges.  If pink makes you look better, look for cool colors like greens and blues.

How to Wear Pattern
An easy way to ease pattern into your wardrobe is through accessories.  A scarf added to a solid dress or dark suit adds a pop of life.  Look also for patterned belts, tights, and handbags. Once comfortable with pattern on accessories, you can move on to blouses, skirts, and even dresses.

The easiest way to wear a pattern is to wear one single pattern against a backdrop of solid colors.  Pick a color from the pattern to wear as your primary solid color. For example, if your sweater is red, yellow, and pink, you can pair it with a skirt that’s red.  Note that the shade of red in the solid colored skirt doesn’t need to match the shade of red in the pattern.

If you’re really daring, you can try mixing and matching patterns.  If you’re matching the same type of pattern (e.g. stripes and stripes), mix up the size of the pattern - one big and one small.  If you’re matching different types of patterns (e.g. plaids and stripes), keep the scale of the pattern the same.

Have a great tip about how to work patterns into your wardrobe? Share it with us in the comments!

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Womens Wool Duffle Coat

Womens Wool Duffle Coat

Fall fashion meets prep school chic in this wool duffle coat. We’re digging the oversized buttons and the tab detailing at the neck and wrists.

$99.50 at Old Navy.

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Mens Ready Made Outfit: Autumn Layers

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Make the transition from Summer to Fall by layering with your summer clothes.  Here’s a fashion formula that’s simple, practical, and chic.  Get the look in four easy steps:

(1) Start with your basic summer chinos.  
(2) Add a basic button-down over a solid colored tee.
(3) Slip on a henley sweater (or a cardigan).
(4) Finish off the outfit with a sharp pair of oxfords.

Extra bonus points if you top off your outfit with a crisp blazer.

What will you wear to transition to Fall? Share your style with us in the comments!

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Belted Mini Plaid Trouser Skirt

Belted Mini Plaid Trouser Skirt

Pair this pretty plaid miniskirt with a crisp white shirt and patent leather flats - or an oversized sweater and strappy sandal flats.

$21.99 at Gap.

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