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Talking Japanese Watches

Talking Japanese Watches Learn a bit of Japanese with these fun watches, which read you the time in their native tongue.

$20  at Fred Flare.

Add comment December 3rd, 2007

Pinhole Camera Kit

Pinhole Camera Kit Give the gift of photography (and a DIY spirit) with this build-it-yourself pinhole camera kit.

$28  at MOMA Store.

Add comment December 1st, 2007

Keep Calm and Carry On Poster Print

Keep Calm and Carry On Poster Print We were browsing over at Dearly Devoted, and we found the perfect print to keep next to your work computer.  Or in your home office.  Or down the hall from the kids’ rooms.

$37 (approx) at Keep Calm Ltd.

6 comments November 29th, 2007

3D Doodle Kit

3D Doodle Kit
Watch your doodles jump off the page when you slip on a pair of 3D glasses.

$9  at Fred Flare.

2 comments November 23rd, 2007

DIY Duct Tape Wallet Kit

Duct Tape Wallet Wave goodbye to the vanilla leather wallet, and make your own industrial strength duct tape wallet with this easy-to-assemble kit.

$19.95 at Firebox.

Add comment November 23rd, 2007

Lightning Bolt Necklace Charm

Lightning Bolt Necklace by White Trash Charms For the rising star:

Feel the electricity with this statement charm–as seen on Sarah Jessica Parker and Ryan Philippe.

$114  at Lisa Kline.

3 comments November 19th, 2007

Grunge Chandelier Vinyl Wall Art

Grunge Chandelier Decal - Vinyl Wall Art
Glam (or Grunge) up your room with this decadent chandelier decal.

$23+ at Vinyl Wall Art.

Add comment October 30th, 2007

For Love or Bunny T-Shirt

For Love or Bunny T-ShirtReminds me of my own bunny, Velvet, who I suspect loves me only for food.

Thanks, Joy, for the tip!

$22.95+  at NoiseBot.

Add comment August 27th, 2007

IQ Puzzle Erasers

IQ Puzzle ErasersTest your smarts with these IQ puzzle erasers.  Take them apart and reassemble them–they’re a great way to pass time in class.

Set of 3 puzzle eraser cubes.

$20  at Uncommon Goods.

Add comment August 24th, 2007

Swinging Elephant T-shirt at Threadless

Swinging Elephant T-shirt at ThreadlessYou’ve just got to smile at an elephant on a swing.

Available in men’s and women’s sizes.

$15+  at Threadless.

Add comment July 12th, 2007

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