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Fall 2008 Accessories Report: The 5 Accessories You’ll Need This Fall

Fall 2008’s accessories are all about drama and polish.  And they’re beautifully versatile.  Whether your outfit is downtown cool or uptown chic, you can finish it off with ladylike accessories that are as bold as they are beautiful.  From the oversized cocktail ring to the cuff bracelet to the wide belt, here are the five key accessories you need to complement your wardrobe this Fall.

The Cocktail Ring
Polished Flower Ring
Polished Flower Ring | $4.80 at Forever 21
Talk about a statement accessory.  This flower cocktail ring will make the simplest of outfits bloom with style.

The Scarf

Ombre X Large Fringe Scarf
Ombre X Large Fringe Scarf | $46 (approx) at Topshop
Here’s an easy way to wear Ombre that’s chic - and not costumey.

The Wide Belt
Wide Buckle Belt
Wide Buckle Belt | $69 at Banana Republic
The snakeskin pattern adds a bit of extra oomph to this simple, wide belt.

Lux Pearlescent Bracelet
Lux Pearlescent Bracelet | $4.80 at Forever 21
Instead of the standard pearl necklace, why not try multiple strands of pearls in bracelet form?

The Cuff Bracelet
Polished Cuff
Polished Cuff | $39 at Banana Republic
Boldly beautiful, this cuff bracelet is a model example of how to add a touch of gold to your wardrobe.

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Wide Stripe Ladderweave Scarf

Wide Stripe Ladderweave Scarf

This wide striped scarf is the perfect complement to Fall’s bold graphic prints and simple silhouettes.

$28 (approx) at Topshop.

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You Said: No to Slouchy Trouser Pants

You Said: No to Slouchy Trouser Pants

Sophie Wide Leg Trouser PantsWe asked: Would you wear Slouchy Trouser Pants?

You said:  Absolutely Not.  A full 63% of you said No to Slouchy Trouser Pants.

Style tip?
For those of you with wide shoulders and narrow hips, you may be able to pull off Slouchy Trouser Pants, as they’ll visually
balance out your body.  For everyone else,
forget the extra volume at the hip and instead opt for trouser pants with a wide leg (as pictured).  Pair them with a slim fitting shirt for the most sophisticated, figure flattering look.

Next question: Electric Pink will be playing a starring role next Spring.  But it’s not too early to get a jump on this bold color.   Tell us, would you wear Electric Pink?  Cast your vote on the sidebar!

Pictured:  Sophie Wide Leg Trouser | $24.80 at Forever 21.

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Tri Strand Pearl Necklace

Tri Strand Pearl Necklace

Ladylike elegance is back in style (then again, when is it not?). So polish off your outfit with a triple strand of pearls. Aren’t these a beautiful bargain?

$7.80 at Forever 21.

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Trend Alert: Houndstooth

As we reported last Spring, Houndstooth is In for Fall 2008.  Houndstooth’s characteristic broken check pattern is a bold choice in an oversized print, but it’s demurely classic when the pattern is on a smaller scale.  

How to wear Houndstooth?
  Like John suggested for Tweed, wear your houndstooth with equally sophisticated clothes for a proper, ladylike look.

Our $ Picks:
Fab Houndstooth Scarf
Fab Houndstooth Scarf | $5.50 at Forever 21

Go International Houndstooth Ruffle Top
Go International Houndstooth Ruffle Top | $29.99 at Target

Mossimo Black Notch-Collar Houndstooth Boucle Jacket
Mossimo Black Notch-Collar Houndstooth Boucle Jacket | $29.99 at Target

Houndstooth Newsboy Hat
Houndstooth Newsboy Hat | $39 at Banana Republic

Our $$ Picks:
Houndstooth Dress
Houndstooth Dress | $88 at Gap

Coffee Shop Houndstooth Coat
Coffee Shop Houndstooth Coat | $98 at Nordstrom

Our $$$ Picks:
Houndstooth Bow Button Cardigan
Houndstooth Bow Button Cardigan | $110 at J Crew

Soia & Kyo Chevron Wool Blend Coat
Soia & Kyo Chevron Wool Blend Coat | $380 at Nordstrom

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Flower Mary Jane Baby Shoes

Flower Mary Jane Baby Shoes

It’s never too early to get your first pair of classic Mary Janes - and there’s no cuter pair for babies than this navy blue version from Gap! (I scoured the store looking for an adult version - no luck.) Snap these up, they just went on sale, and they’re sure to go fast!

