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January 2012 Lookbook: Sparkle and Shine

Omiru's January 2012 Lookbook: Sparkle and Shine
This look is part of Omiru’s January 2012 Lookbook series, which builds upon our 16-Piece January 2012 Capsule Wardrobe.  See more information about this look.

I’m a big believer in the little details.  You can craft the most fantastic look - but if you don’t top it off with the right accessories, it can fall flat (or at least, short).  Paired with this cheeky colorblocked look are a pair of shiny accessories that really finish the look - a sequined scarf and a bold cocktail ring.  What we love about these pieces is the texture they add to the otherwise graphic outfit.  Here’s how to get the look:

1. Start with a colorblocked foundation: a yellow tee paired with a bright Kelly green pleated skirt.
2. Layer on a cream colored blouse and grab your striped winter coat - another, more subtle take on colorblocking.
3. To the base of yellow and green, add a different color: bright blue.  Slip on a pair of bright blue pumps (love that black toe box) and grab your crocodile skin embossed clutch.
4. Now, time for the sparkle and shine.  Tie on your sequined scarf, juxtaposing its shine with the matte of the coat.  Lastly, slip on a cocktail ring to echo the shine of the scarf.

How do you wear your sparkle and shine?
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