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Trendscape | Tassel-free Loafers

A staple of almost every man’s wardrobe is the loafer.  Along with their distant cousin, the moccasin, loafers are a hassle-free, versatile piece of footwear suitable for both a casual day in the city and a grinding day at work.  Still, there is always room for modernization of the classic slip-on. 

Our recommendation? Bypass those “grandfather tassels” that have become synonymous with the loafer and go for a more contemporary design.  Still stuck on tassels?  Try something along the lines of the updated tassels on the Paul Smith design.

Ben Sherman ‘Inter’ Loafers | $81 at

Mayker Penny Loafer | $129.95 at Johnston & Murphy

Prada Moccasins | $264 at

Paul Smith Tassel Loafer  | $295 at Bergdorf Goodman

John Varvatos Suede Penny Loafer | $365 at Neiman Marcus

Gucci Classic Horsebit Loafer | $410 at Saks Fifth Avenue


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Trendscape | The Good Ol’ Henley

Not necessarily thermal underwear, and not really a pajama top, form-fitting Henley shirts bring an All-American charm to street fashion.  The three-button sensation (sometimes more) is perfect for those not-so-cold and not-so-warm days.  Match them with your favorite pair of jeans, a stylish chain necklace and leave one or two of the buttons open (to give a smidge of confident masculinity) and you got yourself a comfortable, street savvy outfit.


Baby Thermal Long Sleeve Henley | $24 at American Apparel


 Ralph Lauren Poli Long Sleeve Waffle Knit Henley

 Ralph Lauren Poli Long Sleeve Waffle Knit Henley | $48 at Bluefly


French Connection Fast Cars Henley

French Connection Fast Cars Henley | $68 at Macy’s

Theory Slate Blue Cashmere \'Monroe\' Henley Sweater

Theory Slate Blue Cashmere ‘Monroe’ Henley Sweater | $132.99 (sale) at Bluefly

Marc by Marc Jacobs \'Cape Stripe\' Jersey-Knit Henley

Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Cape Stripe’ Jersey-Knit Henley | $53 at Bluefly

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Trendscape: Men’s Fur Trim Coats

For better or for worse, fur seems to be everywhere these days–from the runways of the Fall 06 shows to the closets of celebrities.  Be careful how you wear it– Go Fug Yourself called actor Erik Balfour out for sporting a feminine fur-trim coat.  Rest assured, we wouldn’t want you to compromise your manliness, and to that end, we’ve got a few picks that will take you from the urban jungle to the rugged outdoors.

Kenneth Cole Fall 06 Fur Coat

Fur was spotted at Kenneth Cole’s Fall 2006 show.  Photo Credit: NY Metro

fur parka

 Victorinox “Novgorod” Down Parka | $550 at Nordstrom

Macy\'s fur coat

Tommy Hilfiger “Hopkins” Down Jacket | $131.99 (sale) at Macy’s


Bluefly fur jacket

Theory Pine Convertible "Kerovac"  Mid-length Parka | $393.99 (sale) at Bluefly

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The Layering Game!

It seems as though layering patterns has become the new "black" in men’s fashion.  Polka-dots with stripes, plaids with paisleys, flowers with checks – it’s all about the right pattern matched with the right color palette matched with the right fit matched with the right attitude.  Trying this out with various tops (i.e. jackets and shirts) is a good way to go, but the easiest route to take for men would be button downs and ties.



Sea-stripe premium barrel cuff shirt | $98 at Banana Republic (left), and Swirled Paisley tie | $59.50 at Banana Republic (right).



Tattersall Luxury Dress Shirt | $108 at Brooks Brothers (left), and Octagon Medallion Silk Tie | $69.50 at Brooks Brothers (right).


Emilio Pucci Silk Twill Tie | $130 at Nordstrom (left), and Non-Iron Slim Fit Ground Stripe Dress Shirt | $75 at Brooks Brothers (right).


Sailor Stripe Polo | $58 at Modern Amusement (top), and Crowsicle Vest |$88 at Modern Amusement (bottom).