$19.99 at Gap Baby.

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Q&A: Foundation Pieces for your Work Wardrobe

 Q: I’ve got a $250 budget to update my work wardrobe for Fall. What are the 2-5 key pieces you’d recommend I spend my money on? I’ve already got black pants, a gray suit, patent pumps, white shirts, and a decent bag.

Textured Belted Dressby Colleen Geary, fashion stylist and image consultant

A: With a gray suit, white shirts, black trousers, pumps, and a decent bag, you already have the core foundations for your work wardrobe.  As you already have these core items, your next step is to expand your wardrobe foundations while adding visual interest to your wardrobe through color, texture, and pattern.

Two other foundation items that are going to be worth the investment are an elegant work dress and a slimming pencil skirt.

The work dress will seamlessly take you from work to an evening out.  Plus, a dress is so easy to wear - just slip it on, and you’re done! 

High-waisted Microstripe SkirtAs for the pencil skirt, you can dress it up with a bright blouse or a crisp white shirt.  But you can also make it more accessible by wearing a sweater - and in business casual offices, even a nice tee.

For these two basics, try checking out Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Club Monaco, and J Crew.  Try a bunch of pieces on and see what fits you best.  Since these are foundation pieces, they’re worth the investment.

Pictured: High-waisted Microstripe Skirt | $89 at Banana Republic, and Textured Belted Dress | $150 at Banana Republic.

What have you bought this season to update your work wardrobe? Share your style with us in the comments!

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Seize the Day Tee Shirt

Seize the Day Tee Shirt

If New York Fashion Week has anything to say about it, Graphics are IN. So, go out and Seize the Day in this soft ringspun tee. Isn’t the color gorgeous? Carpe diem!

$24.99 at J Crew.

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Q&A: How to Wear a Tweed Jacket

Q:  I’ve seen some tweed sports jackets in fashion magazines for men.  Is this something that will be in style for Fall?  I’ve been looking for a tweed jacket and haven’t had any luck. 

Plaid Tweed Jacket at J Crew
Wool Plaid Tweed Jacket | $328 at J Crew.

A: Yes, tweed does seem to be back, but take care in how you wear it.  The tweed jacket can be refreshing and cool, but it needs to be done right.

I think tweed gets a bad rap from old school professors who wear it with patches on the elbows.  It can be worn with style, but I’m a bit more classic than the folks at GQ and Esquire, who seem to be pushing tweed as a trend for Fall.  I tend to think of tweed as “country” wear, where sophisticates sip on cognac and smoke pipe tobacco while wearing a fine tweed jacket.  Maybe that’s just me.

If you want to do tweed in the city at night, you may be able to pull it off with the right fit and complementary clothes.  If I had to make one outfit with a tweed jacket, I would start with a medium to charcoal gray tweed jacket (with a slim silhouette, lapels and no patches, of course).  Under that tweed jacket, wear a sweater or button-down.  And finish the outfit off with a pair of dark denim jeans (navy or black, if you like this Fall’s black jeans trend) or even pinwale cords. 

Whatever you do, keep your outfit simple; you’ll already be attracting attention for wearing tweed.  Let people admire the cut of your jacket—don’t distract them with a complicated pattern.  Oh and contrary to the pictured J Crew example, skip the t-shirt under the tweed blazer look. The wool and the rich tweed texture make this jacket more dressy, and the t-shirt tends to make the look immature, not young. The J Crew guys saved the look by layering the cardigan over the t-shirt.

Style Tip? Or perhaps more precisely, “comfort tip” – the heavier material of tweed makes the jacket both warmer and more formal than, say, a canvas blazer.  I’d recommend wearing tweed on cool Autumn and Winter evenings.  Also, stick to structured blazers, which will complement the formality of the fabric.

Have a great tip about how to wear a tweed jacket?  Share it with us in the comments!

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Purple V-Neck Sweater

Purple V-Neck Sweater

Now here’s a fashion color trend that works for men as well as it does for women. This dark shade of purple is such a stylish accompaniment for a pair of dark rinse jeans.

$39.50 at Gap.

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