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Peace Monkey Cards

Peace Monkey Card We like Peace, and we like Monkeys.  So what’s not to love about this Peace Monkey card?

Blank inside.

$12.99  for a set of six at Elsewares.

Add comment January 1st, 2007

Baby Touch Fragrance

Burberry fragrance

The Perfect Gift For: The New Baby Girl.

Did  you know babies can wear perfume, too? Get your little niece or friend’s daughter this Burberry fragrance and they she’ll smell even sweeter than she already does.

$45 at Burberry.

Add comment December 6th, 2006

Miquelrius Diplomatic Notebook

Miquelrius Diplomatic Notebook
For your favorite student.  We love the classic cover, the 4-color sections, the nice space at the top for your name and date, and, of course, the graph paper.

$9.95 at The Daily Planner.

Add comment November 21st, 2006

Kiko Ninja Doll

Kiko Ninja Doll Says designer Alessandra Lopez-Kiely of the inspiration behind the doll, "We kicked, whined and screamed [about] the crazy festivals/lectures/exhibits my mother dragged us to as kids.  But now we’re blessed with a very rich appreciation for many different cultures."  Her brother Kiko and her both love ninja movies (and even the really old Jackie Chan movies).

Fun fact about Alessandra?  She was born the year of the monkey, which explains her love of the silly.  She loves creating products that make people (especially adults) giggle!

Thanks, Julie, for the tip!

$58 at PetuniaPetunia.

Add comment November 10th, 2006

Berry Stripey Boots

Berry Stripey Boots Karen from Plueys recommends pairing these adorable boots with dresses and leggings, or a sweater with jeans rolled up to just above the boots.  Add a matching umbrella, and you’ll be set for the rainy season.

Fun Puddle Fact: There’s a science and an art to jumping in puddles - if you hit that puddle sweet spot in the middle of the puddle you get this ’swhiip-sploosh’ and optimum splash that you don’t get if you stomp in other parts of the puddle. You’ve got to practice though to get the right spot!

$21 at Plueys.

Add comment October 23rd, 2006

Chick Hair Elastic by Yosifa Penina

Chick BarretteAwesomely adorable!

$6 at Smashing Darling.

Add comment October 16th, 2006

Weezer Toddler T-Shirt Weezer Toddler T-ShirtCheck out to find toddler tees and other gear made for the children of the skater and rocker kids of the 80s.

Our personal favorite?  The Weezer toddler tee.  It’s never too early to introduce the little ones to The Good Life.

$20 at Little Ruler.

Add comment October 6th, 2006

Yosi-Girls Barrettes

Yosi-Girls Barrettes Jules Sherman created the adorable Yosi-Girls collection of barrettes out of her desire to make things that are whimsical, cheery, and fun in a world that challenges these lighter aspects of life. 

Oh, and should the Yosi-Girls product line become successful, Jules would like to create a scholarship for underprivileged young women of exceptional creativity to pursue their own artistic dreams.

$9/pair  at Smashing Darling.

P.S.  Barrettes aren’t just for kids.  Jules has also created a line of micro-injected PVC barrettes perfect for You!

1 comment August 15th, 2006

Yosifa-Penina Kites Barrette

Yosifa-Penina Kites Barrette Think barrettes, like Trix, are for kids?  Think again.  Jules Sherman is turning stereotypes about barrettes upside down with her new line of micro-injected PVC hair barrettes, which are flexible, comfortable to wear and water (and chlorine!) proof.

Sherman, an industrial designer by trade, is inspired by historical and modern design patterns and color combinations.  Her carefully chosen patterns are fun enough for kids, yet grown-up enough for you.

$12 at Smashing Darling.

8 comments June 19th, 2006

Mogo Baby Tee

Mogo Baby Tee Cute…but not *too* cute baby tee made by Ann and Dabney of Mogo.

It’s 100% Cotton, Machine washable, and even more, the kimono-tie style allows this tee to grow along with the baby!

$10 at Mogo.

Add comment May 24th, 2006

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