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Trendscape: Skinny Ties

Having been hot on the fashion scene for the last few seasons, skinny ties are nothing new.  We even saw them on Matt Dillon (Crash) and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers (Elvis) at the Golden Globes on Monday. 

Nevertheless, we appreciate their innate geek chic quality, and so we present to you a few of our favorites beyond the classic black:

Banana Republic Skinny Floral Tie

For a bit of whimsy:  Skinny Floral Tie | $59.50 at Banana Republic 

Cambridge Fairfield Repp-Stripe Skinny Tie

Love stripes?  Cambridge Fairfield Repp-Stripe Skinny Tie | $39.50 at J Crew

2.5\" Woven Silk Tie

Love color?  2.5" Woven Silk Tie | $20 at

Collegiate Cambridge Skinny Tie

Feeling prep-school chic?  Collegiate Cambridge Skinny Tie | $39.50 at J Crew

1 comment January 18th, 2006

Trendscape: Graphic Prints

Straight off the runways of Prada and Burberry is one of the season’s most visually appealing trends: Graphic Prints. 

Take your inspiration from 1960s pop art, mesmerizing paisley prints, or the country fairjust be Inspired!

Penguin Bishop Ely Woven Shirt
Penguin Bishop Ely Woven Shirt | $29.99 (sale) at Urban Outfitters

Earl Jean Eggplant \'Black Orchid\' Print Sport Shirt
Earl Jean Eggplant ‘Black Orchid’ Print Sport Shirt | $71.99 at Bluefly

Ramones L/S Mod Fit Shirt - Off White

Ramones Shirt in Off White | $89 at Ben Sherman

Banana Republic Retro Mosaic Print Shirt

Retro Mosaic Print Shirt | $24.99 (sale) at Banana Republic

Rogan navy print cotton snap-front shirt

Rogan Navy Print Snap-Front Shirt | $94.99 at Bluefly

Char L/S Carnaby Fit Shirt - Dark Chocolate

Char Shirt in Dark Chocolate |  $89 at Ben Sherman

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Trendscape: Short Sleeved Button Up Shirt

No longer the province of middle managers, the short sleeved button up shirt is back with a vengeance.  This adorably nerdy shirt is riding off the geek chic trend that has permeated the runways for the past couple of seasons.  Expect this shirt to stick around for at least a couple more.


Theory Blue \'Bayonne\' Short Sleeve Shirt

Theory Blue ‘Bayonne’ Short Sleeve Shirt | $58.99 at Bluefly

Ben Sherman Lake Short Sleeved Mod Fit Shirt

Lake Short Sleeved Mod Fit Shirt | $79 at Ben Sherman 

Michael Kors Plaid Short Sleeve Shirt

Michael Kors Plaid Short Sleeve Shirt | $117 at Bluefly 

Ben Sherman Crony Short Sleeved Carnaby Fit Shirt

Crony Short Sleeved Carnaby Fit Shirt | $69 at Ben Sherman 

Theory Paisley \"Issacs\" Sport Shirt

Theory Paisley "Issacs" Sport Shirt | $64.99 (sale) at Bluefly

6 comments January 4th, 2006

Trendscape: Converse Shoes

According to’s Style Notes, it looks like Converse shoes are In this season.

Here are our favorite picks:


Chuck Taylor® All Star® Black Unisex Low
The Classic: Chuck Taylor® All Star® Black Unisex Low | $40 at Converse

Chuck Taylor All Star Navy Unisex Slip Ons

Chuck Taylor® Midnight Navy Unisex Slip Ons | $95 at Converse

Baboo Chocolate/Parchment Mens Low

Baboo Chocolate/Parchment Mens Low | $55 at Converse

One Star® Mid Black/Charcoal Mens Mid

One Star® Mid Black/Charcoal Mens Mid | $60 at Converse

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Autumn/Winter 2006 Color and Fabric

Out of LA Textile comes four major trends for color and fabric:


Colors: Greyed out colors, browns, blues.
Textures: Silky smooth fabrics, metallic finishes, brushed cottons and wools for a frosted look, botanical and crystal motifs for fabric prints.

Winter Blooms

Colors: Apple and emerald green, combined with blues and both light and dark purple tones.
Textures: Boucles and tweeds, especially in wool/silk and wool/mohair fabrications. Paper-like cutouts are achieved through laser cutting. Appliqués are botanical inspired, with leaves and flowers.

