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Fashion 101: Your 16-Piece Fall Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Omiru Fall Winter Capsule WardrobeOmiru’s 16-Piece Fall Winter Capsule Wardrobe (from left to right): #1: The Blazer Jacket, #2: The Cold Weather Coat, #3: The Day Coat, #4: The Peacoat, #5: The Cardigan, #6: The Pullover Sweater, #7: The Sweatervest, #8: The Day Dress, #9: The Drapey Blouse, #10: The Button Down Shirt, #11: The Patterned Shell, #12: The Dressy Tee, #13: The Perfect Fit Jeans, #14: The Wide Trouser Pants, #15: The Casual Trousers, #16: The Cold Weather Skirt.

After we created our bare-bones list of essential wardrobe foundations, we started getting questions about what makes a more well-rounded core wardrobe.  Our 10-piece skeleton wardrobe, though functional, lacks the variety and spice of a real woman’s closet. 

Enter our 16-Piece Fall Winter capsule wardrobe.  This foundation wardrobe is still purposefully small, but it was designed with versatility in mind to feel much bigger.  With a little creativity and some strategic accessorizing, the variety of outfits you can make with it is pretty darned amazing.

As for the pieces in the capsule wardrobe, they’re a mix of designer and more affordable styles.  We aimed for a high-low combo that mimics a stylish woman’s carefully edited wardrobe.  If your wardrobe looks nothing like this, don’t fret.  These are styles that you pick up over time, piece by piece.  Not only because most of these items are trend-proof pieces that are worth the investment, but also because your taste evolves over time.  On a related note, we don’t mean for our picks to be a straight shopping list; rather we intend for them to inform your own choices so that your wardrobe has your own personal stamp.

Over the next few months, we’ll be making a bunch of outfits from these 16 pieces, plus accessories.  And as with our other Ready Made Outfits, we’ll be highlighting core principles about putting together a chic outfit along the way.  Our aim, which feels especially appropriate in our economic situation, is to give you the inspiration to do more with less.  

Look for our first Capsule Wardrobe outfit tomorrow.

Trisha and the Omiru Team

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Cowl Neck Knit Dress

Cowl Neck Knit Dress

Dress up your basic jeans and boots, wearing this cowl neck dress as a dramatic top. Finish off the look with a low slung belt.

$29 at Twelve by Twelve.

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