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The Book Clutch


Need a conversation piece for your next cocktail party?  Modeled on the limited edition classic book clutches by Olympia Le-Tan, this book clutch trades the expensive embroidered canvas for embossed text on faux leather.  It’s a smart investment at less than $50 - much more affordable than the $1500 designer version.

$43.49  at ASOS.

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May 2012 Lookbook: How to Look Pretty in Pink

Omiru's May 2012 Lookbook: Pretty in Pink
This look is part of Omiru’s May 2012 Lookbook series, which builds upon our 16-Piece May 2012 Capsule Wardrobe.  See more information about this look.

When you wear pink, you can’t help but smile just a little bit wider.  What we love about this cheerful color is how it breathes life into your look.  So when we wear it, we often end up piling on the pink instead of opting for a single piece.  By varying the shades of pink - and playing with pattern - the resulting look is feminine without feeling overly girly.  Here’s how to get the look:

1. Start with the signature piece - an ombre patterned blouse that goes from peach to pink.
2. A piece like this ombre blouse needs a serious foundation - try a pair of colorblocked piped shorts for a look that’s perfectly polished.  Added bonus?  The peach panels on this pair of shorts echoes the peach on the blouse.
3. Continue the red and pink theme with your accessories - a bright red pair of cat-eye sunglasses, a pair of red and pink heels.
4. Finish off the look with a statement accessory - a top handle handbag in a vibrant floral print. 

How would you wear pink?
  Share your style in the comments!

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May 2012 Lookbook: How to Wear Two Vibrant Colors

Omiru's May 2012 Lookbook: How to Wear Orange and Yellow
This look is part of Omiru’s May 2012 Lookbook series, which builds upon our 16-Piece May 2012 Capsule Wardrobe.  See more information about this look.

Vibrant color just feels right, especially now that spring is slowly creeping into summer.  But why just choose one of these brights to wear when you can fit two into your look?  The trick to wearing two vibrant colors at the same time is balance.  If you have two colors that work well together, like the analogous colors orange and yellow, you can evenly represent them in the look.  If the colors are more clashy than collaborative, however, then choose a single color to dominate and use the other as an accent color.

1. Start with one color: orange.  Pair a bright with a neutral for your foundation - a vibrant orange shell with a gauzy peach maxi length skirt.
2. To this base of oranges, add your yellow.  Toss on a structured jacket in a bright yellow.
3.  Fill out the rest of the look with accessories that balance out the oranges and yellows.  A bright yellow cutoff clutch and a pair of nude and yellow heels round out the yellows in the outfit, and a pair of orange and gold earrings brings out the vibrancy of the orange top. 

How would you wear two vibrant colors?
  Share your style in the comments!

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Silk Print Drawstring Blouse


The abstract print on this cropped silk blouse is simply mesmerizing.  Pair it with a flirty skirt for spring and summer - and high waisted trousers this fall.  100% silk. 

$64  at Mikkat Market.

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May 2012 Lookbook: Formally Flirty

Omiru's May 2012 Lookbook: Formally Flirty
This look is part of Omiru’s May 2012 Lookbook series, which builds upon our 16-Piece May 2012 Capsule Wardrobe.  See more information about this look.

Ball gowns and princess dresses are making a comeback the likes of which haven’t been seen since the glorious excesses of the 1980s.  But when the party invitation encourages you to put on your finest frocks, you need not confine yourself to the skirted variety.  In a feather embellished blazer paired with contrast trimmed tuxedo pants, you can let your inner coquette out - without being too obvious.  Here’s how to get the look:

1. Start with a drippy blouse paired with contrast piped tuxedo pants.
2. Slip on a snow white blazer with a special twist - ostrich feathers dusting the hemline of the jacket.
3. Texture is what makes this look.  Echo the texture of the blazer with accessories that give you tactile pleasure - a beaded bauble necklace, a leopard print clutch, and a gorgeous pair of cutout booties. 

What will you wear to your next formal event?
  Share your style in the comments!

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Floral Studded Silk Shirt


Freshen up your wardrobe with a vibrant tropical floral print.  Added bonus?  Metal studs at the shoulderline, giving this feminine shirt a bit of an edge.  100% silk.

$89.90  at Zara.

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May 2012 Lookbook: How to Wear Denim on Denim

Omiru's May 2012 Lookbook: How to Wear Denim on Denim
This look is part of Omiru’s May 2012 Lookbook series, which builds upon our 16-Piece May 2012 Capsule Wardrobe.  See more information about this look.

As you pull your jeans out of the closet for the umpteenth time, don’t you long for a way to wear them that’s fresh and new?  Apropos for this season of growth and renewal, we turn what was old new again.  By pairing the American Traditional classic chambray shirt with your working jeans, you get a look that’s at once familiar and new.  Here’s how to get the look:

1. Start with your double denim foundation: a chambray shirt worn over a pair of denim jeans.  The key to getting this look right is to choose two very different shades of denim; pair a lighter wash with a darker one.  Anything else will look like a denim suit.
2. Toss on a biker jacket.  What we love about this jacket is that it’s tough yet feminine - it gives the look an edge, but in a friendly way.
3. With skinny pants, you have a choice of footwear.  We chose a heeled bootie to elongate the leg. 
4. Grab your sunglasses and a brightly colored handbag (red really pops against the blues and neutrals) and go out and meet the day! 

How would you wear denim on denim?
  Share your style in the comments!

