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Profiles in Style | Bryon Malik

Byron Malik Profiles in Style

 Name: Bryon Malik
Occupation: Photographer
Found: House of Mamasan Fashion Show, at The Supper Club.

Style Philosophy
: Style is the essense of looking great without even trying.
Wardrobe Staples: Black Leather Blazer….Classic Shaft.
Where I Shop: I like to shop at many diffrent places, from Kenneth Cole to Crossroads [Trading Company].
On a scale from 1-10, how important is style to you? Style is very important…I’d say a 10.
If you could save only one item from your closet it would be: It would have to be The Shaft….Black Leather Blazer.

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Profiles in Style | Jeenjoo

Model without Glasses: Jeenjoo

Name: Jeenjoo
Found: 150 Post Street in front of H&M.
Style Philosophy: Don’t follow others. Wear what you want!
Wardrobe Staples: Hats, cargo/military pants.
Where I Shop: H&M, Club Monaco.
If I could save only one item from my closet it would be: Blue Jeans!

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Profiles in Style | Stefanie


Name: Stefanie
Found: On the job at Banana Republic.
Occupation: Sales Associate, BR.
Style Philosophy: "Modern. I have an outgoing personality so I try to match it with my clothes. I’m not trendy. I don’t follow guidelines. I like to do my own thing. I mainly wear black and neutral tones."
Wardrobe Staples: Well-fit tailored blazers.
Where I shop: Banana Republic (Duh!), Macy’s, Jeremy’s.

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Profiles in Style | Megan and Tyson

Megan and Tyson

Names: Megan and Tyson
Found: Patiently waiting outside H&M Powell, well within the first hundred people in line.
Arrived at H&M: "6am, but our friends got here at 4am."
At H&M for:
Stella McCartney, of course. Megan: "The jumper and the jeans." Tyson:
"The men’s dress shirt that was transformed into a dress."

Personal style: Megan: "I just throw on whatever’s clean, whatever’s comfortable." Adds Tyson: "I’m all about comfortable."
Last Words: Tyson: "No Uggs, no pajamas, no LV pochettes, no knit Uggs, no Jessica Simpson, no Ashlee Simpson, no ruffled miniskirts."

Thanks, Tyson. Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


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