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Flower Mary Jane Baby Shoes

Flower Mary Jane Baby Shoes

It’s never too early to get your first pair of classic Mary Janes - and there’s no cuter pair for babies than this navy blue version from Gap! (I scoured the store looking for an adult version - no luck.) Snap these up, they just went on sale, and they’re sure to go fast!

$19.99 at Gap Baby.

Add comment September 19th, 2008

Flower Border Dress

Flower Border Dress

We don’t often do kids clothes, but we’d like to spotlight Gap’s Batik Chic collection for newborns. We’re loving the blue on blue color combinations–and the freshly reduced sale prices.

$14.99  (sale) at Gap Baby.

2 comments August 4th, 2008

Marimekko Baby Sling

Marimekko Baby Sling

Carry your baby in style with this Marimekko print fabric sling.

$95  at Bronwen Handcrafted.

Add comment December 21st, 2007

Dado Cube Building Blocks

Dado Cube Building Blocks
Encourage the inner designer in your kid niece or nephew with these architectural Dado building blocks.

10 pieces per set.

$25  at Sparkability.

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Mobile Home Cardboard Dollhouse

Mobile Home Cardboard Dollhouse Play sessions don’t have to stop on road trips, holidays, and trips to Grandma’s house, thanks to the Mobile Home cardboard dollhouse.

$35  at Sparkability.

Add comment December 4th, 2007

Personalized Baby Cufflinks for Dad

Personalized Baby Cufflinks for DadNew dads can share the joy of parenthood with these handcrafted sterling silver square cufflinks, inscribed with baby’s vital stats.

$99  at Julian & Co.

Add comment July 13th, 2007

Skip Hop Expo Unisex Diaper Bag

Skip Hop Expo Unisex Diaper Bag A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about a bag that served a dual function: a handbag and a diaper bag

In the comments, Liz suggested a flat-bottomed bag for easier one-handed use.  This Skip Hop bag is not only flat-bottomed, but it’s also dual functional–it’s unisex style works for Moms and Dads alike.

$64 at Skiphop.

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Robot Onesie

Robot Onesie Cute zombie robots?  Not an oxymoron.

$24  at Elsewares.

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Kiko Ninja Doll

Kiko Ninja Doll Says designer Alessandra Lopez-Kiely of the inspiration behind the doll, "We kicked, whined and screamed [about] the crazy festivals/lectures/exhibits my mother dragged us to as kids.  But now we’re blessed with a very rich appreciation for many different cultures."  Her brother Kiko and her both love ninja movies (and even the really old Jackie Chan movies).

Fun fact about Alessandra?  She was born the year of the monkey, which explains her love of the silly.  She loves creating products that make people (especially adults) giggle!

Thanks, Julie, for the tip!

$58 at PetuniaPetunia.

Add comment November 10th, 2006

Berry Stripey Boots

Berry Stripey Boots Karen from Plueys recommends pairing these adorable boots with dresses and leggings, or a sweater with jeans rolled up to just above the boots.  Add a matching umbrella, and you’ll be set for the rainy season.

Fun Puddle Fact: There’s a science and an art to jumping in puddles - if you hit that puddle sweet spot in the middle of the puddle you get this ’swhiip-sploosh’ and optimum splash that you don’t get if you stomp in other parts of the puddle. You’ve got to practice though to get the right spot!

$21 at Plueys.

Add comment October 23rd, 2006

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