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Mens Ready Made Outfit: Casual Chic in a Lined Hoodie

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It’s a simple enough fashion formula - the casual classic jeans, tee, and a hoodie.  But don’t let the simplicity downplay the style of this outfit.  We’ve constructed the perfect outfit to take you from running errands to grabbing a latte at the local coffee shop to hanging out with your buddies at night.  Here’s why it works:

Balance: The bright blue striped tee and the splash of orange on the sneakers provide a counterbalance for the muted neutrals in the rest of the outfit.

Stripes, stripes, stripes.  The stripes of the tee are front and center, but they’re echoed in the pinstripe of the belt and the colorblocking on the Diesel sneakers.

Surprise: The key to turning a good outfit into a great one is adding the element of suprise.  Sometimes its done by adding a bright splash of color, sometimes its done by adding a standout accessory, and sometimes its done by an eyecatching pattern.  Here, the element of suprise is a bit less flashy: a tiny skull pattern on the lined hoodie.

Guys, what’s your casual go-to outfit? Share your style with us in the comments!

5 comments August 6th, 2008

Men: How to Make Khakis and a Button Down Look Chic

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Khakis and a button down shirt don’t have to make you look like an extra in Office Space.  You can make the classic khakis and a button down combo chic–here’s how:

Fit:  By far, the most important piece of the puzzle is Fit.  You can make a plain white button down shirt from the Gap look like a million dollars–if it fits you to a T.  But if your shirt doesn’t fit you quite right, it’s going to look cheap, even if you paid a small fortune for a designer brand. 

For button down shirts, look at how the shirt fits at the shoulder.  Most everything about your shirt (sleeve, waist, etc) can be tailored to fit you, but the shoulder is the one place where you can’t alter the shirt.  We recommend that the shoulder seam (the line of the shirt that connects the body of the shirt to the sleeve) should rest in the little gap between that little bump at the end of your collarbone and your arm. For more information on fit, read John’s tips on how to fit a button down shirt.

Color: Sure, you could go with a standard blue or white shirt, but why not find a shirt whose color suits you?  Be bold and try a different shade.  Try navy instead of traditional medium blue.  Reach for a royal purple shirt.  Or be really bold and try a salmon colored shirt.  Remember, getting dressed should be fun–make it that way with a shirt that’s completely you.

Shoes: Finish off the outfit with a great pair of shoes.  Skip the sneakers, and opt for a slip-on style in leather or suede.  Slip-on styles are inherently more casual than lace-up styles, and they fit the relaxed feel of the khakis and button down combo.

Have a great tip about how to wear khakis and a button down? Share your style with us in the comments!

2 comments June 18th, 2008

Men’s Ready Made Outfit: How to Wear a Scarf

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Sartorialist Scarf It UpEver wonder how to wear a scarf (without looking girly)?  It’s easier than you think.  Inspired by The Sartorialist’s recent college fashion slideshow, we created a ready made outfit highlighting how to work a scarf into your everyday wardrobe.

Why does this outfit work?

Color Coordination:
With the exception of the wood watch, the rest of the outfit elements limit themselves to a small color palette of black, white, and navy. 

Visual Texture: The tiny gingham pattern on the scarf provides visual texture without going overboard with pattern.

Standout Accessories: The gingham scarf and the wood watch serve as standout accessories that speak style louder than a flashy top or jacket.

Pictured: Columbia student, courtesy of The Sartorialist and

Guys, how would you wear a scarf? Share your style with us in the comments!

1 comment May 28th, 2008

How to Wear a Blazer with a Casual Shirt

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How do you wear a blazer with a casual shirt?  Match the informality of your shirt–be it a polo, henley or t-shirt–to your jacket.  Choose a unstructured jacket in a casual cotton instead of your traditional wool. 

You could always try the plain t-shirt under the blazer (or layered tees), but you can take the outfit up a notch by layering a fitted polo shirt over a t-shirt.  Bonus points for a brightly colored tee–we love the splash of color this creates at the neckline. 

Finish the outfit off with a casual belt (woven, not leather) and a pair of stylish sneakers.

Have a great tip about how to wear a blazer with a casual shirt? Share it with us in the comments!

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Q&A: What to Wear with Brown Skate Shoes

Q: I just got myself dark brown skate shoes (Vans), and I don’t know how they should look. How do I look cool in them?

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Whether you’re a college undergrad or you’re a working guy looking for a breezily chic weekend look, here’s what to wear with brown skate shoes:

Jackets: Bring out the color of the shoes with a casual jacket in a dark brown or chocolate brown hue.
Shirts: With the dark brown skate shoes, you can wear anything from a t-shirt to a polo shirt to a button-down sport shirt. We like the look of a brightly colored polo (in cobalt blue, bright green, or even orange).
Pants: Jeans are a no-brainer, as their casualness matches the attitude of the shoes–but don’t discount khakis or cords here for a little variety.
Accessories: For an extra punch, you can add a secondary bolt of color with a brightly colored belt.

