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Rever Notched Collar Cardigan


Shawl collar cardigans, a staple from Fall 2008, reintroduced the concept of a collar on a sweater. Take the collared cardigan one step further and wear a notched collar on your sweater. Casual elegance at its best.

$60  at Topman.

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How to Wear Cargo Pants

Q: I noticed [cargo pants] are making somewhat of a comeback, especially simpler and better fitted (read, slimmer) versions. J. Crew has a couple out this fall that I bought and am in love with. Rugged, military, and go with a lot of stuff.

A: Cargo pants are indeed making a comeback, what with the military-inspired trends we’re seeing for men this Fall.  The good news?  The more fitted versions of cargo pants that you’re seeing today are a far cry from the oversized, stuff-your-pockets versions that were popularized in the 1990s.  What we love about cargo pants is that they’re a great substitute for khaki pants and the dark-rinse jeans you have in heavy rotation.  And they do work with a wide variety of looks.  Here’s three looks that show you how to wear cargo pants:

Look 1: Shawl Collar Cardigan + Collared Shirt + Skinny Tie + Cargo Pants + Boots

How to Wear Cargo Pants, Look 1
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Why does this outfit work?  We love the mix of casual and formal, tailored and relaxed.  The shawl collar cardigan acts as a casual version of the blazer - and takes the edge off of the collared shirt and tie combo.  The rugged boots, which feel at home with the cargo pants, finish off the look with a casual flourish.

Look 2: Bright Polo + Cargo Pants + Casual Belt + Sneakers

How to Wear Cargo Pants, Look 2
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Why does this outfit work?  The masculine cargo pant gets a shot of fresh air with a bright yellow polo.  The unexpected shot of color breathes new life into the look - and we love the mustardy yellow paired with a neutral khaki.  The casual look is belted with a canvas belt and finished off with a pair of stylish sneakers.

Look 3: Henley + Cargo Pants + Casual Belt + Boots

How to Wear Cargo Pants, Look 3
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Why does this outfit work? The fitted henley exemplifies casual elegance, and it adds an air of relaxed sophistication to the otherwise rugged look.  Tuck the henley into the cargo pants and complete the look with a casual canvas belt.  Rugged military-inspired boots help keep the look grounded as well.

Last thoughts about how to wear cargo pants?
(1) Cargo pants are weekend-only pants.  They’re a substitute for khakis and jeans, but unless your office is pretty casual, save them for the weekend.
(2) Because cargo pants have a rugged, military vibe to them, pair them with the appropriate style of shoe: boots or sneakers.  No fancy oxfords or loafers.
(3) Please, please, please don’t stuff your pockets with extraneous items.  A slim-fit wallet, yes.  But if your pockets are bulging, that’s too much.  Just because cargo pants feature extra pockets doesn’t mean that they’re meant to be functional.

Have a great tip about how to wear cargo pants? Share it with us in the comments!

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Cleo Party Dress


Get two key trends for Fall - a ladylike silhouette paired with edgy studded embellishments - in a single dress. Tres chic.

$49.99  at ModCloth.

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Wear to Work: How to Wear the Statement Jacket

How to Wear a Statement Jacket
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Now that Fall is nearly upon us, it’s time to bring out all of the jackets and coats you adore.  Our favorite jackets are those that really make a statement - whether it’s through color, silhouette, detailing, or a combination of the three.  But the fact that they make such a statement can make it difficult to wear these jackets at work.  The key to making statement jackets ready for work is to pair them with work-appropriate separates featuring minimal detailing.  That way, you let the statement jacket shine (as it should).  Here’s how to wear the statement jacket to work:

1.  Start with a neutral base: a textured white top paired with a pair of straight leg trousers.  The delicate pinstripes on these trouser pants give the base a little extra oomph.
2.  Layer on a cropped-sleeve sweater.  We adore the delicate pintucking on this aqua cardigan - so pretty!
3.  Slip on your statement jacket, leaving it open so that the sweater and textured top layers can shine through.  Don’t you love the fabric detailing at the neckline?  The volume perfectly contrasts with the fitted, tailored jacket base.
4.  Finish off the look with a pair of ankle boots and a sturdy work bag.

