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How to Make Sophisticated Style Unstuffy

Sophisticated Meets Rugged
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Recall classic sophistication, a la Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn, in an elegant boatneck and drapey skirt.  But keep it modern by adding a twist–a touch of ruggedness juxtaposed against WASPy old-world style.  Here’s how to get the unstuffy yet sophisticated look:

1.  Start with an elegant white top in a classic shape.  We love the boatneck style for how it frames the face - and visually elongates your neck.  Bonus style and figure flattery points for the bow tied at the waist.
2.  Slip on a drapey skirt.  We love how the deep royal blue pairs with the bright white top.  Plus, the drapiness of the skirt contrasts with the more structured feel of the top.
3.  Acccessorize with pieces that bridge the ladylike and the outdoorsy: a tailored, chain link purse and a pair of distressed flat boots.  The distressed boots make the look feel like it doesn’t take itself too seriously - yet isn’t the result gorgeous?

How would you un-stuffify sophisticated, classic style?  Share your style with us in the comments!

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Argyle Jersey Tunic


Argyle isn’t just for country houses and sweater vests. See it in a whole new light with this airy tunic.

$15.80  at Forever 21.

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How to Wear a Jean Jacket

How to Wear a Jean Jacket
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While it’s easy to pair tops with blue jeans (e.g. almost anything goes), it’s not quite as simple to pair pants with a jean jacket.  What are the rules for wearing a jean jacket?  There’s really only one biggie: Don’t try to match your jean jacket with jeans in a similar wash.  Too matchy matchy.  You can pair denim with denim, but make sure that it doesn’t look like you’re itching to match.  Beyond this, you’re pretty free to experiment.  We crafted a look that pairs a jean jacket with a pair of khaki pants.  Here’s how to get the jean jacket look:

1.  Start with a pair of straight leg khaki pants. 
2.  Add a button-down shirt.  A fun blue and yellow plaid and the two front chest pockets make this standby a little more visually interesting.  Note how the yellow ties in with the warm undertones in the khaki pants and the blue echoes the blue in the denim jacket.
3.  Slip on a jean jacket, allowing the plaid button-down to peek out.  Feel free to turn up the sleeves for effect.
4.  Finish off the outfit with a belt (yes, tuck in the shirt) and a pair of loafers.

How do you wear a jean jacket?  Share your style with us in the comments!

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Orange Contrast Neck Baseball Tee


Be bold with brights. Grab two trends in one: bright orange (perfect for summer) and a baseball inspired style.

$12  at Topman.

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