D & G Long Sleeve | $95 at (top), and Flauvius Stripe Crewneck Sweater | $174.99 at Original Penguin (bottom).

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Trendscape: Golf-inspired Fashions

Street Style: Argyle in Union Square
Argyle Style as seen in Union Square, San Francisco

The urban/bohemian/deconstructed look that has been traipsing down city streets is on the verge of becoming obsolete (not to mention a bit boring.)  As that fad begins to bow out,  it seems as though fashion is about to take a drastic turn towards cleaner seams, lighter colors and country club looks that dwell in the Preppy Zone (just in time for spring, we might add).

In the forefront of these Ivy League looks are styles based on the classy sport of golf.  Argyle prints are a must for this look and banded collar golf jackets are handsome with urban appeal.  That said, here are some men’s fashions that stylishly update the golf look.  All these pieces will keep you looking sporty without the hassle of actually having to tee off.  

Penguin Trojan Golf Jacket | $140 at Nordstrom


Triple Five Soul Reversible Golf Jacket | $154 at Nordstrom


Ciesse Sweater Vest | $32 at


Modern Amusement Tahiti Pant | $98 at Urban Outfitters

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Slim Chance: Men’s Shirts Get Tighter

Muscle shirts are meant for those guys with, well, muscles. These modern slim fit shirts, though close-fitting, don’t require countless hours at the gym and shots of steroids.  Slimmer men, embrace your body by sporting one of these slim button-downs, and let the ladies appreciate your natural hotness.

ben sherman slim fit

Ben Sherman “Killa” Stripe Shirt | $89 at Nordstrom  


Energie slim fit

Energie Vaux L/S Woven | $110 at Urban Outfitters

Ben Sherman Slim Fit Shirt

Doubt S/S Soho Fit Shirt | $69 at Ben Sherman 


diesel slim fit

Diesel Sinovic L/S Woven | $49.99 at Urban Outfitters 


diesel slim fit

Diesel Civonis L/S Woven | $59.99 at Urban Outfitters 

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Trendscape: The “Murse”

Based on the runways and the hipsters of urbania, men seem to a bit more comfortable with having accessories that hang from the shoulders.

The concept of the murse (man bags, or whatever you want to call them) is a wonderful middle ground for brief cases, messenger bags, backpacks and duffel bags.  They are perfect for toting around all those necessities you need for a day in the city – wallet, cell phone, iPod, check book, midday snack, Burt Beeswax, Listerine strips, cigarettes, lighter, bottled water, extra pair of socks, passport, 3 forms of identification and for those special occasions – a knife suitable for hunting and skinning.  Whatever you can’t live without, I’m sure a murse can handle it.  Available in any price range, take a gander at these convenient accessories.


City Lights by Manhattan Portage | $26 at



Triple Five Soul Night Bag | $56 at 80’s Purple


The Minx Chris Pastras Bag | $79.99 at Digital Gravel


Puma by Rudolf D. Schuhfabrik | $98 at


Tumi T-Tech Flow Flap Body Bag | $95 at Tumi

For more fun with murses, check out some of our other man bag picks!

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6 Trends to Lose: What’s Out for Men

Like Heidi Klum says on Project Runway, when it comes to fashion, one day you’re in, and the next day you’re out. In a society of males who are turning towards the world of the “metrosexual,” many of them still need a small bit of guidance when it comes to trends.  I am pretty sure that they can think for themselves, but sometimes, they fail to look at the unwritten expiration date that is stitched on to some of today’s “hottest” trends. Here are a few that are scooping plots in the fashion cemetery or have otherwise overstayed their welcome.

Unless you are a big-time funkatronic rap producer by the name of Pharrell, or you’re getting ready to jump on a yacht or play tennis; the popped collar has been overdone (sorry Susannah!)  I know that trends from the 1980s are making a comeback, but they can easily fade out like the Rubik’s Cube craze.  When this fad first made it appearance on the necks of the Neptunes front man and the overrated R&B sensation Usher, I gave it a little nod.  Now, every time I see an urban hipster with a popped collar, I am tempted to go up to him and pull that collar down.

