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January 2012 Lookbook: Layering with Stacked Bracelets

Omiru's January 2012 Lookbook: Layering Textures
This look is part of Omiru’s January 2012 Lookbook series, which builds upon our 16-Piece January 2012 Capsule Wardrobe.  See more information about this look.

They say that variety is the spice of life.  Mixing and matching different pieces, different textures, different colors - this is what makes fashion fun.  The key to get the layering right is to mix and match pieces that either purposefully highlight their similarities - or play up their differences.  But as the entire look needs to be cohesive, you’re going to want to keep a particular theme alive throughout the outfit.  Here, I’ve keep a neutral theme throughout the outfit (with a couple of fun exceptions) and then had a bit of fun with different textures.  Here’s how to get the look:

1. Start with your base: an oversized cream colored blouse over a pair of bright blue pants.
2. Add on a layer of neutrals - a leopard print denim jacket, a beige strappy bag, a pair of nude colored Illesteva sunglasses, and a pair of neutral colored shoes with a pink strap accent.  Notice the different textures on each of the items - the leather of the bag vs. the denim on the jacket, the smooth texture of the sunglasses vs. the rougher texture of the shoes.
3.  Finish off the look with another study in textures: a stack of bracelets.  I kept the bracelets in line with the neutrals of the rest of the look, using browns and golds as the base colors.  But notice how the smooth leather strap contrasts with the organic textures on the white bangle - and how the gemstones on the jeweled bracelet subtly echo the "bricks" on the gold bracelet.  The key to getting stacked bracelets right is balance - keeping enough similarities to hold the look together, but having enough difference to be visually interesting.

What’s your secret for layering your looks?
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