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Spring Summer Fashion Formula #4: Easy Elegance with Layering

Spring Summer Fashion Formula #4
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For those lazy days when you’re brunching with friends (or your S.O.), window shopping in the neighborhood boutiques, or even going on your own city walk, we love an outfit that’s all about easy elegance.  To embody this breezily insouciant look, play with color and silhouette, but keep the look grounded with classic shapes.  Here’s how to get the look of easy elegance with layering:

1. Start building your outfit with the basics: a simple white button-down shirt and a pair of straight leg dark rinse jeans.  Turn up the cuffs on your white shirt to make the base of the outfit a bit more casual.
2. Layer on a tunic top over the white button-down shirt.  The bright yellow color really pops against the white - and the dark blue of the jeans.  So as to not look overly "blousy," make sure that the button-down shirt is fitted somewhat close to your body.  Also take note of how the sleeves fit; a high armhole will instantly make the look more svelte.
3. Accessorize with a navy blue handbag (to make the tunic top stand out even more) and a breezy pair of driving mocs.  Keep your jewelry simple with a single standout cocktail ring that instantly elevates the outfit.

What are your favorite layering tips?  Share your style with us in the comments!

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Cutout Tie Belt


Add a bit of visual texture to your outfit with this detailed cutout belt.

$7.80  at Forever 21.

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Mens Spring Summer Fashion Formula #3: Mixing and Matching Patterns

Mens Spring Summer Fashion Formula #3
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The key to mixing and matching patterns is keeping a running theme throughout the patterns in the outfit.  This theme can be size (e.g. mixing a small stripe with a small plaid), pattern (e.g. mixing a small check with a big check), or even color (e.g. mixing a green plaid with a green stripe).  Here’s an example of how to mix and match different patterns using color as a unifying theme:

1.  Start with a pair of neutral colored trousers and a patterned shirt.  The fresh blue gingham is a wonderful counterpoint to the more traditional grey trouser pants.
2.  Layer on a sweater in a bold striped pattern.  Note how even though both the pattern (stripes vs. gingham plaid) and the size of the repeat (large on the striped sweater, small on the gingham shirt) are very different, they still work together.  Because the sweater and the shirt feature the color blue, they still work visually as a pair.
3.  Finish off the look with a pair of casual shoes, echoing the laid back (but still pulled together) feel of the cardigan and gingham shirt combo.

How do you mix and match patterns?  Share your style with us in the comments!

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Paradise Cardigan


We’re loving the gauzy, ethereal feel of this scoopneck cardigan - perfect for layering over a button-down shirt. Use coupon code 49322244 for an extra 30% off, for a final price of $17.47.

$24.95  (sale, originally $79.50) at Martin + Osa.

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Q&A: What to Wear for Springtime in New York

Q: I’m going to New York in April.  Could you tell me what I can wear if I’m going to go on a tour in the city?  I’d like something comfortable but, at the same time, fashionable!

What to Wear in New York
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by Colleen Geary, fashion stylist and image consultant

A: New York in April is breezy and rainy - so make sure to pack accordingly.  Think temperatures ranging from lows in the 40s to highs in the 60s.  Here’s what you need to bring for your tour of New York city:

Outerwear: Pack a waterproof trenchcoat with character to add a dash of style–and protect you from the rain.  Bonus style points for a brightly colored trench.  Also bring a good basic medium weight jacket for the days that the weather is clear.

Tops: A few layerable tops and a couple of lightweight sweaters will form the core of your sightseeing wardrobe.  Also pack a few brightly colored tees for your base layer.

A couple of pairs of long pants and a pair of well-fitted jeans should do the trick.

Bring a classic dress for fancy lunches or dinners, or for when you catch a play or Broadway show (or head out to a nice club).

Shoes: Closed toe flat shoes that are suitable for walking are going to be key.  Styles like comfy ballet flats, sport sneakers, or flat boots will be your friend.  You may also want to bring a pair of heels for any dressy occasions.

A roomy handbag to hold extra layers of clothes (and any small purchases you make), a beautiful layering scarf, and an umbrella are going to be your three key accessories.

Last words?  New York is a heaven for foodies - if you’re looking for some great eats, try: the hot chocolate (and mac and cheese) at City Bakery, the smoked salmon pressed rice sandwiches at Takashimaya, the bar steak at Pastis, the gelato at Grom, the chocolate at Maison du Chocolat and Kee’s, and a beautiful three course lunch at Jean Georges.

Have a great tip about what to wear in New York? Share it with us in the comments!

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Shout Sandal


We’re digging the exotic look of these faux snakeskin sandals - perfect for snazzing up a plain outfit back home, or taking you to a far off locale.

$19.99  at Payless.

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You Said: No to White Denim


white-denim-bootcut-jean_041209We asked: Would you wear White Denim?

You said:  No to White Denim, with a 58% to 42% vote.

Style tip? We’ll be the first to admit it - white denim is tough to wear.  From a figure flattery standpoint, white makes you look bigger - hardly what you want if your derriere (or legs) are in less than perfect condition.  And from a practical standpoint, white denim is terribly difficult to keep clean.  One sit on a less-than-pristine park bench, and you’re toast.  That said, if you’re willing to try out white denim, it can be very rewarding.  White denim is a fresh, springy alternative to classic dark blue jeans - and it instantly elevates whatever you wear with it.  You can instantly add elegance to bold colors, create a dreamy look with pastels, or dress up with metallics, especially silver (our fave).

Next question: We’re seeing tons of cute patterned shorts out there on store racks.  But what do you think?  Would you wear Patterned Shorts - or would you leave them on the rack?  Cast your vote on the sidebar!

Pictured: White Denim Bootcut Jean | $98 at J Crew

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Vintage Faux Leather Handbag


Drape this vintage-inspired handbag over your shoulder. We’re loving the zippered compartments and the faux leather (read: no animals harmed).

$29.80  at Forever 21.

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Q&A: What to Wear on a Theme Park Vacation

Q:  I will be going to Orlando, FL for a week off with my family in April and need some ideas for theme park chic - comfortable, casual, but NOT sloppy.  Any ideas?

Theme Park Fashion
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Orlando in April is pretty warm - think temperatures that range from the 60s at night to the low 80s during the day.  Light clothing is essential, and as you said, you’ll want pieces that are comfortable and casual to wear to the theme park.  Still, you’ll want to look put together, so mix things up with sophisticated patterns (such as the flowers on the sweater and the stripes on the tank) and coordinated colors (notice how the blue and white base makes the yellow in the sweater visually pop).  Here’s what you need to pack for your trip to Orlando:

Tops: Think sleeveless and short sleeved tops in breathable fabrics. 

Sweaters: Pack one or two layering sweaters that you can put on in any air conditioned areas.

Bottoms: Shorts are going to be your best bet, but you can also try cropped pants or long, lightweight pants in cotton or linen.

Shoes: You’ll be walking a lot, so flat shoes are going to be your friend.  Sneakers will get you through the day, but you may want a pair of casual flats for evenings.

Accessories: Bring a zippered bag to carry your essentials and a good hat to shield yourself from the sun.

Last words?  As the days are typically sunny, you’ll want to remember to pack sunscreen.

Have a great tip about what to wear to a theme park? Share your style with us in the comments!

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Library Shawl Cardigan


How do you wear a long cardigan? Cinch it with a belt in a contrasting color.

$39.99  (sale) at J Crew.

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