How would you wear the statement jacket?  Share your style with us in the comments!

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Real Straight Cords


Pair these mustard yellow cords with khaki colored neutrals for a chic look that’s completely on trend.

$54.50  at Gap.

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You Said: No to Pleated Pants


stretch-wool-elan-trouser_092009We asked: Would you wear Pleated Pants?

You said:  A resounding NO to Pleated Pants, with a landslide 82% to 18% vote.

Style tip? We hear you - no crazy roomy harem-style pleated pants.  But let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater when it comes to pleats.  Sure, flat front pants have been the trousers-du-jour for as long as we can remember, but we could all use a little variety.  The keys to wearing pleated pants are twofold:
(1) Keep the silhouette of the pant slim.  Pleats up at the waistline don’t have to mean an oversized leg as well.
(2) Wear a fitted shirt or blouse on top so as to keep the volume of the outfit in check.

Next question: One of our favorite Spring 2010 trends from Fashion Week was the boxy Chanel Jacket.  Part of our love affair with French style.  But what do you think?  Tell us, would you wear a Chanel Jacket?  Cast your vote on the sidebar!

Pictured: Stretch Wool Elan Trouser | $118 at J Crew

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Wave Pleated Crochet Beanie


Get ready for Fall weather with a slouchy knit beanie. Comfortable, cozy, and completely chic.

$8.80  at Forever 21.

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Fashion Week Spring 2010 Trend Roundup

Spring 2010 Fashion Week Trend Roundup

Spring/Summer 2010 is all about drama.  It’s over the top, with extreme silhouettes (harem pants, sharp shoulders), attention-grabbing details (sequins, knotted details), and bright colors (hello, red and yellow).  Here’s Omiru’s picks for the top trends from Fashion Week Spring 2010:

The Sharp Shoulder
Skinny Legs

Chanel Jackets
Roomy Cuffed Shorts
Modern Garden Party Dresses
Harem Pants
Extra Long Blazers
Sequined Disco Dresses
Vests 2.0
Long Cardigans
Motorcycle Jackets

Vibrant Yellow
Not so Boring Beige

Knotted Details
Elegant Bows
Animal Prints
Contrasting Textures
Polka Dots

Statement Necklaces
Brightly Colored Shoes

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Spring 2010 Fashion Week Trend: Long Cardigans

Spring 2010 Fashion Week Trend: Long Cardigans
Photo Credit:
Long Cardigans at Lela Rose, Alexander Wang, and Michael Kors.

Style tip?  Stock up on long cardigans.  They’re great for layering under jackets for Fall and Winter, and they’re just as versatile for Spring.  Wear a long cardigan over your minidress or blouse/skirt combo (as at Lela Rose), skinny belt optional.  Or use your cardigan to play with textures, as Alexander Wang does.  Just don’t wear the cardigan sans-bottom, as seen at Michael Kors!  Clearly a runway-only look.

What do you think?  How would you wear the long cardigan?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Spring 2010 Fashion Week Trend: Polka Dots

Spring 2010 Fashion Week Trend: Polka Dots
Photo Credit:
Polka Dots at Tory Burch, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Reem Acra.

Style tip?  The trend for Spring 2010 is polka dots with a twist.  The new polka dot is seen oversized, textured (instead of printed), and organically shaped.  Wear a single type of dot (like the crocheted dots at Tory Burch), or mix things up with different patterns (as at Marc by Marc Jacobs).  But don’t stop there - you can also mix different textures of dot patterns, as Reem Acra did with a standard-issue polka dotted top paired with a skirt with a more organic dot pattern.

What do you think?  How would you wear polka dots?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

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