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May 2012 Lookbook: How to Wear Spring Florals

Omiru's May 2012 Lookbook: Spring Greens
This look is part of Omiru’s May 2012 Lookbook series, which builds upon our 16-Piece May 2012 Capsule Wardrobe.  See more information about this look.

May’s flowers are in bloom - and so is our floral inspired wardrobe.  Spring 2012’s florals are less frilly and feminine - and are more sophisticated than seen in previous seasons.  Great news for those of us who aren’t girly girls - we can still wear these pretty prints.  The trick is to pair them with bold colors on simple silhouettes - the resulting look is equal parts playful and elegant, just like you.

1. Start with a floral print top grounded by a bold green pleated skirt.
2. What goes with green?  A sunny yellow, of course.  Slip on a fitted jacket to emphasize your nipped in waistline.
3. Finish off the look with accessories in shades of green - a mint colored heel and a turquoise handbag.  For your shades, mix it up - we chose a bright fire engine red to give the look some extra pep. 

How do you wear floral prints?
  Share your style in the comments!

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Tie-Dye Cutoff Shorts


This summer, we’ll be rocking cutoff shorts once again.  But this time around, instead of choosing a standard denim wash, we’ll be looking for something with a little more personality.  The tie-dye pattern gives these cutoff shorts that spark - and they look fantastic with the army of bright shirts we’re going to be sporting this summer.  Want another option?  Topshop has a similar pair of tie-dye shorts for $64.

$48  at Need Supply.

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Omiru’s 16-Piece May 2012 Capsule Wardrobe

Omiru's May 2012 Capsule Wardrobe
Want to take a closer look at the capsule wardrobe?  Here’s more information about it.

April showers bring May flowers, and we’ve got a sunny wardrobe to match.  Yes, we have the obligatory flowered tank - but we’re capturing the spirit of the season with warm colors and bold patterns.  So that your closet doesn’t go on color overload, we’re also including a number of neutrals in forward-looking silhouettes to bring your closet back down to earth.

Today, we’ll outline the 16 key pieces you’ll want this month to keep your wardrobe on point.  And throughout April, we’ll show you how to mix and match these pieces, along with standard basics that everyone has in their closet, into key looks that you can recreate with your own wardrobe.  From left to right, top to bottom, here are the 16 pieces you’ll want to have in your closet this month.

The Feather Trimmed Blazer
Elizabeth and James Ostrich Feather Trimmed Blazer | $665 at Net-a-Porter
Transform your look with this tactile, tailored piece trimmed with lighter-than-air ostrich feathers.

The Sunny Yellow Cropped Jacket
Girl by Band of Outsiders Slub Cotton Blend Jacket | $555 at Net-a-Porter
Canary yellow is sure to turn heads.  Pair this with neutrals or neons - whatever your heart desires.

The Wear With Everything Aviator Jacket
Acne Rita Suede Aviator Jacket | $1600 at Net-a-Porter
You need not spend quite this much on your jacket of the season, but what we love about this luxe piece is the gorgeous blush color and how the golden hardware looks so right against the suede.

The Conversation Blouse
Alberta Ferretti Printed Silk Shirt | $995 at Net-a-Porter
When you’re sporting this shirt, you’ll never have trouble striking up a conversation again.

The High Low Top
Sleeveless Slit Back Top | $64 at Topshop
Get the silhouette of the season with this high low top - so named because it’s higher in the front and lower in the back.  Perfect for layering.

The Sandy Blouse
3.1 Phillip Lim Embellished Silk Chiffon and Crepe de Chine Blouse | $450 at Net-a-Porter
Elegant yet youthful, this top exudes opulence, from the drape of the fabric to the silver beads embellishing the blouse.

The Chambray Shirt
MiH Jeans Classic Cotton Chambray Shirt | $160 at Net-a-Porter
If you don’t already have a chambray shirt, scoop one up immediately if not sooner!  Classic American Trad.

The Ombre Blouse
Sonia Rykiel Dégradé Silk-Georgette Blouse | $995 at Net-a-Porter
The gorgeous color palette on this ombre blouse makes us swoon.

The Embellished Top

Aztec Embellished Shell Top | $76 at Topshop
We love Aztec prints and beading - so it was a double win to find them in one affordable top.

The Flowered Top
Poppy Print Cami | $90 at Topshop
Don’t you love the vintage feel of this silk cam? 

The Salmon Short

Elizabeth and James Colby Silk Trimmed Brushed Twill Shorts | $235 at Net-a-Porter
You can easily get a similar short at a fraction of the price - but we love the silk trim detail on this luxe version.

The Colorblocked Short
Chloe Tailored Twill Shorts | $970 at Net-a-Porter
Everything looks so much more luxe with colorblocking and piping.  This smart short makes the most summery of looks feel put-together.

The Printed Pleated Skirt
J Crew Apple Print Pleated Cotton Skirt | $135 at Net-a-Porter
Pleated skirts are nothing new this season, but this vibrant apple pattern makes this skirt feel fresh.

The Green Skirt
Black Fleece Pleated Cotton Pique Skirt | $395 at Net-a-Porter
Preppy and ladylike, this crisp green skirt is sure to charm.

The Maxi Skirt
Tibi Pleated Silk Chiffon Maxi Skirt | $365 at Net-a-Porter
What we love about this maxi skirt is the dreamy drape and the beautiful blush color.

The Neon Maxi Dress
Fluro Dip Hem Dress | $96 at Topshop
Turn heads in this fluorescent dip hem maxi dress

Let the inspiration begin!

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