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Butterfly Letterpress Flatcards

Butterfly Letterpress Notecards
Perfectly pretty for the modern wedding.

Thanks, Gina, for the tip!

$14 at A Unique Union.

Add comment May 31st, 2006

DIY Design It Yourself

D.I.Y. Design It Yourself!For the designer in each of us :)

$19.95 at Fred Flare.

Add comment March 16th, 2006

An Alternative to Fashion Mags: Fashion Films on DVD


Stroll down the magazine aisle of any bookstore ,and you’ll fast realize that there are more fashion publications than one can physically keep up with. And if you pick one up, you’ll find more advertisements than editorial.  If you’re tired of the fluff, try FLY DVD, the first fashion and art “moving-magazine” instead.

“How is watching a film comparable to reading a magazine?” you may ask yourself. The answer lies in the third dimension.

Up until now, the fashion curious have experienced their love of clothing through traditional 2-D print magazines.  FLY DVD is bringing to life the outfits (and models) you wish you could see in person. Another reason to dust off that DVD machine is a vital element FLY has that Vogue doesn’t: sound. FLY is giving serious fashionistas all over the chance to not only see style in action, but to also hear it. With its integration of film, music, art, fashion, and dialogue, the goal is not only for the viewer to have fun, but also to be stimulated, inspired, and informed even when they step away from the television set.
Though the FLY DVD concept is in its early stages, its players are no rookies.  Zero Issue, the very first fashion on film FLY DVD, features the works of established and emerging photographers, filmmakers, animators, artists, and musicians.  With 14 fashion films, 6 interviews and documentaries, 9 music videos, Zero Issue includes fashion editors’ favorite designers: Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Yves Saint Laurent, Y3, Zac Posen, Boudicca, and Cloak.

Featured in the next issue are contributions from John Malkovich, Alex Antitch, KT Auleta, Mike Figgis, Vanina Sorrenti, and Alex Cayley. Look for designs from Jean Paul Gaultier, Louis Vuitton, Burberry Prorsum, Riccardo Tisci, and more.   If you still have no clue how fashion plays on film, visit for a sneak-peak trailer of Zero Issue.

Convinced? Buy a copy for your own DVD collection.

$45  (one issue) at InsideFly

7 comments February 14th, 2006

For the do it yourselfer | Ready Made How To Make (Almost) Everything

ReadyMade : How to Make [Almost] Everything: A Do-It-Yourself PrimerThis book is the Bible for the crafty, stylish do-it-yourselfer.

Featuring projects like a CD-cover wall mural, a lamp cozy made out of sweater remnants, and a phone book coffee table, this Ready Made guide is full of cool ideas for the young (at heart) urbanite.  If you love Ready Made magazine, you’ll Adore this book!

$16.50 at Amazon.


Add comment December 26th, 2005

For the ever-lender | Personal Library Kit

Knock Knock Personal Library KitEver lend out a book to a friend, only to have it disappear into a black hole, never to be seen again?

Knock Knock’s Personal Library Kit is the perfect antidote.  You can easily keep track of where each of your books is, and the handy-dandy "Return Date" is a polite reminder to the borrower to give you back your stuff.

Problem solved!

$24.95 at Knock Knock.

Add comment December 23rd, 2005

For the Girl who Loves Sex and the City (essentially every girl in the free world) | Kiss and Tell Hardcover

Sex and the City: Kiss and Tell (Hardcover)

For the girl who owns all the DVDs already and probably bought the new collector’s edition the day it came out, supplement their obsession with the insider’s guide to the show’s fashion, quotes and memorable moments. Filled with glossy pictures and interviews with the cast, the hardcover version is even bound in hot pink faux alligator skin.

$40 at Amazon.

Add comment December 20th, 2005

For the Roommate | Golden Girls Second Season on DVD

The Golden Girls: The Complete Second Season DVD

You spend so much time with your roommate, hanging out, watching TV, you definitely know their favorite shows and because you live with them, you can definitely find out which DVDs they do and do not own, so you can easily fill in the season or seasons they are missing.

$37.99 at Amazon.

Add comment December 19th, 2005

For Long-Distance Girlfriends | Cargo GlossyGreetings Cards

Cargo Glossy Greeting Cards

Of course, for every person you connect with for the holidays, there’ll be one you’re missing far from home. Send your faraway girlfriends your best with one of these cards, and they’ll think it’s cute as a button that enclosed is a bubble of Cargo’s signature lipgloss.

$20 for 10 cards at Sephora.

Add comment December 17th, 2005

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