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Q&A: How to Dress with Youthful Sophistication

Q: I am currently in school. Whenever I try a new style, I get strange looks. My friends tell me I look too dressy.  How do I look sophisticated and casual while still looking young and fresh?

A: Happy to hear that you’re experimenting with new styles.  Trying out new styles, cuts, silhouettes, and colors is the best way to discovering your own personal style–whatever your age.  I encourage you to continue your explorations into fashion to continue evolving your look.

Style is less about dressing a particular way, or in a particular type of clothing.  The key is to dress to fit your personality - and the situation you’re in.  If you’re in school, running from class to class in a cocktail dress or a suit (no matter how sharp you look) probably isn’t appropriate.  The trick to dressing sophisticated while keeping the look young is to either (1) Mix sophisticated details and pieces into a casual look, or (2) Create sophisticated combinations with casual pieces.

Tip 1: Mix Sophisticated Details into a Casual Look


Feeling the love for this outfit?  Here’s more information about it.

A sweatervest, a buttondown shirt, and jeans are standard fare, but the oversized buttons on the vest and the delicate tuxedo pleating on the buttondown shirt turn it into something special.  Notice the sophisticated woven bag–not your average book bag.

Tip 2: Create Sophisticated Combinations with Casual Pieces


Feeling the love for this outfit?  Here’s more information about it.

The striped boatneck shirt, the bomber jacket, and jeans are all casual items.  But put them together, and you have an outfit that’s at once Euro chic sophisticated and completely youthful.

Have a great tip about how to achieve youthful sophistication? Share it with us in the comments!

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Eagle Striped Fleece


If it’s not yet warm enough to wear your pretty Spring tops, go ahead and pop on a sharp looking hoodie. American Eagle has just the one for you.

$44.50  at American Eagle.

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