Once again, the 80s makes a hard hit with the versatile use of blazers.  In this mutation of the Miami Vice blazer with rolled up sleeves, men everywhere have been donning graphic tees with blazers.  This needs to stop.  It’s a poor attempt to blur the lines of casual and not casual.  As fashion begins to makes its way towards the cleaner, professional look, this trend is anything but.

I do commend society’s usage of the blazer.  It has now become both professional and casual.  With that said, here’s a small tip when wearing a button-down shirt with a blazer: keep the collar on the inside of the lapel (and use some collarstays to keep that pointed, sharp look.)  Fanning out the collar has the potential to make you look like that token sleazy guy in the nightclub…or that shady 70s car salesman in a leisure suit.

Clean lines and preppy looks may be making a comeback, but that doesn’t mean you should keep those square-toed dress shoes.  They’re boxy and they make guys look like a Bozo the Clown turned metrosexual.  Think of them as the bolo tie of the 21st Century.

The trend of the trucker cap lasted as long as Ashton Kutcher’s “it boy” status.  When he started wearing those “Von Dutch” caps, it was as though the fashionable trailer park industry vomited on retail shops everywhere.  They may still “look” cool and edgy, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear them.  Believe me, these little trend monsters have served their time and need to be hung on those deer antlers above your mantle.

Finally, this trend isn’t necessarily a piece of clothing – it’s a hairstyle.  Yes ladies and gentleman, the faux hawk has now become a faux pas.  It looked good on Orlando Bloom, David Beckham, Jude Law and all those other Euro-chic celebrities, but its staying power was as good as the wedge cut and perms.

8 comments February 24th, 2006

Trendscape: Birds on Shirts

During my LA fashion tour, I noticed a distinct avian trend…and not just in the sky.  Birds on men’s shirts were Everywhere, most notably at Modern Amusement’s room in Fred Segal. 

Want to get in on the bird-on-shirt action?  Look no further…

Modern Amusement Crowsicle Tee
Crowsicle Tee | $42 at Modern Amusement

Palmer Cash Bird Cage T-Shirt
Men’s Bird Cage T-Shirt | $20.97 at Palmer Cash

Urban Outfitters Brown Sound Fly Lower Tee
Brown Sound Fly Lower Tee | $32 at Urban Outfitters

Hollister Boomer Beach Surf Tee
Boomer Beach Surf Tee |  $15.50 at Hollister

5 comments February 20th, 2006

Trendscape | From the Trenches to the Safari

Once again, the dictators of style have proved that what’s old is new.  Based on some of the looks at this past fashion week in New York (not to mention the stylish ones I recently saw at Zara), trench coats seem to be the “in” thing.  To go beyond the confines of the flattering cinched waists of these coats, safari-style jackets seem to be inching to the forefront as well.

Nonetheless, these pieces of outwear are suitable for the office or for a night on the town.  For both men and women, trenches and safaris are definitely a good way to spruce up an outfit to make you look sophisticated, stylish and most of all, keep you comfortable in mild weather.

Halogen Belted Safari Jacket | $78 at Nordstrom

Burberry Belted Violet Belted Trench | $840 at

Perry Ellis Belted Safari Jacket | $94.99 at Macy’s

Cole Haan Double Faced Safari Jacket | $158.09 at

Burberry Tan Trench | $995 at Bergdorf Goodman

Burberry Yellow Trench | $1,295 at Bergdorf Goodman

It looks like the frenzied check-patterned Burberry (the women’s violet is uber fancy) is the leader when it comes to chic outwear (no surprise), but it is a bit disappointing that there is a lack of belted safaris (not trenches) when it comes to the men’s side.  Even so, the white Cole Haan is clean and tight, while the yellow trench is a modernized hip makeover of the yellow raincoat.  I am sure as the word gets out, these jackets will invade the world like a “London Fog” – pun intended.

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