Indian Summer

Colors: Rich, autumnal tones of reds, golds, oranges, and leafy yellows are juxtaposed against dark smoky blues.
Textures: Folkloric prints are color yarn-dyed, patterned, and ombred with stripes. Patchworks and wood block prints will be seen along with subtly pinstriped denim and oversized lumberjack checks.


Colors: Dark greens and blues combine with teal, ash grey, and a warm bronze.
Textures: Spongy surfaces reminiscent of moss, botanical-inspired fabric irregularities, and veining reminiscent of leaves, bark or wood grain show up in prints. Velvet is huge.

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Carlin International Menswear Fall/Winter 2006 Report

Carlin International’s It list for menswear included:

Jackets with shawl collars,

Cropped blazers,

Faux T-shirt over button-down shirt layering,

Fancy jogging pants (really?),

Woven shirts with front knit panels,

Silkscreening on finished goods, such as sweaters and t-shirts, and

Corduroy jackets with utility detailing.

Carlin’s menswear accessories report predicts:

Multipocket across-shoulder bags,

Cloth (especially woolen) messenger bags,

Fancy oxford shoes,

Fedoras with ribbon detailing,

Knit caps (we called this one!),

Hooded scarves, and

Poofy newsboy caps.

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Spring 2006 Trend: Hardware Detailing

Trend Importance Factor: Medium.

Wearability Factor: Medium High.

How to Wear It: Grommets, metal zippers, D rings, snaps, and buckles have found their way to traditional garments ranging from dresses, sweaters, and blouses to pants and skirts. The hardware look gives a bit of an edge to otherwise conservative (read: normal) looks, and really turns up the heat on more risqué garments.

For maximum wearability, keep the metal pieces small and on sections of the body that you want to highlight. If you have a great waistline, for example, wear metal on your belt. And if you love your shoulderline, look for hardware trimmings on or near the shoulder area. For a fresh look, try D rings and buckles in unexpected places.

Where in Trend Lifecycle: This trend has been bubbling up for at least a year. We even made note of hardware detailing at Armani Exchange back in April. And hardware studded bags were a ubiquitous accessory this past season. Look for this trend to continue as a counter to the pretty, overly feminine look dominating the runways.

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Spring 2006 Trend: Knit Caps

Trend Importance Factor: Medium.

Wearability Factor: Medium.

How to Wear It: This season’s knit cap goes beyond the traditional urbanwear beanie. With detailing such as an oversized shape, and bills in contrast fabrications, the knit cap exemplifies Spring 2006’s focus on eclecticism.

Show your individuality by pairing your urban-styled knit cap with something other than casualwear—perhaps an uber-feminine outfit.

Where in Trend Lifecycle: Early. Knit caps are a basic part of one’s wardrobe, but this season’s more eclectic styles merit a trend classification of their own.

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Spring 2006 Trend: Fedora Hats

Trend Importance Factor: Medium.

Wearability Factor: Medium.

How to Wear It: The menswear-inspired fedora hat provides a nice counterpart to the predominantly pretty, feminine looks out on the runway. And for men, it provides a gentlemanly accessory for otherwise casual outfits. On the streets, we’ve seen a few Fedora Fashion Formulas for women that we adore:

Fashion Formula 1: Fedora + Cropped Sweater + Tank + Shorts.

Fashion Formula 2: Fedora + Lacy Camisole + Pinstriped Pants.

Fashion Formula 3: Fedora + Ruffled Blouse + Embellished Belt + Jeans.

Where in Trend Lifecycle: Early.
This season’s focus on eclecticism has spurred a renewed interest in accessories, and fedora hats are one of fashion’s hottest hat styles.

3 comments October 11th, 2005

Spring 2006 Trend: Trenchcoats

Trend Importance Factor: Medium.

Wearability Factor: Medium High.

How to Wear It: As we noted for double breasted styles, the petite, the full figured, the curvy, the broad shouldered, and those with a full bust should wear trenchcoats with caution. Oversized lapels can overwhelm small frames and emphasize width in the shoulder area.

Belted trenchcoats can work wonders on boyish figures, as they help give the waistline some definition. Those with narrow shoulders will also be flattered by the trenchcoat’s horizontal emphasis at the shoulder.

Where in Trend Lifecycle: Early. Last Spring, cropped jackets and single-breasted styles were all the rage. Now it’s time for the double-breasted trenchcoat to shine.

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