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Comfortable Womens Work Shoes: The 5 Shoes You Need To Have in Your Closet

We know all too well—comfort and style don’t always go hand in hand.  When it comes to footwear, it seems that the most fabulous shoes require us to sacrifice comfort for style.  This fashion axiom holds true for our going-out shoes and our everyday work shoes.  But you don’t have to wear schlumpy shoes when you’re going to work.  Omiru has what you should be looking for in comfortable womens work shoes so that you don’t have to sacrifice your feet’s happiness for style:

Arturo Chiang Amalie Loafers | $85 at Piperlime

When you’re on your feet, running from meeting to meeting, flats are going to get you where you’re going with the least pain possible.  With flats, you have a variety of work-appropriate options, from loafers and driving mocs to ballet flats.  Flats are hands-down our favorite type of womens work shoes from a comfort perspective, but we understand that they’re not for every woman—or every work environment.

Kitten Heels

Layland Slingback Pump | $39.99 at Nine West

If you’re tall, you can get away with flats.  But if you’re not blessed with height, kitten heels are going to be a great alternative.  These low heels give you an inch or two of height, and they’re nearly as comfortable as flats if you get the right pair

Wedge Heels
BP Uptown Wedge Pump | $69.95 at Nordstrom

If you’re looking for a little more height than a kitten heel will afford you, we’d recommend looking for wedge heels.  Wedge heels are exactly what they sound like – instead of a pointy heel, you get to distribute your weight over a wedge shaped heel.  As such, they’re much more comfortable to wear than their traditional pointy-heel counterparts.

Cole Haan Carma OT Air Pump | $301.95 at Zappos

What else should you be looking for in comfortable work shoes?  Cushioning for your feet.  Regardless of heel height, a little bit of cushioning goes a long way in making your work shoes comfortable.  When you’re shopping for shoes, look for rubberized heels on the outside of the shoe and padding and support on the inside too.  Cole Haan makes shoes with Nike Air technology.  While they’re not quite as comfortable as a pair of Nike sneakers, their pumps are as comfy as heels can be.

Spacious Toe Boxes
Gentle Souls It’s So Fun | $195 at Kenneth Cole

Narrow or pointed toe boxes make your toes sad.  They crunch your toes, and your feet will be calling out to you by the end (if not middle) of the day.  Instead of crunching your toes into narrow toe boxes, give them room to breathe with rounded or square toe boxes.  We’re a big fan of round toe shoes – they’re reminiscent of Mary Janes and they add a bit of femininity to any outfit. 

Last thoughts?  Comfortable womens work shoes can be found almost everywhere, now that there are a number of brands that specialize in comfort shoes.  You may want to take a look at the following brands: Cole Haan Nike Air Technology, Gentle Souls by Kenneth Cole, Naturalizer, Taryn Rose, Walking Cradles, Sofft, Soft Spots, Hush Puppies, Dansko, Merrel, Clarks, and Easy Spirit.

What are your favorite comfortable work shoes?  Share your style with us in the comments!

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Pixie Stripe Shirt


We’re digging the gamine style of this blue and white striped tunic. Added bonus? The chic 3/4 sleeves.

$39.50  at Delias.

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You Said: No to Jelly Shoes


melissa-campana-jelly-flat_062009We asked: Would you wear Jelly Shoes?

You said:  No to Jelly Shoes, with a 80% to 20% vote.

Style tip? We admit it - we rocked the Jelly Shoe look in the 80s.  And while we were initially put off by their resurgence, we’ve begun to see that they’re much more stylish than the originals.  We’re ready to wear jelly shoe styles with a twist - such as this ballet flat style with beautiful, intricate webbing.  If this isn’t your cup of tea, we’re also loving brightly colored jelly shoes.  So long as they’re plastic, you might as well go with it and get a shoe in a fun, bright color, like orange or yellow.

Next question: Speaking of yellow, we’ve been seeing Bright Yellow all over, from store windows to the streets.  But what do you think about Bright Yellow?  Tell us, would you wear Bright Yellow?   Cast your vote on the sidebar!

Pictured: Melissa ‘Campana’ Jelly Flat | $59 at Nordstrom

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BDG Printed Slub Racerback Tank


Don’t you love the retro, California cool look of this striped racerback tank? Very carefree…and effortlessly chic. We love it worn with a pair of crisp white jeans (rather than the short-shorts). Extra style points for adding a pair of metallic sandals.

$24  at Urban Outfitters.

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Washington DC Style: What to Wear to Teach in Washington DC

Q: I’m a fourth grade teacher moving to Washington DC this summer. What should my new wardrobe staples be?  I’m moving to a new school and want to create a good first impression!

