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Color Coordinate With Adjacent Colors

Color Coordinate with Adjacent Colors
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It’s easy to keep it simple with monochromatic or duochromatic outfits.  But don’t limit yourself when it comes to color.  We present an example outfit that’ll help broaden your thinking when it comes to pairing colors.  Here, we’ve paired two neutrals (white and brown) with three colors: aqua, blue, and yellow-green.  Note that the three colors, though distinct, still work together as a trio.  Why?  They’re adjacent colors on the color wheel.  Blue sits next to green, which in turn sits next to yellow.  The aqua color combines blue and green, while the addition of the yellow-green color brings us all the way from blue to yellow.  Here’s how to get the adjacent color coordinated look:

1.  Start with a blue tunic top and a pair of white jeans. Note how the oversized tunic contrasts with the skinniness of the jeans.
2.  Layer a contrasting color tee under the blue tunic.  We picked yellow-green, which sits close to blue on the color wheel.
3.  Continue the color wheel progression by filling in the gaps.  We chose an aqua handbag to bridge the gap between the blue tunic and the yellow-green tee.
4.  Finish off the look with a belt and sandals, both in brown leather to contrast with the blue in the tunic.

How would you color coordinate?  Share your style with us in the comments!

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Anguilla Long Striped Tunic


We’re loving the bib-front top, the skinny stripes, and the adorable kangaroo pockets.

$32.99  at Ruche.

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Snag Summer’s Adorably Offbeat Look from (500) Days of Summer

500 Days of Summer
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Though film is a big influencer on fashion, we don’t usually dish about the crossover.  But every once in awhile, we’re so bowled over that we have to share our film-driven inspiration.  Our favorite film from the Sundance Film Festival, (500) Days of Summer, finally hit theaters last weekend.  An offbeat coming of age story disguised as a romantic comedy, the film tracks Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Summer (Zooey Deschanel) in non-linear fashion through 500 days of their relationship and subsequent breakup.  We’re pining after Summer’s adorable but slightly offbeat look.  Here’s how to get it:

1.  Build your palette around the color blue.  We started with an adorable cap sleeve blouse with bow detailing in a light blue, and a drapey woven skirt in a deeper shade of blue.  (Yes, that’s the same skirt as in the How to Make Sophisticated Style Unstuffy post–isn’t it versatile?)
2.  Cinch your waistline with a deep brown belt, to complement all of the blue in the blouse and skirt.
3.  Finish off the outfit with a pair of cap-toe slingback flats (note how the bow on the flats echoes the bow on the blouse) and a long-strap purse in a gorgeous grey.

How would you get Summer’s adorable but slightly offbeat look?  Share your style with us in the comments!

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Eyelet Pintuck Blouse


This blouse is the fashion embodiment of feminine summer style. Give it a fresh look with a pair of tailored shorts.

$24.50  at Alloy.

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