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Boston StreetStyle | Harvard Square Bag Report

Printed Bags

Trend Alert: Printed Bags

Oversized Bags

Trend Alert: Oversized Bags

Mini Messenger Bags

Trend Alert: Mini Messenger Bags

Messenger and Oversized Bags

Trend Alert: Man Messenger Bags and Oversized Bags for Women

Hardware Detailing on Bags

Trend Alert: Hardware Detailing on Bags

Add comment October 14th, 2005

Boston StreetStyle | Harvard Square Accessories Report

Plaid Shoes, Oversized Bags, Colorful Umbrella

Trend Report: Plaid Shoes, Oversized Bags, and Colorful Umbrellas

Fedora Hat and Belt with Hardware Detailing

Trend Report: Fedora Hats and Belts with Hardware Detailing

Sport Sneakers and Belts with Hardware Detailing

Trend Report: Sport Sneakers and Belts with Hardware Detailing

Add comment October 13th, 2005

Boston StreetStyle | Harvard Square Trend Report

Boston Street Style Printed Fabric

Trend Alert: Printed Fabrics

Boston Street Style Shorts

Trend Alert: Shorts (Huge on the Spring 06 Runways)

Boston Street Style Natural Neutral Colors

Trend Alert: Natural, Neutral Colors

Boston Street Style Skirts

Trend Alert: Knee-length Skirts (especially in White!)

Boston Street Style Cropped Pants & Oversized Bags

Trend Alert: Cropped Pants and Oversized Bags

Add comment October 12th, 2005

Boston StreetStyle | Newbury Street Accessories Report

Boston Street Style Color

Trend Alert: Colorful Umbrellas, Oversized Bags, and Printed Bags

Boston Street Style Preppy

Trend Alert: Two-tone, Preppy Tote Bags (and Flip Flops!)

Boston Street Style Sport Sneakers

Trend Alert: Striped Sport Sneakers for Men

Oversized Bags and Sport Sneakers for Women

Trend Alert: Oversized Bags and Sport Sneakers for Women

Oversized Sunglasses

Trend Alert: Oversized Sunglasses

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SF StreetStyle Accessories Report | 9.6.05

Out on the streets of San Francisco, we made note of a few items in particular: Manbags, Brightly colored bags, Driving caps, and Stylized boots.

Check it out:

TrendWatch: Manbags, for lack of a better term. Stylish men recognize the need for a bag to carry the essentials: wallet, phone, keys, iPod, etc. Be on the lookout for more of these in the coming months.

TrendWatch: Brightly colored bags. We love the stripes!

TrendWatch: Driving Caps. There’s something about men in hats that we just adore. The refinement, the panache…we just can’t get enough.

TrendWatch: Boots, of course. We’re on the lookout for ones with a little something special, like these, with cutouts.

Add comment September 6th, 2005

SF StreetStyle | 9.5.05

This weekend, Style Intelligence Report went to the Farmer’s Market at the Ferry Building to bring to you the Best of San Francisco street style.

TrendWatch: Vests, Messenger Bags, Slouchy Bags, and Bright Colors. We still can’t get enough of Green and SeaFoam.

TrendWatch: Track Jackets and Men’s Messenger Bags.

TrendWatch: Cute Caps and Tailored Jackets.

TrendWatch: Love the Grey Jeans–and the fitted jacket.

TrendWatch: Bags with Hardware trim, sporty Track Jackets for Women.

TrendWatch: Cropped Jacket, Knee-Length Shorts, and Boots.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for Style Intelligence Report’s StreetStyle Accessories Report!

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Introducing…Profiles in Style | Tim A.

Tim Anderson

We’ve been scouring the Bay Area for fashion forward folks, and we’re happy to introduce a new recurring feature highlighting these people’s creativity and individual sense of style.

We’re pleased to inaugurate "Profiles in Style" with Tim, an ensemble cast member in the San Francisco production of Wicked. And by the way–we Loved the show. If you’re in the area, buy tickets. ASAP. They’ll sell out fast.

Name: Tim A.
Occupation: Ensemble cast member in "Wicked," currently playing at SF’s Orpheum Theatre.
Hometown: Los Angeles.
Style Philosophy: Casually dressy with a funky flair.
Wardrobe Staples: A closetful of jeans. Today, I’m wearing Parasuco jeans. I bought them in Toronto; they’re not readily available in the States.
Where I Shop: Beverly Center, and a lot of small boutiques, like Jet Rag. I also like Diesel stores.
Last Words: Fashion doesn’t always have to be uncomfortable.

Add comment August 11th, 2005

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