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Fashion Week Spring 2011 Begins!


The wait is over–Fashion Week Spring 2011 (the first in Lincoln Center!) is upon us.  Like we did for Fashion Week Fall 2010 we’ll be concentrating on trend analysis to bring you the trend information you need for next Spring and Summer.

While we gear up to start our Spring 2011 fashion coverage, you can reminisce with our some of our favorite Fall 2010 trends: Parkas, the Strong Shoulder, and Blazers over Dresses.

We’ll be returning to our regularly scheduled fashion trends and tips on Monday, September 20!

1 comment September 8th, 2010

What’s Next: New York Fashion Week & MAGIC

The next couple of weeks will keep the Omiru team hopping.  Today marked the start of New York Fashion Week, the very last one that will be held in the hallowed tents at Bryant Park.  As we have for the last few seasons, we’ll be digesting the shows and editing them down to a succinct set of trends that you need to know about for Fall 2010.  And next week, coinciding with Fashion Week, we also have MAGIC, the premier trade event for the fashion industry, from which we’ll be scouting trends and up and coming designers for you.

On a more reflective note, today will be remembered as a dark day for the fashion world, as one of the industry’s most legendary designers, Alexander McQueen, killed himself at his Mayfair flat.  McQueen’s bad boy antics and mischevious sense of humor humanized the uniquely eccentric sense of style that placed him at the forefront of the fashion world.  He was haunted by his demons, most recently, the death of his beloved mother, but with his demons came great creative genius.  We’re thankful for the life that Alexander McQueen breathed into the fashion industry - and can only hope that he has finally found peace.

With style,
Trisha and the Omiru Team

1 comment February 11th, 2010

Fashion Week Spring 2010 Begins!


The wait is over–Fashion Week Spring 2010 is upon us.  Like we did for Fashion Week Fall 2009 we’ll be concentrating on trend analysis to bring you the trend information you need for next Spring and Summer.

While we gear up to start our Fall 2009 fashion coverage, you can reminisce with our picks for Fall 2009’s key trends.

We’ll be returning to our regularly scheduled fashion tips, tricks, and answers on Monday, September 21!

3 comments September 9th, 2009

Be a Clothing Swap Party Goddess with these 5 Practical Party Tips

Ever thought about hosting a clothing swap party?  It’s a fun, free way to build up a whole new wardrobe.  Plus, you get the added bonus of spending some quality time with your friends.  

Our favorite clothing swap parties are those that make you feel like you’re shopping in your favorite boutique.  You have your clothes well organized, music on the stereo, and drinks flowing (though, skip the red wine, lest it stain the clothes).  How do you throw a great swap party?  We have five tips - in video form - from our guest appearance on Blogher’s latest episode of The Juice.  

Click this link to check out our Five Tips for Making Swap Parties Work for You.


2 comments August 5th, 2009

Omiru Hearts Polyvore!

While we’re working on synthesizing trends for our Fall 2009 Fashion Week coverage, we wanted to give a shoutout to some very special Omiru fans–and one of our favorite fashion websites. It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Polyvore’s outfit creation tool. Turns out that Polyvore’s fashion community hearts Omiru right back! Two out of the six winners in Polyvore’s Style a Fashion Blog contest were inspired by Omiru!

Alex Poesy’s Fidelity set was inspired by Omiru’s post on Ankle Boots.

Melissuhuhuhuh’s untitled set was inspired by Omiru’s post on Wide Belts.

Congrats to Alex Poesy and Melissuhuhuhuh! And Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

February 14th, 2009

Fashion Week Fall 2009 Begins!


It’s that time of year again: Fashion Week Fall 2009 is upon us.  Like we did for Fashion Week Spring 2009, we’ll be concentrating on trend analysis to bring you the trend information you need for next Fall and Winter.

While we gear up to start our Fall 2009 fashion coverage, here’s a look back at some of our favorite Spring 2009 trends: Dresses with Pockets, Blood Orange, Headbands, Purple, and Statement Pattern.

We’ll be returning to our regularly scheduled fashion tips, tricks, and answers on Monday, February 23!

2 comments February 13th, 2009

Vote for Fashion: Fashion Week Spring 2009 Begins!

Fashion Week Spring 2009

While the country is gearing up for Election 2008, the powers that be in fashion will be gathering at the tents at Bryant Park for Fashion Week Spring 2009Like we did for Fashion Week Fall 2008, we’ll be concentrating on trend analysis to bring you the trend information you need for next Spring and Summer.

While we gear up to start our Spring 2009 fashion coverage, check out our Fall 2008 Fashion Trend Report.

We’ll be returning to our regularly scheduled fashion tips, tricks, and answers on Monday, September 15!

September 5th, 2008

Omiru named one of Time’s 50 Best Websites for 2008

Time Magazine LogoI’m honored to announce that Omiru was named one of Time Magazine’s 50 Best Websites for 2008!  Here’s what Anita Hamilton of Time Magazine says about us:

"Focused on "real style for real people," Omiru doesn’t just tell you what the fashion trends are — it helps you figure out what actually looks good on you…The site recommends dresses for curvy petites and accessories for your little black dress. Sure, tips like these are sprinkled throughout more mainstream fashion sites like Glam and Style, but Omiru’s laser focus on practical fashion advice makes it a don’t-miss."

