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Fashion 101: Omiru’s Menswear Spring Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Mens Spring Summer 2009 Capsule Wardrobe
Want to take a closer look at the capsule wardrobe?  Here’s more information about it.

We’re thrilled to introduce Omiru’s first-ever menswear capsule wardrobe, arriving just in time for Spring/Summer 2009.  Just like our womenswear foundation wardrobes, our menswear capsule wardrobe was carefully edited with versatility in mind.  From the classic white shirt to the shawl collar sweater to the grey jeans, these are trend-proof pieces that stand the test of time.  They’re also worth the investment, so feel free to splurge on quality versions if you can.

Presenting Omiru’s Menswear Spring Summer Capsule Wardrobe:

The Classic White Shirt: The simple white button down can take you to work as easily as it can accompany you on a date.  It’s a classic in every sense of the word, and as versatile as any shirt you’ll ever have.

The Gingham Shirt: For those times when a simple solid colored shirt won’t do, try a pattern.  Gingham is a classic Spring pattern that somehow always seems fresh.

The Trenchcoat: All leading men own a trench (or two, or three) - so make sure that your wardrobe includes this starring style.

The Two Button Blazer: A perfectly fitted blazer (read: snug fit at the shoulders, and a lean cut through the waistline) bridges a man’s casual and formal wardrobes.

The Striped Shirt: A striped tee is perfect for adding a bit of texture to an otherwise plain outfit.

The Fitted Polo: The preppy fitted polo is a mainstay of a man’s casual wardrobe.  And it adds a visual pop to an outfit when worn in a bright color.

The Soft Henley: Casually classy, the henley shirt is at its best when it features a long, lean placket and is constructed from a supersoft fabric.

The Bright T-Shirt: Add a bit of color to your wardrobe with a brightly colored tee - equally right for layering or just wearing it on its own.

The Shawl Collar Sweater: The shawl collar adds a tailored touch to the otherwise plain cardigan sweater.

The Striped Cardigan: For those days when you want to add a bit of punch to your outfit, pull out a sweater with a bold pattern.

The Pullover Sweater:
The versatile v-neck pullover sweater pairs well over button-down shirts and fits nicely under jackets.

The Casual Hoodie: A nice casual alternative to a blazer or structured sweater, the hoodie is a staple of weekend wear.

The Dark Rinse Jeans: Probably the most versatile piece of clothing you’ll ever own.  Enough said.

The Grey Jeans: They’re less common than dark rinse jeans, but they give you more style points.

The Trouser Pants: A workwear staple, but you can also make them work double duty for weekend wear with the right pieces.

The Knee Length Shorts: Solid colored knee length shorts are as classic as they are versatile.  But if you’re looking for something with a little more Pop, a patterned pair.

Last thoughts?  We don’t mean for our picks to be a straight shopping list; rather we intend for them to inform your own choices so that your wardrobe has your own personal stamp.  (In fact, not all of these pieces are currently available to buy.)  We encourage you to use this capsule wardrobe as a guide, but choose the pieces that work for your personal architecture, your age, and your lifestyle. 

Let the inspiration begin!
Trisha and the Omiru Team

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Pleated Bottom Dress


Be the very picture of WASPy elegance in one single pleated bottom dress that actually looks like three pieces: a cuffed button-down, a sweet cardigan, and a fresh white pleated skirt.

$36  at Twelve by Twelve.

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