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BDG Striped Shirttail Tee


Aren’t these stripes simply striking? We’re loving the mix of greys, brightened up with that splash of yellow.

2 for $24  (sale) at Urban Outfitters.

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Why Monochromatic Dressing is Anything but Boring

Why Monochromatic Dressing is Anything but Boring
Feeling the love for this set?  Here’s more information about it.

Who says that monochromatic dressing is boring?  Just because you’re constraining your color palette doesn’t mean that you’re reining in your style.  There’s more to an outfit than color–there’s silhouette and texture.  Mix up the rest of these elements, and you get an outfit that’s subtly stunning. Here’s how to get the modern monochromatic look:

1.  Pick a color to build your outfit around.  We chose brown, a nice neutral that works in dark and light shades.  The button-down shirt is a nice medium brown color that the rest of the pieces will play off of.
2.  Okay, so white isn’t really a shade of brown, but it Is another neutral.  We paired the brown button-down shirt with a pair of straight-leg white jeans.
3. Layer on a blazer in beige, a cross between the medium brown shirt and the bright white jeans.  Note the nice linen texture on the blazer–a great foil to the brown cotton poplin shirt.
3.  Finish off the outfit with accessories in rich shades of brown: a belt (yes, keep that shirt tucked in) and a pair of leather flip flops.  The flip flops help the outfit relax; if you’re wearing flip flops, you probably don’t take yourself Too seriously.

How would you make monochromatic dressing fun again?  Share your style with us in the comments!

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