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Trend Alert: Motorcycle Jackets


The motorcycle jacket: this masculine favorite has fully made its way into the heart of womens’ closets.  Why?  There’s just something about a woman in a motorcycle jacket - the combination of hard and soft, masculine and feminine is just irresistible.  We love pairing this versatile jacket with everything from jeans and a tee (a la James Dean) to flowery dresses, for a biker gang meets garden party look.  Here’s our five favorite motorcycle jackets:

Clockwise, from top left:
Silence & Noise Faux Leather Moto Jacket | $98 at Urban Outfitters
Outfit yourself in a jacket that manages to be edgy and cooly classic, all at once.  

Wool Blend Motorcycle Jacket | $42.90 at Heritage 1981
Combine the motorcycle jacket trend with one of the biggest textile trends of the season, plaid, for a statement jacket that you won’t want to go without.

Nom De Plume YaYa Moto Jacket | $58 at Urban Outfitters
A pretty pale aqua color adds a feminine touch to a masculine favorite.

Wool Motorcycle Jacket | $150 at Martin + Osa
Motorcycle jackets don’t have to be (faux) leather.  We love the sleek, clean look of this charcoal wool jacket.  Isn’t that collar to die for?

Stella Denim Jacket | $24.80 at Forever 21
Not just another jean jacket.  This dark denim motorcycle jacket looks lovely with feminine skirts and dresses.

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Chiffon Lei of Ruffles V-Neck Tank


Don’t you love the delicate flowery ruffles lining the neckline of this ethereal tank? Grab it fast - it’s selling out!

$37.99  at Ruche.

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The Power of Jeans: Four Rules to Upgrade Your Jeans to Business Class

martin-osa-straight-leg-jean_111709Straight Leg Jean | $79.50 at Martin + Osa
Pair these impeccable dark rinse jeans with the right shoes and top, and you’ll be ready for the boardroom.

It’s not every day when the tech world starts a fashion trend - but power jeans aren’t just for Silicon Valley innovators anymore.  Though they’re still not accepted in certain industries (bankers remain wholeheartedly woolen), power jeans are becoming increasingly popular among elite business and political circles.  Even President Obama is wearing them.  But how do you elevate your jeans to business class?  We have four simple rules just for you.

Rule 1: Wear Your Jeans Dark
Generally speaking, the darker the color, the more formal the jean.  So when you’re wearing your weekend denim, only pull out your dark rinse jeans for work.  The plainer the jean, the better.  Save your acid wash, distressed, and embroidered (eek) jeans for the weekend.

Rule 2: Stick With Straight Leg Jeans
As for fit, you want to strike a balance between too loose and too tight.  Just like Goldilocks, you’re looking for something that’s just right.  Too loose, and you can be accused of wearing "dad jeans."  Too tight, and you’ll be accused of just the opposite.  Straight leg jeans work best; leave your skinny jeans and your bootleg jeans for the weekend. On a similar note, look for low-to-medium rise styles - no excessively low rise jeans for work, please.

Rule 3: Top Off Your Jeans With a Pressed Shirt
The idea here is to pair your jeans with an equivalently business-appropriate top. Button-down shirts (or cashmere turtlenecks) are de rigeur, and to ensure that the look is appropriately tailored, make sure that your woven shirts are pressed.  (But please don’t press your jeans - that’s a bit much.)  Top off the look with a fitted blazer - or a seasonally appropriate topcoat.

Rule 4: Finish Off Your Look With Good Shoes
To elevate your jeans to the boardroom, pair them with business-appropriate shoes - oxfords or other leather-soled shoes are a must.  No athletic shoes, no sandals, no flip flops.  And unless you’re working in Silicon Valley, or an equally casual culture, no sneakers.  

How do you wear your jeans to work?
  Share your style with us in the comments!

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Belted Poplin Paper Bag Skirt


Long waisted women can flatter their figures with skirts with paper bag waists. The high waisted skirt visually elongates the legs - and makes everyone look just a little bit taller.

$39.95  (originally $59.50) at Martin + Osa.

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Three Versatile Shawl Collar Cardigans


It’s sweater weather, and we’re digging the shawl collar cardigan.  Why do we love it so?  Its inherent mix of casual and formal - it’s one part sweater and one part blazer.  You can wear the shawl collar cardigan with a tee and jeans, with a blouse and pearls, or even with a cocktail dress - and it’ll infuse each look a preppily polished feel.  Here’s three shawl collar cardigans to round out your sweater wardrobe:

Pictured from Left to Right:
Alpaca Long Shawl Cardigan | $98 at J Crew
We love the texture and the go-everywhere color on this nubby alpaca shawl cardigan. 

Keaton Tuxedo Cardigan | $118 at J Crew
Ditch your blazer and grab this tuxedo cardigan.  It’s the perfect day-to-night piece.

Micro Shawl Collar Cardigan | $69.50 at Martin + Osa
The fitted waistband and the micro shawl make this cardigan fully feminine.

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Circle Shapes Knit Skirt


Pair this pattterned skirt with a crisp white button-down shirt, ankle boots, and a portfolio bag for a punkily polished look.

$13.80  at Forever 21.

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You Said: Yes to Clutch Handbags


asos-metallic-panelled-clutch_111609We asked: Would you carry Clutch Handbags?

You said:  Yes to Clutch Handbags, with a 79% to 21% vote.

Style tip? We love the sleek look of the clutch, which works as well with pantsuits as it does with cocktail dresses and evening gowns.  The right clutch handbag can be like a piece of jewelry - a statement piece that can liven up a plain dress.  We love the drama of this metallic clutch, which adds a touch of sparkle and shine to any evening. 

Next question: Short Sleeve Coats provide a fresh outerwear silhouette, but they’re not as simple to wear as traditional long sleeved coats.  But what do you think?  Tell us, would you carry a Short Sleeve Coat?  Cast your vote on the sidebar!

Pictured: Metallic Panelled Clutch Bag | $32.90 at ASOS

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Chain Handle Sequin Shopper


You don’t have to save sequins for evening. Make a statement during the day with this sequined shopper.

$58.50  at ASOS.

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Simple Sophistication: Mix Up Your Look With Texture

Simple Sophistication: Mix Things Up With Texture
Shop the Look (clockwise, from top): Panneau Silk Cami | $118 at J Crew, AE Skinny Cord | $39.50 at American Eagle, Small Georgie Satchel | $258 at J Crew, Suedette Over the Knee Boots | $34.80 at Forever 21, Tyrian Purple Patches Sweater | $49.99 at Ruche.  See more information about this look.

You don’t have to go crazy with color in order to create a visually compelling look.  Do as the Japanese do and experiment with texture.  We love combining fabrics of different weights, feels, and sheen in order to create a look that feels like much more than the sum of its parts.  Here’s how to mix up your look with texture:

1.  Start with a top that gives you both micro and macro textures: a smooth silk cami that provides extra visual interest with a set of cascading ruffles.
2.  Slip on a pair of slim fit corduroy pants for a matte, almost nubby texture.
3.  Bring on the cable knit with a cardigan sweater in a nice neutral grey.  Added bonus?  The applique flowers and bows, which provide an extra dose of textures and fabrics.
4.  Finish off the look with a pair of foldover suedette boots (matte texture) and a creamy leather handbag.

How would you play with texture? Share your style with us in the comments!

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Ruffled Celosia Cardigan


Delicate vintage-inspired ruffles adorn this gorgeous sweater. Worth the splurge!

$98  at J Crew.

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