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Dress for Less. Get a Whole New Look with a Well Placed Belt.

Unconventional Use of a Belt
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Traditionally, belts are worn at or near your waistline.  But what would happen if you broke that unspoken sartorial rule?  You could change up your entire look!  With that one simple change, you can take a look from pretty to punky.  Here’s how to get a whole new look with a well-placed belt:   

1.  Start with a drapey top–either knit or woven.  The key is to choose a top that has a degree of volume. 
2.  Cinch in that volume with a belt.  Skinny belts are going to work best, as they rein in the volume without visually cutting you in two.  We love placing the belt under the bust to create your own version of an empire waist top.
3.  Building on the edgy vibe of the self-belted top, slip on a pair of distressed jeans.  Nothing too tailored, nothing too elegant.
3.  Class up the outfit with a tailored blazer.  We love how the stark white blazer contrasts with the distressed denim–and allows the self-belted top to peek out.
4.  Finish off the look with a pair of heels (t-strap heels are fun and flirty) and a punky looking bag.

How would you get a whole new look with a belt?  Share your style with us in the comments!

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Pullover Lightweight Jacket


Sporty meets sophisticated in this stylish pullover jacket. We’re loving the kangaroo pocket and the regal blue color.

$60  (sale, originally $100) at Cloth Logic.

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Q&A: What to Wear in Amsterdam

Q: I’m heading to Amsterdam with my husband and 8 month old little girl this August. I need some advice on what to pack. I want to be stylish, yet still be comfortable and warm if temperature is cool. I will need practical, everyday outfits as well one or two dressy options.

What to Wear in Amsterdam
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by Colleen Geary, fashion stylist and image consultant

A: Amsterdam will be wonderful in August.  Temperatures will be moderate - expect temps between the mid 50s at night and the 70s (and maybe 80s) during the day.  The excellent weather, however, will bring out the crowds, so expect tons of events and festivals and the visitors to match.

Style wise, Amsterdam is a creative city.  The city is known for liberalism and tolerance, and it’s certainly reflected in the clothing.  If you have an itch to explore an edgier side to your personal style, you can scratch that itch in Amsterdam.  You can get your inspiration from Amsterdam street style blog Dam Style.

As you have a one year old traveling with you, you will want to be comfortable but fashionable.  The ideal for you will be a mix of form and function.  Here’s what you’ll want to pack for your trip to Amsterdam:

Tops: Pack a variety of tee shirts (especially ones that don’t take themselves too seriously), along with an arty looking blouse or two.

Bottoms:  Shorts should be appropriate for daytime sightseeing.  We like tailored styles that hit at about the knee, but whatever style flatters your legs is going to be your best bet.  If you dare, skinny jeans are great for the eclectic vibe of the city (but straight jeans are perfectly fine).  Simple skirts will also work, and they’re easier to wear. 

Sweaters: A couple of lightweight sweaters, especially ones with interesting textures and patterns, will do the trick.

Outerwear: A single lightweight jacket will work for your trip to Amsterdam.

Dresses:  Try a couple of vintage-y dresses that work during the daytime - but can be dressed up for evening with the right shoes and jewelry.

Accessories:  Comfortable walking shoes, a nice dressy pair of shoes for nighttime, some fun jewelry, a hat and sunglasses will round out your travel wardrobe.  Not to mention a good backpack or diaper bag to hold your necessities - and the baby gear.

Last thoughts?  Pack a light umbrella just in case of summer showers.  And don’t forget bug spray, since Amsterdam is close to the water.

Have a great tip about what to wear in Amsterdam? Share it with us in the comments!

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Accordion Pleat Woven Top


Accordion pleat trim turns this simple woven top into a black tie worthy piece. We love it paired with a simple, drapey black skirt and a statement belt.

$17.80  at Forever 21.

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BDG Striped Shirttail Tee


Aren’t these stripes simply striking? We’re loving the mix of greys, brightened up with that splash of yellow.

2 for $24  (sale) at Urban Outfitters.

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Why Monochromatic Dressing is Anything but Boring

Why Monochromatic Dressing is Anything but Boring
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Who says that monochromatic dressing is boring?  Just because you’re constraining your color palette doesn’t mean that you’re reining in your style.  There’s more to an outfit than color–there’s silhouette and texture.  Mix up the rest of these elements, and you get an outfit that’s subtly stunning. Here’s how to get the modern monochromatic look:

1.  Pick a color to build your outfit around.  We chose brown, a nice neutral that works in dark and light shades.  The button-down shirt is a nice medium brown color that the rest of the pieces will play off of.
2.  Okay, so white isn’t really a shade of brown, but it Is another neutral.  We paired the brown button-down shirt with a pair of straight-leg white jeans.
3. Layer on a blazer in beige, a cross between the medium brown shirt and the bright white jeans.  Note the nice linen texture on the blazer–a great foil to the brown cotton poplin shirt.
3.  Finish off the outfit with accessories in rich shades of brown: a belt (yes, keep that shirt tucked in) and a pair of leather flip flops.  The flip flops help the outfit relax; if you’re wearing flip flops, you probably don’t take yourself Too seriously.

How would you make monochromatic dressing fun again?  Share your style with us in the comments!

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Fitted Chambray Shirt


Chambray is classic summer chic. We love it with white denim and a brown belt and shoe pairing.

$44.50  at Gap.

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Flatter Your Figure with a Big Over Small Silhouette

Big Over Small Silhouette
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There are a few classic silhouettes in fashion that you see over and over: big over small, small over big, and small over small.  (You sometimes see big over big, but usually only on the runway.)  We’re huge fans of the Big Over Small silhouette, as it flatters women who may have a tummy–but also a slender bottom half.  The Big Over Small silhouette allows you a bit more volume where you need it, while keeping the overall look visually proportionate.  Here’s how to get the look:

1.  Start with a top with some volume.  If you don’t want to go over the top with volume, you can try an empire waist top.  If you’re more daring, you can try for more volume with pieces like a drapey blouse or an oversized sweatshirt.
2.  Counterbalance the volume on top with a skinny bottom.  A pair of skinny jeans works well, as would a slim skirt.
3.  If you want to play with more volume on top, add a drapey sweater over your top.  Let it hang open for the most volume.
4.  The look is one part vintage, one part edgy.  Finish off the look with a handbag with pocket detailing (echoing the arty sweater) and a pair of adorable brown pumps (recalling the vintage-inspired top).

How would you wear the big over small silhouette?  Share your style with us in the comments!

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Abstract Paintstrokes Satin Top


We’re digging the abstract paintstrokes on this swingy satin tank. Perfect for a daytime stroll through the local modern art museum.

$19.80  at Forever 21.

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You Said: Yes to Vests


suspender-back-vest_072609We asked: Would you wear a Vest?

You said:  Yes to Vests, with a 68% to 32% vote.

Style tip? Vests are the perfect summer outerwear.  They’re a great layering piece - what’s cooler than a menswear vest layered over a simple white tank with a fabulous necklace?  And the beauty of vests is that they come in both casual and formal styles - so there’s a vest for every outfit.  We’re loving vests with special detailing - such as the tiered ruffles or the bold notched collar on this elegant vest.

Next question: Dresses are easy, stylish summer fare.  Knee length dresses are standard, but what do you think about the Minidress?  It has a certain warm weather charm, but the minidress is certainly not for everyone.  Tell us, would you wear a Minidress?  Cast your vote on the sidebar!

Pictured: Suspender Back Vest | $32 at Twelve by Twelve

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