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Radiolaria Bracelet by Nervous Systems

Radiolaria Bracelet by Nervous Systems

We’re digging this Radiolaria Bracelet, made of silicone rubber cut into an organic network of distorting ellipses.  What are radiolaria, you ask?  Amoeba-like tiny organisms that live in the sea.

Find more gorgeous jewelry at Nervous Systems, founded by two MIT grads Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg.

$55  at Nervous System.

2 comments May 12th, 2008

Nixon Vega SS Watch

Nixon Vega SS Watch
Never has a stainless steel watch been so chic!

$100  at Nixon Now.

Add comment April 2nd, 2008

Manly Padlock Choker

Manly Padlock Choker NecklaceForm and function meet in this self-described Manly Padlock Choker. The padlock on the choker comes with a key–so you can actually use the padlock when you’re not wearing the choker.

What will they think of next?

$32  at Shana Logic.

2 comments March 6th, 2008

Five Year Diary

Five Year Diary

Start journaling your life today. No matter what day of the year it is, you can just flip to the date and start writing.

Added bonus? It’s the Twitter of diaries.  You only have a few lines of space per day–the intimidation of the Blank Page isn’t a factor here.

$24.95  at Barnes & Noble.

2 comments January 22nd, 2008

Subway Token Cufflinks

Subway Token Cufflinks
For a real New Yorker…or the guy who’s a New Yorker at heart: cufflinks made of authentic 15 cent subway tokens from the 1950s.

$85  at MOMA Design Store.

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In-Vitro Orchid Flower

In-Vitro Orchid FlowerGrow an orchid in a sterilized test tube with this one-of-a-kind kit.

No fuss, no muss–thanks to a nutrient-rich gel, no water or maintenance is necessary.  Just sit back and watch your orchid grow.

$30  at Uncommon Goods.

Add comment August 10th, 2007

EVOD Black Butterfly Necklace

EVOD Black Butterfly NecklaceMandy Wu is the mastermind behind E.V.O.D. jewelry.  Using unconventional materials such as timepieces and fabric centerpieces, Mandy designs and makes each and every one of her pieces.  We can’t get enough of this black butterfly necklace, which combines fabric and metal in one stunning piece.

Thanks, Clothes-Pin, for the tip!

$37  at Etsy.

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Tumi Wheeled Compact Computer Brief

Tumi Wheeled Compact Computer BriefIf you’re looking to splurge, give your laptop-toting man Tumi’s Wheeled Compact Computer Brief.  The bag rolls like butter on smooth or rough ground, and the extended handle slides up and down nearly frictionlessly.

$475 at Tumi.

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Aqua Eggs Bird Necklace

Aqua Eggs Bird NecklaceWe love this hand cut sterling silver bird necklace, complete with 3 faced aqua glass bead "eggs."  Lovingly designed by Rachael Sudlow of Sudlow Jewelry.

Necklace measures about 17.5” Bird measures about 1.75” across, and 1” high.

$50  (approx) at Mintd.

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Mohini Necklace by Kuukivi

Mohini Necklace by KuukiviDesigner Sheela Rayala fuses Indian, European, and American styles to create uniquely flattering styles.  Case in point?  Her Mohini necklace, which features a gorgeous cascade of lavender stones.

Cool thing about Kuukivi?  The company will donate 1% of its profits to non-profit organizations, such as "Little Twinkle" ( which helps children in remote parts of India get their basic education.

$99 at Kuukivi.

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