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Mea culpa…I’m back!

Hello world,

It’s been a year since we’ve talked, and I’ve missed you dearly.

What happened? Long story short, I quit my job, my home, my old life, and within three whirlwind weeks, I divested myself of most of my worldly possessions, packed up two carry on bags and headed out to see the world.

Life on the road was lovely and unforgettable. I took French lessons in the heart of Paris. I did an afternoon tea taste-off in Hong Kong. I met fascinating people all over the world. I was blessed with inspiration, from the haute art exhibitions at the Venice Bienniale to the street grafitti in Berlin. But while living on the road was lovely - and it broadened my worldview & my perspective of what fashion can be - despite best intentions, I’ve been horribly remiss about keeping up with you. My sincere apologies for going missing in action without any warning. It won’t happen again.

The silver lining on the cloud is that being away gifted me the perspective to give Omiru more focus. My goal from the start with Omiru was to make style more accessible - to provide inspiration that’s achievable and that reflects how people like you & me actually dress.

My “aha” moment came to me while I was on the road. I realized that while I missed having my full closet with me, I really didn’t miss it *that* much, and that I could dress myself just as well with only the clothes in my two carry on bags.

This idea inspired me to revive & refocus Omiru on our most popular feature - our foundation wardrobe series - where we first edited down the best of the season into a capsule wardrobe, then showed how to mix and match these pieces into a variety of layered looks.

I’m pleased to announce that tomorrow, Omiru is officially back, loaded with a fresh capsule wardrobe for the new year. The January 2012 capsule collection will show you exactly what you need to update your closet to stay on point this season. Tomorrow’s post will introduce the 16 key items you’ll want to have this month, and subsequent posts will show you how to take those 16 easy pieces and create a month’s worth of fresh looks.

It feels great to be home, and to be back with you. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow.


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