What is Omiru?

Omiru: Style for All is a style and shopping website dedicated to real style for real people. Omiru covers figure flattery, fashion trends, runway reports, and an assortment of articles aimed at making style accessible to all.

What We Believe

First and foremost, we believe in style for all.  That is, style should be accessible to all people, regardless of budget, age, or personal architecture.

Secondly, we believe in the power of style information—whether it comes from traditional media, fashion industry insiders, or the discerning, style-conscious members of the online fashion community.

Lastly, we believe that style can make the world a better place.  Style has the power to enliven us, and good design can make life easier.  We aim to amplify the dissemination of style information, and we hope to brighten a few people’s days while we’re at it!

Editorial Policy

Our mission is to bring you the best in style from all corners of the Internet.

While we do have affiliate accounts with some vendors we link to from our site (such as Amazon and Bluefly), all of the products featured by Omiru have been handpicked by our own editors. No one can ever pay for a spot on Omiru editorial. We have advertising for that, and we couldn’t imagine having it any other way.

The Omiru Team

Name: Trisha
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Can’t live without: Friends and family, retail therapy, furry animals, Sprinkles cupcakes, Maison du Chocolat, infographics, fashion magazines, continuous learning, thoughtful design, open shade, and good food.
On a Saturday afternoon, you’ll find me: Out with friends, shopping (or window shopping), or obsessively compulsively cleaning.
Retail Haunts: Cheap Chic faves are Target, Forever 21/Twelve by Twelve, and Gap. Favorite wearable designer labels?  Diane von Furstenberg and Theory.  I’m also a sucker for a great boutique.  
My Foolproof Outfit: Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress. Add a pair of kitten heels, and I’m good to go.
Irrational Fear: Fruit. Obedient children keep their hands to themselves. My favorite people keep their fruit to themselves.

Name: Colleen
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Can’t live without: New York Football Giants (esp. Michael Strahan’s gap-toothed smile), e-mail (hate the phone), French films, J.D. Salinger short stories, Proust, ballet flats, dark red cherries, Elliott Smith, Broken Social Scene and Falling for Fateful music.
On a Saturday afternoon, you’ll find me: Mrs. London’s with friends & Hal, Nolita and the Metropolitan Museum with Mike & Hal or the Spectrum Movie Theatre with Stevie (no Hal).
Retail Haunts: Bio - NYC, Calypso, Cesare & Lilli, Banana Republic.  My favorite designers are Balenciaga, Chanel, and Poiret.  As for designers today, I love Albert Elbaz, Shin Choi, and Paul& Joe.
My Foolproof Outfit: Knee length fitted black skirt or skinny dark jeans, solid colored blouse, cute top, and kitten heels or ballet flats. My secret? Great lingerie.
Irrational Fear: Irrational Fear Itself.

Name: John
Astrological Sign: Libra
Can’t live without: My Blackberry.
On a Saturday afternoon, you’ll find me: Unfortunately, working.
Retail Haunts: I really try and mix it up.  I have no "default" stores or anything, but a few places I will usually check with first when trying to buy something: Boutiques - South Willard, Oak NYC; Department Stores: Saks, J. Crew.
My Foolproof Outfit: Casual: Dark denim and a white shirt of some kind.  If it’s cold, a peacoat. Office: Mid-charcoal gray suit, micro check shirt, solid navy tie, chocolate brown shoes.
Irrational Fear: Spiders. I think it’s because I saw that movie "Arachnophobia" when I was a little kid.

Name: Yves
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Can’t live without: Family and friends, social dance, novels, movies at the $1.50 theatre, TV time, and computer RPGs.
On a Saturday afternoon, you’ll find me: Out with friends, playing soccer.
Retail Haunts: Valley Fair and Santana Row, especially Club Monaco, Banana Republic, and Hugo Boss.
My Foolproof Outfit: Gunmetal grey jeans paired with a light blue slim cut dress shirt and retro sport sneakers.
Irrational Fear: Falling from heights. No bridges, balconies with see-through railings, above ground glass floors, or leaning against the guardrails on the 2nd floor of the mall.