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How to Wear Yellow Green

Yellow-Green + Orange + Blue
Feeling the love for this set?  Here’s more information about it.

Today, we’re putting forth a style challenge: wearing the color yellow green.  Yellow green isn’t the most flattering of colors, nor does it pair well with all other colors.  We found that the best way to wear yellow green is with other equally bold colors–bright orange and a nice warm shade of blue.  Here’s how to get the look of yellow green:

1.  Start with a yellow green sweater, preferably in a classic shape.
2.  Layer under your yellow green sweater a blouse in a bright color.  We love the interplay of the warm, bright orange peeking out from under the yellow green sweater.  Plus, the ruffles on this blouse add a bit of visual drama.
3.  Slip on a pair of brightly colored pants.  Note that even though these pants are blue, they’re a warm shade of blue.  The warmth of the blue helps it pair with the bright orange and the yellow green, both of which fall on the warm side of the color wheel.
4.  Finish off the outfit with a pair of statement shoes: a pair of medallion themed sandals with a light heel.

How would you wear yellow green?  Share your style with us in the comments!

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BDG Tee Cardigan


This t-shirt cardigan is perfect layering fare for warm summer days. We can’t decide which is our favorite - the olive green or the black. Then again, these versatile layering cardigans are such a bargain that we can scoop up both!

$34  at Urban Outfitters.

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