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SeaVees 5/65 Tennis Shoes


What do you need to complete your sneaker collection? A classic California cool tennis shoe, like these SeaVees 5/65s. Wear them with your slim-cut summer shorts for a look that’s tres sportif!

$128  at J Crew.

Add comment May 26th, 2010

What to Wear May 2010, Menswear Edition


As we make our way from spring to summer, we encourage you to fill in your wardrobe with casual pieces that still feel polished.  Our top recommendations?  A Barracuda jacket, a bright madras shirt, Nantucket red flat front shorts, and a heather grey sweatshirt (also perfectly on trend).  Here’s eight pieces you need to bridge your closet from spring to summer:

1. Barracuda Jacket | $39.99 (sale) at Gap

2. Of Vice and Virtue Hooded Henley | $38 at Urban Outfitters

3. Braided Stretch Belt | $39.50 at Banana Republic

4. Marled Crewneck Sweatshirt | $24.99 (sale) at Gap

5. Canvas Jack Purcell Lace Up | $59.50 (+ an extra 30% off) at Martin + Osa

6. Rogues Gallery Madras Shirt | $98 at Urban Outfitters

7. Indigo Chambray Shirt | $49.50 at Gap

8. Martin Chino Short | $39.50 (+ an extra 30% off) at Martin + Osa

What will you be wearing?  Share your style with us in the comments!

Add comment May 25th, 2010

Mixing and Matching Patterns: How to Pair Shirts and Ties


Pictured: Point-collar Dress Shirt in Baltic Stripe | $55 at J Crew with Floral Tie | $11.84 at ASOS, Button Down Dress Shirt in Shadow Tattersall | $69.50 at J Crew with Hackett Madras Tie | $93 at ASOS.

The dress shirt and tie is one of the most foundation combinations for men, but it doesn’t have to be boring.  Sure, you can mix your solid colored ties with solid colored dress shirts - or even your striped tie with the colored dress shirt - but you needn’t limit yourself to a single print or pattern.  We love the look of mixing and matching patterns with shirts and ties, especially now that mixing and matching different prints in the same outfit is no longer reserved for the fashion forward.

But when you’re mixing and matching different prints, how do you make sure they work together?  The key is to tie the prints together with a motif - be it size, pattern, and/or color.  

Size: If you have two different prints, they’ll work together if the scale of the print is similar.  Two small prints will complement one another, as will two oversized prints.

Pattern: If you have two patterns of the same style, such as two plaids, you’ll do best by mixing up the scale of the print.  A small plaid with a large one, for example, will create visual interest.  Otherwise, the look can come out feeling too matchy-matchy.

Color: Sometimes all you need is a shared color to make two wildly different prints work together.  Color can work its magic to synchronize even multiple prints in an outfit; it’s the motif of choice to leverage when you’re combining three or more patterns in a single look.

How will you match your dress shirt and tie?  Share your style with us in the comments!

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Designer to Watch: Patrik Ervell

Pictured, from left to right: Jean Jacket | $440 at Patrik Ervell, Cardigan | $330 at Patrik Ervell, Unstructured Blazer | $640 at Patrik Ervell.

Patrik Ervell isn’t one to sit still.  His penchant for innovation extends past his fabric choices (he’s been known to use unfamiliar fabrics, such as latex rubber and parachute fabrics).  Now that he’s joined the ecommerce club, Ervell is pushing the boundaries of what’s traditional in online retailing.  Instead of seeing static imagery, Ervell’s website features rows upon rows of models primping - adjusting collars and fiddling with their hair.  But Ervell’s ability to push the boundaries - online, and in making menswear familiar-yet-new - isn’t the only reason to scope out his collection.  Ervell knows that menswear is all about the details, and he gets them right.

Shop Patrik Ervell’s full collection at

2 comments May 11th, 2010

How to Look Smart in a Short Sleeved Shirt


Trading in your long sleeved shirts for short sleeve ones doesn’t mean that you have to hand in your pulled together look.  Short sleeves definitely read as casual, but you can spiff up the right short sleeved shirt by pairing it with a few key elements.  To keep the look modern and clean, we paired a madras plaid short sleeved shirt with a pair of lightweight flat front khaki trousers from Save Khaki, belted with a textured belt.  We finished off the outfit with a pair of leather sneakers (a sporty touch) and a dandy-ish trilby hat.  