Have a great tip about what to wear with skate shoes? Share it with us in the comments!

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Ready Made Outfit [Men]: Work and Play

You work hard and you play hard.  But do you have an outfit that can take you from daytime to date time?  Start with a button-down shirt, tie, and loafers from your work wardrobe.  Then add a dash of off-hours casual with a hoodie and jeans.

"Work and Play" Fashion Formula = Hoodie + Button-Down Shirt + Tie + Jeans + Loafers.

Mike and Chris Bond Canvas and Fleece Hoodie
Mike and Chris Bond Canvas and Fleece Hoodie | $352 at Azalea SF

Fitted Graduated Stripe Dress Shirt
Fitted Graduated Stripe Dress Shirt | $78 at Banana Republic

Solid Satin Tie
Solid Satin Tie | $68 at J Crew

Levi\'s 527 Jade Denim
Levi’s 527 Jade Denim | $49 at Urban Outfitters

Kenneth Cole New York \'Keep Ur Cool\' Slip-On
Kenneth Cole New York ‘Keep Ur Cool’ Slip-On | $185 at Nordstrom

4 comments March 13th, 2007

Ready Made Outfit [Men]: Shot of Color

Marc Jacobs
and Duckie Brown subtly shook things up on the runway with brightly colored hats and gloves accessorizing neutral looks.  But these shots of color needn’t be limited to cold weather accessories.  Spice up a modern military look with a brightly colored tee.

"Shot of Color" Fashion Formula = Military Blazer + Sweater + Brightly Colored Tee + Jeans + Casual Oxfords.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Whipcord Military Blazer
Marc by Marc Jacobs Whipcord Military Blazer | $498 at Nordstrom

Stock Utility Mockneck Sweater
Stock Utility Mockneck Sweater | $58 at Urban Outfitters

No Tag 1978 Vintage Weave Graphic Tee
No Tag 1978 Vintage Weave Graphic Tee | $19.99 (sale) at Banana Republic

Kasil Victory in Midnight
Kasil Victory in Midnight | $187 at Revolve Clothing

Lacoste \'Token 2\' Oxford
Lacoste ‘Token 2′ Oxford | $130 at Nordstrom

1 comment February 28th, 2007

Ready Made Outfit [Men]: Spring Frost

Bridge your Winter and Spring wardrobes by mixing your cold-weather peacoat with a bright warm-weather t-shirt and spring sweater.

"Spring Frost" Fashion Formula = Peacoat + Half-Zip Sweater + T-Shirt + Jeans + Slip-Ons.

Façonnable Long Peacoat

Façonnable Long Peacoat | $495 at Nordstrom

Luxe Spring Blend Half-Zip Sweater

Luxe Spring Blend Half-Zip Sweater | $59.99 (sale) at Banana Republic

Green Fitted Cotton Crew

Green Fitted Cotton Crew | $16.50 at Banana Republic

All-Son Fit #2 Vintage Jeans

All-Son Fit #2 Vintage Jeans | $78 at Urban Outfitters

Come Fly With Me Slip-Ons

Come Fly With Me Slip-Ons | $120 (sale) at Kenneth Cole

Add comment February 21st, 2007

Ready Made Outfit [Men]: Garage Band King

You don’t have to play in a garage band to outfit yourself in the casually cool styles of a rock star.

"Garage Band King" Fashion Formula =
Hoodie + Striped Sweater + Jeans + Sneakers.

Cotton Double-Layered Hooded Sweatshirt

Cotton Double-Layered Hooded Sweatshirt | $59.50 at Banana Republic

Fink Popover Striped Sweater

Fink Popover Striped Sweater | $59 at Urban Outfitters

Diesel Zathan 60F Jeans

Diesel Zathan 60F Jeans | $149 at Urban Outfitters 

Adidas Beckenbauer
Adidas Beckenbauer | $92 at Urban Outfitters

10 comments January 17th, 2007

Ready Made Outfit [Men]: Office Space

Ring in the New Year with a dapper outfit fit for the office.

Fashion Formula = Peacoat + Striped Vest + Checked Shirt + Trousers.

Harbor Peacoat at American Eagle

Harbor Peacoat | $79.95 (sale) at American Eagle

New Year\'s Vest at Modern Amusement

New Year’s Vest | $88 at Modern Amusement

Tappan Check Shirt

Tappan Check Shirt | $39.99 (sale) at J Crew

Ted Baker Honour Trouser

Ted Baker Honour Trouser | $171 at Azalea SF

4 comments December 20th, 2006

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