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How to Wear Denim on Denim


With fashion’s love affair with vintage Americana, denim on denim never looked so good.  Wearing denim on denim may sound like a poor idea, or at least one that’s difficult to pull off in style, but it’s surprisingly wearable.  So how do you wear denim on denim without loking like you’re wearing a "canadian suit"?  The key is to provide visual interest by varying something about your denim pieces.  Here’s three ways to keep things interesting when wearing denim on denim:

(1) Vary the types of garments.  Denim doesn’t just come in the form of jeans and jackets.  Try a denim vest, skirt, hat, or blouse.

(2) Vary the weight and drape of the fabrics.  A drapey chambray on denim jeans look fresh, especially finished off with a chocolatey brown belt for contrast.

(3) Vary the wash of the fabric. 
Try Try a lighter wash paired with a medium wash, for example, or a medium wash with a dark wash.  The best execution I’ve seen of a denim jacket on jeans contrasted a light/medium jacket with deep, dark denim jeans.

Here’s seven denim pieces worth a look:

1. Selvedge Chambray Shirt | $78 at J Crew

2. Badge Denim Sleeveless Gilet | $80 at Topshop

3. Skinny Denim Bermuda Shorts | $39.50 at American Eagle

4. Chambray Schoolboy Blazer | $99.99 at J Crew

5. Denim Mesh Shoulder Sweat | $44 at Topshop

6. Indigo Skinny Baxter Jeans | $80 at Topshop

7. Sailing Romper by Dear Creatures | $118 at Ruche

How will you wear denim on denim?  Share your style with us in the comments!

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