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Fall Winter Fashion Formula #8: Effortless Rainy Day Chic

Fall Winter Fashion Formula #8: Effortless Rainy Day Chic
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Even when it’s rainy outside, life goes on.  You still go to work, out with your friends, and on errand runs.  And you need outfits that are as stylish as they are practical for the cold and the rain.  Here’s an example of a utilitarian style that’ll sing effortless chic for rainy days:

1. Start with a plain white button down shirt and a pair of cargo pants: one part chic, one part utility.
2.  Toss on a grey scarf for an effortless European inspired look.
3.  Layer on a sophisticated black jacket to shield you from the elements.  And let that grey scarf peek out from underneath.
4.  Accessorize with a clear plastic umbrella (very stylish), a brightly colored handbag (just because it’s grey outside doesn’t mean that you can’t buck the trend), and a pair of flat rainboots.  If your pant legs are skinny enough, you can tuck them in to the tops of the rainboots for a svelte (and dry) look.

How do you dress for a rainy day?  Share your style with us in the comments!

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Mossimo Triple Handle Tote


You said Yes to Pastel Colors. They’re gorgeous on clothes, but they’re also lovely on handbags. Here’s a cheap chic tote that you can fill with all of your essentials.

$22.99 at Target.

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Fall Winter Fashion Formula #7: Youthful Elegance

Omiru Fall Winter Capsule Wardrobe: #7
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How do you construct an outfit that’s at once youthful and sophisticated?  It’s simple: just mix and match, combining refined pieces with those with a more casual feel.  Whatever your age, you can utilize this fashion tip to adjust your style to however young at heart you feel!  Here’s a fashion formula that illustrates how to mix and match classic and casual pieces:

1.  Start with a youthful piece: an embellished tee.  Note how the ever so slight tint and the rose embellishment elevate it beyond a simple casual tee.
2.  Add to the playfulness of the youthful tee with a brightly colored cardigan.  The cheery orange color pairs well with the warm tinted tee and makes the outfit feel more accessible.
3. Bring on the polish with a couple of tailored pieces: a sailor inspired peacoat and a tweed pencil skirt. 
4. Add accessories with a harder edge to counterbalance the youthfulness of the embellished tee and the bright sweater.  A slouchy heeled boot and a zippered tote bag do the trick.

How would you mix and match classic and casual pieces?  Share your style with us in the comments!

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Tiered Sweater Dress


Tiered ruffles are a huge dress trend for Spring–and designer takes on this trend cost many hundreds of dollars. But why spend $300 when you can spend under $30 on a similar style? Pair this dress with a pretty headband and tights, and you’re set for an evening out.

$29 at Twelve by Twelve.

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Mens Ready Made Outfit: How to Wear a Vest

Mens Ready Made Outfit: How to Wear a Vest
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Guys, you don’t have to wear a three piece suit to wear a vest.  In fact, you can take a tailored vest and pair it with casual clothes to elevate an entire outfit.  Here’s how to "casualize" a tailored vest:

1. Start with a casual button down shirt and a pair of dark rinse jeans.
2.  Layer on the tailored vest.  Notice how keeping the vest in the same color palette as the shirt allows them to work together.
3.  Accessorize with a textured belt (if you’re wearing a vest, wear a belt) and a pair of stylish sneakers.
4.  Throw on a peacoat (or trenchcoat, if you prefer) to finish off the outfit.

Guys, how do you wear a vest?  Share your style with us in the comments!

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Ruffle Bow Blouse


Pair this versatile bow-tie blouse with a sensible skirt for work - and a pair of jeans for Sunday brunch with the girls.

$34.99 (sale) at Gap.

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Q&A: Youthful Wear to Work Fashion

Q: I’m 23 but look no older than 18, and my wardrobe hasn’t been updated since college. I deal with the public a lot, so I’d like to retain a casual air so as to be friendly and welcoming rather than overbearing and stuffy. At the same time, I want to be taken seriously. What are some essentials I should add to my closet that walk the line between professional and casual?

by Traci Tsai

A: High quality fabrics and structured silhouettes are the key to a more professional and mature look, while extra details add a fun and casual element to a work outfit without taking away sophistication.

Do a different take on the suit jacket: the cropped length and flower pin are a little more casual than your normal business attire, but the silhouette is still put-together and business-casual.

Flower Pin Blazer | $24.80 at Forever 21

Wide Leg pants in basic black, dark grey or a dark pin stripe pattern are a must-have. After all, pants feel more business-like than a skirt. Remember: tight-fitting pants are a dead giveaway to youth, so make sure you choose a cut in a wider leg and a looser fit to keep your attire appropriate for work.

Creme Fraiche Heather Trouser | $98.75 at South Moon Under

A blouse is an essential for a young female professional – it can be paired with skirts, dress pants or trouser jeans depending on the type of workplace, and it fits nicely under a blazer. If you choose a blouse like this one, the bright coral fabric adds a touch of youth, but the elaborate detailing at the neckline adds an air of sophistication.

Silk Ruffle Blouse | $69 at Banana Republic

Patterns are a great way to add some flair to a work outfit. The knee -length hem and sleeves are all relatively conservative, but the geometric print adds visual interest, so you get the best of both worlds. To add another element of maturity and structure to the silhouette, you could replace the fabric waist tie with a more substantial wide belt.

Geo Print Wrap Dress | $130 at Banana Republic

Patent Pumps are an easy, everyday work outfit complement. Pumps are classic and sophisticated, but the patent leather shine makes for a younger look and will stand out more than your typical leather pumps.

Nine West Barb Patent Pumps | $68.95 at Zappos
Never underestimate the power of a few good pieces of jewelry. The right accessories can instantly add a level of maturity to an outfit. We recommend investing in a few versatile long-strand necklaces and some long earrings. Here youth is an advantage, and you can be more daring with jewelry types and colors without it taking away from your professional look.

Layered Chain Necklace | $49 at Banana Republic

What would you wear at work to walk the line between casual and formal? Share your style with us in the comments!

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Pasofino Studded Saddle Bag


Sling this rugged bag over your shoulder for a day at the office - or a leisurely weekend outing. Added bonus? It’s faux leather, so no animals were harmed in the making of this bag.

$39.99 at Ruche.

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You Said: Yes to Pastel Colors


short-sleeve-cotton-cardigan_022209We asked: Would you wear Pastel Colors?

You said:  Yes to Pastel Colors, with a 61% to 39% vote.

Style tip? The Pastel Colors you’re seeing in stores are a sign that Spring is on it’s way.  How to wear them?  If you’re dark skinned, pastels are a natural - they provide a beautiful contrast to your skin tone.  But for those of you who have fairer complexions, pastels can wash you out.  Two solutions for our fair skinned friends: (1) pair your pastels with a brighter color (like the pictured sweater over the light pastel shirt), or (2) wear your pastels with a tan (or bronzer).

P.S. Pastel colors aren’t just for women.  Guys, if you want to be adventurous, you can try a lilac (or salmon pink) shirt for work or for play.

Next question: Like Pastel Colors, Gingham Check fabric is a harbinger of Spring.  Tell us, would you wear Gingham?  Cast your vote on the sidebar!

Pictured: Short Sleeved Cotton Cardigan | $49.50 (sale) at J Crew

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China Pattern Dress


We’re huge fans of Deep Blue, for Spring and for Fall. And this lovely white China pattern only makes it more beautiful.

$22.80 at Forever 21.

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