Here’s what you need to create the look yourself:

Red Madras Plaid Shirt | $39.50 at Gap

Save Khaki Lightweight Trouser | $100 at Ron Herman

Tan Vintage Leather Belt | $36 at Topman

3 Colour Straw Trilby Hat | $40 at Topman

T56 Leather Perf Sneaker | $80 at Tretorn

How would you wear your short sleeved shirt?  Share your style with us in the comments!

8 comments May 5th, 2010

What to Wear April 2010, Menswear Edition


April, with its incessant showers, may be almost over, but we’re not letting the wet weather dampen our spirits.  In the face of dreary weather, we dare you to wear color!  We present to you a few choice pieces that exemplify classic American fashion but still manage to push the boundaries on color.

1. Velour Ethan Bellow Pocket Jacket | $210 at Steven Alan

2. Tea Stained Scarf | $24.50 at Gap

3. Brandon Plaid Shirt | $49.50 at Gap

4. BDG Blocked Pocket V-Neck | $20 at Urban Outfitters

5. Short Sleeve Chambray Shirt | $39.50 at Gap

6. Vans Authentic Sneaker | $45 at Urban Outfitters

What will you be wearing?  Share your style with us in the comments.

3 comments April 27th, 2010

Shopping Guide: Mad for Madras


Perfectly lightweight and effortlessly chic, cotton madras fabrics feel quintessentially summery, as befits their Indian roots.  (The name "madras" comes from the old British name for Chennai, the Indian city that popularized the fabric.)  In shirts, shorts - and even jackets and pants, madras fabrics are found in plaid-type patterns - some crisply plaid, with others featuring colors that softly bleed into one another.

Style tip? Because madras fabrics are so breathable and lightweight, they’re the perfect summer fabric - and as such, should be worn only when temperatures permit.  Stock up now, and break your madras out once the temperature hits the mid-70s.

With fashion’s obsession with all things prep, they haven’t felt quite this fresh since the 1980s.  Since madras fabrics never really go out of style, we’d recommend picking up a few pieces now for seasons to come.  Here’s five madras pieces worth a look (#2 and #5 courtesy of Gary):

1. Gitman Vintage Purple Madras Shirt | $156 at Oak

2. Plantation Madras Plaid Shirt | $69.50 at J Crew

3. Thompson Madras Plaid Shirt | $79.50 at Rugby

4. Narrow Indian Madras Gold Tie | $85 at Polo Ralph Lauren

5. Button Down Shirt in Hillside Madras | $69.50 at J Crew

How will you wear madras?  Share your style with us in the comments!

5 comments April 20th, 2010

Red Chambray Shirt


Fashion’s nostalgia for Americana finds no better textile expression than in the beauty of a chambray shirt. We’ve collected (and featured) chambray shirts in assorted shades of blue. But we encourage you to go beyond basic blue chambray and explore other hues, like this fetching red on this rinsed chambray shirt. How to wear red chambray? We love the red chambray shirt worn with a nod to its workman roots - paired with dark denim and a pair of (desert) boots.

$49.50  at Gap.

4 comments April 19th, 2010

J Crew Spring 2010 Mens Shopping Guide


Quality fabrics, designer collaborations, and a keen sense of styling has transformed J Crew from a catalog retailer into a definitive force in menswear.  So it’s no surprise that we’ve got our eye on J Crew as we suss out key pieces to add to our wardrobes for spring.  Spring 2010 at J Crew is about the easy classics - the chambray shirt, inventive takes on gingham, chinos, madras shorts, slim cut denim, glen plaid - and of course, the trilby hat.  Here’s five of our favorite J Crew picks for Spring 2010:

1. Seagrass Trilby Hat | $40 at J Crew

2. Pinpoint Oxford Shirt in Shadow Gingham | $59.50 at J Crew

3. Quoddy Grizzly Boots | $360 at J Crew

4. Mini Glen Plaid Ludlow Sportcoat | $148 at J Crew

5. Broken in Chino in Regular Fit | $59.50 at J Crew

PS: If you’re interested in a preview of J Crew’s Fall 2010 collection, A Continuous Lean has the scoop.

7 comments April 13th, 2010

Scrolling LCD Watch


Can a watch turn heads? This solar-powered scrolling LCD watch tells you the time in a way that makes a statement. Wear this watch with a sense of humor - and a bevy of tech gadgets. An iPad, anyone?

$30  at Urban Outfitters.

2 comments April 7th, 2010

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