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Ready Made Outfit: Bright Color for Fall

Feeling the love for this set?  Here’s more information about it.

Just because the weather is getting greyer doesn’t mean that you need to wear the clothes to match.  Our favorite foil against the forces of Fall is Bright Color.  Here’s how to get the look:

1.  Start with a cheery skirt.  The pretty polka dot pattern on this pencil skirt got this outfit off to the right start.
2.  Add a patterned top for visual interest.  Bonus points for one that also features bright color.
3.  Bring in the color: a bright orange cardigan complements a spunky yellow peacoat (which in turn brings out the yellow on the graphic tee).  The crimson red handbag fills out the spectrum of warm brights.
4.  Finish off the outfit with a pair of grey slouchy boots.  Black would be too harsh against these brights, but grey does the trick.

Bonus?  For extra warmth, slip on a pair of tights to keep your legs nice and toasty.

How will you wear bright colors for Fall?  Share your style with us in the comments!

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Refined Solid Shirt Dress

Refined Solid Shirt Dress

This prim and proper shirtdress will make a great addition to your work wardrobe. As temperatures fall, throw on a grey sweater and a thin belt for a complete look.

$49.95 (sale) at Martin & Osa.

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Shopping Guide: J Crew Fall 2008

J Crew is our go-to store for classics with a twist–those special standout pieces that you can use to elevate the rest of your everyday wardrobe.  We can always count on them for gorgeous colors, beautiful patterns, and quality fabrics.  Plus, their garment construction is top-notch for their price point.  Though J Crew’s prices tend to be on the high side of what we feature here on Omiru, we believe that the clothes are worth it. When you do the cost-per-wear math, the number of wears tends to more than make up for the cost.  Here’s five our our favorite pieces from J Crew’s Fall 2008 collection - pieces that can live in your wardrobe for years to come:

Italian Deco Tank
Italian Deco Tank | $148 at J Crew

Solid Silk Elizabeth Halter
Solid Silk Elizabeth Halter | $88 at J Crew

French Serge Day Coat
French Serge Day Coat | $350 at J Crew

Snow Leopard Simone Peacoat
Snow Leopard Simone Peacoat | $260 at J Crew

Italian Deco Print Rollneck Silk Dress
Italian Deco Print Rollneck Silk Dress | $350 at J Crew

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Cascading Ruffle Plaid Shirt

Cascading Ruffle Plaid Shirt

Look no further for a standout plaid piece for Fall - and beyond. Plus the ruffle detailing gives this shirt an extra kick.

$48 at Gap.

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Mens Ready Made Outfit: Buffalo Checks for Fall

Feeling the love for this set?  Here’s more information about it.

Guys, buffalo checks is one of our favorite menswear trends for Fall.  The bold pattern perfectly complements the structure and weight of Fall’s clothes. Here’s how to get the look:

1.  Start with a buffalo checked button down shirt. 
2.  Add a pair of dark rinse jeans (or dark trousers).
3.  Layer on a hooded parka.  Extra style points for interesting pocket detailing.
4.  Slip on a pair of loafers.  Loafers are nicer than sneakers, yet they’re still casual enough for this outfit.

Bonus?  Add a brightly colored scarf.  A nice plaid pattern will accentuate the buffalo checked shirt.

How will you wear buffalo checks?  Share your style with us in the comments!

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Dotted Puffed Vest with Hood

Dotted Puffed Vest with Hood

The beauty of buying a puffer vest from Forever 21 is that they’re less puffy than the average vest - and great for layering under your jacket. Plus, we love the tiny dots on this vest.

$29.90 at Forever 21.

4 comments October 15th, 2008

Large Brown Hobo Purse

Large Brown Hobo Purse

We can’t decide what we love more about this purse: the quiet elegance of the chocolatey brown bag…or the lovely price.

$36.99 at Ruche.

5 comments October 14th, 2008

How to Wear Horizontal Stripes Without Looking Wide

Q:  I’ve noticed that a lot of your postings have striped shirts, which I think look so chic.  When I wear mine, I feel like they don’t really flatter me. (I’m a bit broad-shouldered.) Are there some style rules about wearing stripes?

Feeling the love for this set?  Here’s more information about it.

The eye is drawn in the direction of the stripe - that is, if you’re wearing horizontal stripes, the eye is drawn from side to side, and if you’re wearing vertical stripes, the eye tends to go up and down.  The effect?  Horizontal stripes tend to make you look wider, and vertical stripes tend to be more slimming.

Since you’re a bit broad shouldered, I would avoid thick horizontal stripes at your shoulder line.  The stripes will only visually widen your shoulders.  Since you love these horizontal striped shirts, you could try three things that will lessen the widening effect of horizontal stripes:

Thin Horizontal Stripes:  The widening effect is a lot less pronounced with thin, widely spaced stripes than it would be for thicker stripes.

Stripes with Low Contrast: Horizontal stripes are less likely to widen your figure if they’re in colors without a lot of contrast.  Instead of high-contrast black and white stripes, for instance, try lower-contrast grey and white stripes.

Strategic Stripe Placement: If you can find a shirt that has horizontal stripes on your torso - but not on your shoulder, this can also work for your figure.

How do you wear horizontal stripes? Share your style with us in the comments!

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You Said: Yes to Sweater Vests

Omiru Poll Result: Yes to Sweater Vests

Academy Sweater VestWe asked: Would you wear a Sweater Vest?

You said:  Yes to Sweater Vests, with a full 68% of the vote.

Style tip? Sweater Vests have come a long way since Mr. Rogers
!  We love offsetting the masculine nature of the sweater vest with a feminine piece - a sinuous skirt, a flowery brooch, or even a headband in your hair.

Next question: We’re shopping for Fall Accessories - and we’re on the fence about Elbow Length Gloves.  We love the look, but are they really practical?   Tell us, would you wear Elbow Length Gloves?  Cast your vote on the sidebar!

Pictured:  Academy Sweater Vest | $22.90 at Heritage 1981.

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Silk Linen Striped Swing Cardigan

Silk Linen Striped Swing Cardigan

Until the weather warms up, you can wear this delicate cardigan layered under your Fall jacket.

$49.99 (sale) at J Crew.

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