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Shopping Guide: The Chicest Overcoats

I’ve always been big on coats - they’re the first thing you notice about an outfit from far away, and they’re a great opportunity to make a statement.  So it’s no surprise that one of my favorite Fall fashion traditions is to add a new winter coat to my wardrobe.  Since the best coats stay in your wardrobe season after season, they’re an investment piece.  Look for one that’s versatile - but also one that fits just right. Go on, coat up!

AE Belted Peacoat
AE Belted Peacoat | $119.50 at American Eagle

Wool Blend Duffle Coat
Wool Blend Duffle Coat | $99.50 at Old Navy

Belted Coat
Belted Coat | $128 at Gap

AE Buffalo Check Peacoat
AE Buffalo Check Peacoat | $129.50 at American Eagle

Short Peacoat
Short Peacoat | $198 at Banana Republic

Textured Swing Coat
Textured Swing Coat | $198 at Banana Republic

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Cable Knit Sweater Cape

Cable Knit Sweater Cape

Here’s a great layering piece for days in the office: slip on this sweater cape if the AC is blowing a little too hard.

$32.50 (sale) at Old Navy.

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Ready Made Outfit: Buffalo Checks for Women

Feeling the love for this set?  Here’s more information about it.

We’ve been raving about buffalo check for men, but we also love it on women.  The bold pattern really makes a statement against more feminine patterns and colors.  Here’s how to wear it:

1. Start with a boldly patterned top and jeans.  Try one that’s ever-so-blousy to counterbalance the straightness of the jeans.
2. Toss on a bright cardigan in a color that brings out the best in the patterned top.  Here, the bright yellow makes the blue in the top visually Pop.
3. Layer on the centerpiece of the outfit: a peacoat that features a bright buffalo check. 
4. Finish off the outfit with a brightly colored handbag (the orange complements both the yellow sweater and the predominantly red buffalo checked jacket) and a pair of heeled boots.

How will you wear buffalo checks?  Share your style with us in the comments!

2 comments October 23rd, 2008

Mens Full Button Cardigan

Mens Full Button Cardigan

Layer this tailored cardigan over a sport shirt for a look that’s instantly pulled together.

$98 at Gap.

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Mens Ready Made Outfit: Simple Yet Sophisticated Peacoat and Stripes

Feeling the love for this set?  Here’s more information about it.

Less is more is more often than not the way to go with menswear.  So we’ve created a chic menswear look that’s both foundational and sophisticated.  Here’s how to get the look:

1. Start with a simple horizontal striped shirt. You can go with a crewneck, as shown, or go up a notch and reach for a fitted polo.
2. Put on a pair of dark rinse jeans.  You can’t go wrong with a pair that features a straight leg and an unassuming rinse.
3. As befits the season, toss on a navy-inspired peacoat.  With the peacoat, the key is fit - you want one that fits you squarely at the shoulderline.
4. Finish the look off with a vertically striped scarf (that echoes but doesn’t copy the striping in the shirt) and a pair of simple loafers.

What’s your simple-yet-sophisticated go to look?  Share your style with us in the comments!

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AE Cord Toggle Jacket

AE Cord Toggle Jacket

If there are three details that Omiru loves, it’s dresses with pockets, splashes of bright unexpected color, and toggle closures. This lightweight toggle jacket doesn’t disappoint - and it’s perfect for transitioning between summer and fall temperatures.

$79.50 at American Eagle.

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Q&A: How to Dress to Look Older

Q: I’m 22 years old and only 5 feet tall. I also have a very young looking face, so whenever I go out, people ask me how old I am.  It’s an odd request, but how can I dress to look older when I go out without trying too hard?

Feeling the love for this outfit?  Here’s more information about it.

by Colleen Geary, fashion stylist and image consultant

A: It’s an odd request, but it’s a valid one.  Looking more mature will not only reduce the "how old are you?" questioning, but it’ll also help you to be taken more seriously at work.  We have a few quick tricks to add age to your look:

Balance out your Round Face:
  I’m guessing that the youthfulness in your face comes from a round shape; the rounder your face, the younger your look.  To counterbalance the roundness, look for geometric shaped earrings, pointed collars, and more angular clothing.

Wear Structured Clothes:
  The more structure in your clothes, the more mature the look.  I’d recommend building your wardrobe around tailored garments and accessories - double breasted coats, belts, blazers, and other fitted items.

Drape Yourself in Jewel Tones:  Bright primary colors are youthful looking, but deeper jewel tones like emerald or turquoise are more refined.  Neutral colors will also add to the maturity of your outfits.

Wear Makeup:  The key here is to wear makeup that’s not too heavy.  Try makeup that’s sophisticated, like a soft smoky eye for evening.

Slip on a Pair of Heels:  Since you’re only 5 feet tall, you’ll also benefit from a couple of inches of extra height.  Height will help you add years to your look, especially if the shoe is in a sophisticated style.

Last but not least, exude confidence through your posture and smile - act as though you absolutely belong where you are (which you do!).  Carriage reflects maturity, and this will take you further than anything you’re wearing.

Have a great tip about how to dress to look older? Share it with us in the comments!

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Gray Bowtie Tank

Gray Bowtie Tank

Layer this gorgeous gray tank underneath a blazer for work - or wear it alone or with a sweater for weekend outings.

$24.99 at Ruche.

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You Said: No to Elbow Length Gloves

Omiru Poll Result: No to Elbow Length Gloves

Long Fingerless Cashmere GlovesWe asked: Would you wear Elbow Length Gloves?

You said:  No to Elbow Length Gloves.  Only 46% of you said that you would wear them.

Style tip? Sure, elbow length gloves aren’t the most practical accessory in the world
.  Traditionally, they’re worn as a sophisticated accessory to an evening gown.  But elbow length gloves don’t have to be reserved for formal occasions.  You can make elbow length gloves a part of an everyday daytime outfit.  Just try a less stuffy version of the gloves in a knit fabric.  Bonus style points for choosing a bright color. 

Next question: We’ve been raving about Buffalo Check Plaid patterns.  But what do you think?   Tell us, would you wear Buffalo Check Plaid?  Cast your vote on the sidebar!

Pictured:  Long Fingerless Cashmere Gloves | $48 at Nordstrom.

4 comments October 20th, 2008

Tie Front Knit Jacket

Tie Front Knit Jacket

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? You can have it all with this jacket: the elegant structure of this knit jacket makes it sophisticated, while the tie at the front neck places it perfectly on trend.

$36 at Twelve by Twelve.

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