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Q&A: What to Wear in Tropical Tobago

Q: I’m going on vacation to tropical Tobago for 5 days and planning on taking only a small suitcase.  What do you recommend packing so I will be comfortable travelling from chilly NYC? Also, I’m planning on bringing a few hats - any tips on how to pack them?

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by Colleen Geary, fashion stylist and image consultant

A: To transition seamlessly from chilly New York to tropical Tobago, try a lightweight cashmere sweater over jeans.  It’s a comfortable casual outfit that travels well on a plane.  Add a pashmina for style - and to use as a blanket on the plane.  If you carry a large handbag on the plane, you can toss the pashmina right into the bag upon your arrival in Tobago.

While in Tobago, you’ll want to be ready for temperatures in the 70s and 80s. Here’s what you need to bring:

Tops: Pack some cotton tees and tank tops, as well as one dressier top.

Sweaters: A single cotton sweater will suffice.

Bottoms: Bring one pair of shorts and one pair of cropped pants.  You can also bring a casual skirt, if you’re going to need to dress up.

Dresses: One sundress should be enough for your short trip.

Shoes: One pair of flip flops for the pool and beach, and one pair of shoes that works for dressier occasions.

Accessories: Hats and sunglasses are a must, since sunny Tobago is so close to the equator.  Try to stay out of direct sun for long periods of time; try shady spots under umbrellas and trees.  Don’t forget your sunscreen!

As for packing hats, be sure to stuff them with tissue paper before attempting to fold them or place them in your suitcase.  Should you wish to bring a structured hat that could be damaged, purchase a hatbox.

Have a great tip about what to wear in Tobago? Share it with us in the comments!

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