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Fall Winter Fashion Formula #7: Youthful Elegance

Omiru Fall Winter Capsule Wardrobe: #7
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How do you construct an outfit that’s at once youthful and sophisticated?  It’s simple: just mix and match, combining refined pieces with those with a more casual feel.  Whatever your age, you can utilize this fashion tip to adjust your style to however young at heart you feel!  Here’s a fashion formula that illustrates how to mix and match classic and casual pieces:

1.  Start with a youthful piece: an embellished tee.  Note how the ever so slight tint and the rose embellishment elevate it beyond a simple casual tee.
2.  Add to the playfulness of the youthful tee with a brightly colored cardigan.  The cheery orange color pairs well with the warm tinted tee and makes the outfit feel more accessible.
3. Bring on the polish with a couple of tailored pieces: a sailor inspired peacoat and a tweed pencil skirt. 
4. Add accessories with a harder edge to counterbalance the youthfulness of the embellished tee and the bright sweater.  A slouchy heeled boot and a zippered tote bag do the trick.

How would you mix and match classic and casual pieces?  Share your style with us in the comments!

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Tiered Sweater Dress


Tiered ruffles are a huge dress trend for Spring–and designer takes on this trend cost many hundreds of dollars. But why spend $300 when you can spend under $30 on a similar style? Pair this dress with a pretty headband and tights, and you’re set for an evening out.

$29 at Twelve by Twelve.

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