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Fall Winter Fashion Formula #5: Opposites Attract

Omiru Fall Winter Capsule Wardrobe: #5
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In love and life, opposites attract.  So it’s no surprise that the same is true in style.  Here, we present an outfit that’s full of opposites, in formality, styling details, and in color.  Here’s how to reconcile the opposites in a outfit that’s completely chic:

1.  Start with a plain white button down shirt and a pair of dark rinse jeans.  We see two types of opposites with this pairing: (1) the masculine style of the shirt is counterbalanced by the feminine ruffles on the front, and (2) the formality of the shirt contrasts with the casualness of the jeans.
2.  Layer on a brightly colored sweater and a menswear tailored jacket. The casual sweater peeking out from under the tailored jacket gives the outfit a punch of color. 
3. Accessorize with a snappy navy hat that echoes the blue in the jeans and a smart orange clutch that echoes the bright orange sweater.

How do you wear opposites?  Share your style with us in the comments!

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Fab Hooded Short Sleeved Jacket


We’ve been huge fans of Mike + Chris‘ signature stylized hoodie line for years. While the real Mike + Chris is a bit pricey, we appreciate the more affordable hoodies inspired by the real thing. Forever 21 got the oversized buttons, the colors, and the price spot on with this hoodie. Snap it up!

$16.50 at Forever 21.

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