Are you new to Omiru?  Welcome!  Here’s a sampling of our favorite posts to get you started:

How to Accessorize a Little Black Dress
Shopping Guide: The Best Plus Size Styles
How to Add Some Spice to a Closet full of Classics
Fashion over Fifty: Five Style Tips
Heat Wave!  What to Wear to Work to Beat the Heat
How to Dress up Jeans for Work

Men’s Fashion: 5 Investment Pieces for Spring (and Summer)
Where to Find Affordable Skinny Suits
What’s the Ideal Shirt Length for a Man?
How to Determine the Quality of a Suit
How to Build a Casual Preppy Wardrobe

Want more?  See everything we have to offer in our archives.  And please rate us on Time’s website!

Trisha and the Omiru Team

13 comments June 16th, 2008

Fashion PR Guru Matt Meyerson on Expose NY and Affordable Under the Radar Brands You Should Know About

Matt Meyerson’s Affordable Under the Radar Picks: Modern Amusement and Creative RecreationTwo of Matt Meyerson’s favorite affordable under-the-radar brands: Modern Amusement (hoodie and tote) and Creative Recreation (shoes).

Matt Meyerson, former product placement guru for a top entertainment PR firm, is striking out on his own to create Expose NY, a new kind of brand showcase to connect top-tier designers, stylists, and fashion editors.  Read on to hear about Expose NY and the cutting edge of fashion PR, what Matt looks for in an up-and-coming brand, and his top picks for affordably chic under the radar brands.

Omiru: What is Expose NY?  And why is it different from events like Fashion Week or tradeshows like MAGIC?

Expose NY LogoMatt: Expose NY is the first in a series of brand showcases that will geared towards top-tier stylists and fashion editors.

I used to run the product placement division of a very large entertainment PR firm in Los Angeles, where I created a niche in fashion and became known for exposing brands through everything from print to film to TV to music videos to the Web to celebrities to events.

I had a denim client that liked to do periodic “editor days” in NYC since he didn’t have an agency on the East Coast and he wanted the face time. We did a handful of successful events that brought in editors from outlets such as Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, WWD, O, and Self.

About a year ago a light bulb turned on in my head, and I realized there could be a real need for an event like this on a larger scale. I am very protective of my contacts and relationships that I have built over the years, but this is a way for brands to capitalize on my rolodex and forge relationships themselves with the people deciding what goes in the mags, on the TV and on celebrities.  It is for brands that don’t necessarily show on the runways and may not have a showroom in NY. This will be a way for them to get into the heads of the editors and stylists as they begin to plan for Spring.

Expose is nothing like Fashion Week or MAGIC because this is an event strictly for editors and stylists. As much as we love the retailers, this event is not for them. When editors and stylists go to trade shows like MAGIC, Project or Coterie (if they pay to get in) they have to sift through thousands of brands they may not be interested in to get to the ones they want to see or the ones that might be a hot new discovery for them.

Expose will cut through the clutter and showcase a few handfuls of the hottest brands not showing on the catwalk.  There will be quality control on both ends of the process so the brands are meeting with the right people and the guests are seeing lines that they WILL want to use either now or in the future.

We are not like other events that will let in anybody willing to pay. We would rather have a few amazing brands than a bunch of lines nobody cares about. Quality will get the best editors there, not quantity.

O: How do you spot up-and-coming brands?  What catches your attention about them?  What makes them special?

M: Expose will be a combination of my spotting and inviting brands and them finding us. Brand selection will be very comprehensive and will require an online application, current line sheets, and samples for review. This way we make sure only the highest quality and best in category brands are involved.

What makes a great up-and-coming brand is not price or hype. We look for details and focus on creating garments or accessories that do not necessarily follow the masses. We want brands that are timeless, really focus on good manufacturing, pay attention to detail and offer something that fills a void in the marketplace.

We are in a terribly competitive environment in an economy that is not so high. You could have the hottest line in the world, but if you are sitting with it in the cornfields of Iowa and you don’t know how to get it out there, you will not succeed. We help brands get out there. Exposure is EVERYTHING. Thanks to the internet, and sites like Omiru, people are ravenous to find what’s hot and what the next best thing is. All that info is a few clicks away.

O: Omiru is all about real style for real people–and fashion that’s not only beautiful, but also affordable.  What under-the-radar brands should Omiru readers know about?

M: Expose is by no means just about luxury and high price points. If you are the absolute best line in price pointed apparel and are doing some amazing things, we would love to have you join us. Look at what Target is doing with brands like Jovovich Hawk or Kohl’s with Vera Wang. Steve and Barry’s and H & M are all killing it when it comes to affordable fashion and we can’t ignore the power of this space especially when the cost of living keeps going up exponentially.

Some great “under-the-radar” lines (and I say this tongue in cheek since you may know a lot of these lines) include Cheap Monday, anything at Target, Levi’s, Creative Recreation, Modern Amusement, and Insight 51. My tastes run a tad more casual, but there is so much great stuff out there for every taste that you can mix and match haute with (price pointed) hot and really pull it off. I can’t tell you how many people I know that rock Gucci coupled with a Target special.

For more information about Expose NY, check out

3 comments May 13th, 2008

Down for Maintenance on 3/1/08

Hi everybody,

We’re going to be doing some cleanup around here on Saturday afternoon, upgrading to the latest version of our blogging software and doing some general tidying up of the code.  Omiru will be down for maintenance for a few hours starting late tomorrow afternoon, and (if all goes well) we’ll be back up and running in the evening.

Have a great weekend–
Trisha and the Omiru Team

February 29th, 2008

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