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How to Wear a Tulip Skirt

How to Wear a Tulip Skirt
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Tulip Skirts, which feature gathers at the waistline and a more fitted hem, are great for women who are looking to create the illusion of hips.  Boyish shaped women, and women who have a curvier top half - rejoice!  In order to create the most figure flattering look, we love a small-over-big silhouette for the Tulip Skirt.  Here’s how to wear a Tulip Skirt:

1. Start with a small over big silhouette - a fitted tank over the bigger tulip skirt.  We love how the two blues work together, as well as how the ruffles on the tank echo the soft gathers on the skirt.
2.  Layer on a cropped sweater.  We love the structured feel of this sweater, which contrasts with the floaty skirt.  The mustard color also contrasts nicely with the shades of blue in the top and the skirt.
3. Finish off the outfit with a nice clutch handbag and a pair of low heels.

How would you wear a Tulip Skirt?  Share your style with us in the comments!

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Twisted Hardware Doctor Bag


Richly colored handbags just make us smile. They’re great for adding a punch of personality to any outfit, and they’re fun to carry. Added bonus? This yellow-orange color will be lovely come fall, with the greys and the browns.

$39  (sale) at Urban Outfitters.

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You Said: Yes to Tulip Skirts


silk-blend-printed-skirt_080909We asked: Would you wear a Tulip Skirt?

You said:  Yes to Tulip Skirts, with a 61% to 39% vote.

Style tip? While we love the Tulip Skirt, it is certainly not for everyone.  The gathers at the waistline don’t do women with prominent hips any favors.  But for those women who are curvier on top, the Tulip Skirt can help balance out your figure.  We love pairing the Tulip Skirt with a closer-fitting top, like a tank and sweater combo.  For boyish figures, the addition of a belt at the waistline also helps to create the illusion of a curvier figure. 

Next question: Ankle boots - we can’t pass a store window without seeing these ubiquitous shoes.  But what do you think?  Tell us, would you wear Ankle Boots?  Cast your vote on the sidebar!

Pictured: Silk Blend Printed Skirt | $39.99 (sale) at Banana Republic

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Lindsay Voile Sundress


The smocked waistline, the keyhole neck closure, and the ruffled scoopneck front make this dress feel like Anthropologie - but here it is at Forever 21 prices. Scoop it up!

$22.90  at Heritage 1981.

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Sophisticated in Shorts. Collegiate Style in the Summertime.

Sophisticated Collegiate Style
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One part prim and proper, one part youthful and fun, this outfit has Blair Waldorf written all over it.  And it’s proof that prep school style doesn’t have to be stuffy or boring.  We’ve given prep school clothes a fun twist with a pair of short shorts and a brightly colored handbag.  Here’s how to get the look of a collegiate who’s not afraid to let her hair down:

1.  Start with a prim and proper shirt: a button down featuring a tuxedo-like ruffle at center front. 
2.  Add a pair of short shorts, tucking the button down shirt into the shorts.  We love the self-belt, which is sweetly tied with a bow.
3.  Toss on a cardigan, tied over your shoulders until it gets cooler in the evening.  Bonus prep points for the two little pockets and the crest detailing.
4.  Finish the look off with a pair of mid-heel pumps (high heels would be a bit much for shorts this short) and a brightly colored handbag. Bright orange pairs well with the greys in the outfit.

How would you make collegiate style fun for summer?  Share your style with us in the comments!

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Kimchi Blue Striped Tunic


It’s no secret that we’re fans of the horizontal stripes. We like how they add a refreshing nautical feel to any outfit - but we also appreciate this unusual yellow on grey color combo, instead of the standard blue on white.

$42  at Urban Outfitters.

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What to Wear with a Minidress? Leather.

Q:  I like the idea of a minidress, but my style isn’t too girly.  What should I wear it with?

What to Wear with a Minidress
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Yup, it seems that it’s officially minidress week here at Omiru.  We love minidresses, but we agree that they can be a bit precious.  How do you balance out a delicate minidress so that the overall look isn’t too twee?  Pair it with harder elements to give the look an edge.  Here’s how to get the minidress and leather look:

1.  Start with a delicate minidress.  Notice how the ruffly tiers add a sense of femininity to the already girly dress.
2.  Slip on a leather jacket.  We love how the buttery brown pairs with the red and blue in the dress.
3.  Finish off the look with a pair of killer heels (look at the heel height!  and the cuffed ankle!) and a clutch.

What would you wear with a minidress? Share your style with us in the comments!

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Floral Empire Dress


Can we talk about how much we love this dress? The abstract floral pattern, the ever so slight bubble hem, the gorgeous color combo…we could go on and on and on.

$36  at Twelve by Twelve.

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Be a Clothing Swap Party Goddess with these 5 Practical Party Tips

Ever thought about hosting a clothing swap party?  It’s a fun, free way to build up a whole new wardrobe.  Plus, you get the added bonus of spending some quality time with your friends.  

Our favorite clothing swap parties are those that make you feel like you’re shopping in your favorite boutique.  You have your clothes well organized, music on the stereo, and drinks flowing (though, skip the red wine, lest it stain the clothes).  How do you throw a great swap party?  We have five tips - in video form - from our guest appearance on Blogher’s latest episode of The Juice.  

Click this link to check out our Five Tips for Making Swap Parties Work for You.


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How to Wear Brightly Colored Socks

How to Wear Brightly Colored Socks
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Bright socks?  Yes, you read that right, and yes, you can wear them without looking like you stepped off the runway.  You can incorporate brightly colored socks into your regular wardrobe.  The key is to keep the rest of your outfit simple so as to make your socks stand out.  Here’s how to get the look of bright socks:

1.  Start with your foundation: a plain white button down shirt and a pair of jeans.  As usual, fit is key here so that the look is sophisticated, not sloppy.  (Alternatively, sub in grey trousers for the dark straight leg jeans, if you’re going for a dressier look.)
2.  Add the key element: a pair of bright orange socks.  We chose orange to complement the dark blue jeans.
3.  Finish off the look with a brown belt and wing tip shoes, for a dressier touch.

How would you wear brightly colored socks?  Share your style with us in the comments!

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