Teaching Wardrobe
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by Colleen Geary, fashion stylist and image consultant

A: Congratulations on starting your first teaching job!  It should be no surprise that (1) Washington DC is a conservative city style wise (though in Michelle Obama you do have a new fashion icon to take cues from), and (2) it’s a city with very distinct seasons – and it can be fairly warm even in the Fall and Spring.  Be prepared for daytime temperatures ranging from 40s in the Winter to 80s in the Summer, plus humidity.  Here’s what you need to build your wardrobe around when you move to Washington DC this Fall:

Suit: Even though you won’t be wearing a suit to teach every day, you’ll want to have one handy for any important meetings that come up.  Since you’re teaching, your suit doesn’t need to be ultra conservative.  Feel free to spice up your suit with details like three-quarter sleeves or a tulip skirt.

Blouses: Build your wardrobe around a series of well-cut blouses in a variety of colors and shapes.  Washington may be conservative, but bright colors will help keep the kids’ eyes on you.  Just make sure that the tops aren’t overly low cut.  Look for short sleeves for warm weather and long sleeves for cooler months. 

Sweaters: Simple cardigan and pullover sweaters in a variety of versatile colors will help you layer

Pants: Tailored Pants will help round out your wardrobe.  If you’re a jeans kind of woman (and denim is allowable on the job), we’d recommend a nice pair of trouser jeans.  They’re uber-comfortable and will help you look instantly pulled together.

Dresses and Skirts: On the whole, skirts are going to be less practcal than pants since you’ll be taking care of 4th graders all day.  But if you’re going to add dresses or skirts to your wardrobe, make sure they’re ones that you can move in.  No severe cuts (or overly short styles).

Outerwear: A light trench will keep you warm during mornings and evenings for warmer months.  When the weather turns chilly, however, you’ll want a full East Coast worthy winter coat.  Look for tailored cuts in versatile neutrals (or brights, if you dare) in the best fabrics you can afford.  Cashmere is going to be super warm, but if it’s out of your price range, try a wool cashmere blend.  Also, keep on the lookout for pre-season and off-season sales to snag your coat - as an investment piece, it can be on the expensive side. 

Accessories: Keep your jewelry minimal, as it can be distracting to the kids in your class.  A scarf, however, is going to be a chic choice all year round.

Handbag: A simple structured work tote that will carry papers and books home will serve you well.  Make sure that it’s one that can survive a beating - you never know what kinds of stains it’ll be exposed to in the classroom and beyond.

Shoes:  Flats or kitten heels are going to be your best bet.  You’ll be on your feet all day, and you’ll be picking up after the kids in your class.  Make sure that your shoes are comfortable enough to keep your feet happy.

Last thoughts?  Keep in mind that stores like Ann Taylor Loft and J Crew offer discounts for teachers – so do use those savings where you can.

Have a great tip about what to wear as a teacher in Washington DC? Share it with us in the comments!

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Ombre Gradient Wave Hem Dress


Hello, Ombre! We love the beautiful dip-dye gradient - and the classic shape of this shift dress. Perfect for date night…or a trip through your local art gallery scene.

$24.80  at Forever 21.

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How to Wear Yellow Green

Yellow-Green + Orange + Blue
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Today, we’re putting forth a style challenge: wearing the color yellow green.  Yellow green isn’t the most flattering of colors, nor does it pair well with all other colors.  We found that the best way to wear yellow green is with other equally bold colors–bright orange and a nice warm shade of blue.  Here’s how to get the look of yellow green:

1.  Start with a yellow green sweater, preferably in a classic shape.
2.  Layer under your yellow green sweater a blouse in a bright color.  We love the interplay of the warm, bright orange peeking out from under the yellow green sweater.  Plus, the ruffles on this blouse add a bit of visual drama.
3.  Slip on a pair of brightly colored pants.  Note that even though these pants are blue, they’re a warm shade of blue.  The warmth of the blue helps it pair with the bright orange and the yellow green, both of which fall on the warm side of the color wheel.
4.  Finish off the outfit with a pair of statement shoes: a pair of medallion themed sandals with a light heel.

How would you wear yellow green?  Share your style with us in the comments!

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BDG Tee Cardigan


This t-shirt cardigan is perfect layering fare for warm summer days. We can’t decide which is our favorite - the olive green or the black. Then again, these versatile layering cardigans are such a bargain that we can scoop up both!

$34  at Urban Outfitters.

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Mens Style: How to Wear Summer Whites

Hoodie + White Jeans
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Guys, our favorite way to wear whites this summer is to pair them with bright colors. The look is casual, chic–and more than a bit playful.  Here’s how to wear your summer whites:

1.  Start with a pair of white, straight-leg jeans and a brightly colored tee.  Look for a fitted tee to pair with your white jeans, for best effect.
2.  Layer on a hoodie.  With this hoodie, you’re getting an extra trend: horizontal stripes.  Plus, we’re loving how the vibrant orange shirt perks the blue stripes right up.
3.  Finish off the outfit with a pair of sockless shoes–like these classic moccasins–and a belt to match.

How do you wear your summer whites?  Share your style with us in the comments!

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Scallop Knit Cardigan


We’re all about Horizontal Stripes - and Bright Colors. So we were pleased to see two of our favorite trends married in one adorable yellow sweater.

$54  (sale, originally $90) at Tulle.

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