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Trend Alert: The Casual Wedding

For years and years, the black tie wedding was de rigeur.  Tuxes.  Long white gowns.  Same old, same old.  But now, it seems that the uber-formal Black Tie Wedding is starting to take a backseat to the Casual Wedding.  

Earlier this month, we advised one of our male readers (Phil) about what to wear to his casual wedding.  In the comments, Ria chimed in about her own casual wedding, held this past summer.  Said Ria, "We had a casual wedding, no ties! Well, no ties for the guests. My husband wore a tie but no jacket, same with the groomsmen. Just putting it out there as an alternative. It was hot so no jackets or vests worked for us, but the ties added to the wedding party style."

Indeed, the wedding party exuded style.  Ria’s pictures, below, show that you don’t have to dress to the nines to look fabulous at your wedding.  All you have to do is capture your own personal style.

Ria\'s Wedding: Wedding Party and a Beach Blue Sky
Ria: "The green bridesmaid carnation bouquets matched my husband’s shirt, and their sashes matched the colour of my dress."

Ria\'s Wedding: Table
Ria: "The handmade family recipe books had green accents in the printing and purple ribbons, and the mini menus at each place had blue trim."

Ria\'s Wedding: Wedding Cake
Ria’s cousin Katherine whipped up the wedding cake and cupcakes, each of which had a special design on top.  Ria’s husband, Johann, is into frogs, and his favorite color is green–so the wedding cake featured an adorable frog couple. 

5 comments January 30th, 2008

What’s In and What’s Out: ExPosure Fashion Show

We asked visitors at the Omiru table, "What’s In and What’s Out?" 

What’s In?

Wide Belts
Wide Belt
Floral Studded Leather Belt | $59.99 (sale) at Bloomingdales

Stunner Shades / Aviator Sunglasses

Stunner Shades (Aviator Sunglasses)
Gucci Gold Logo Aviators | $150 at Bluefly

What’s Out?

Big (Kukui) Nut Necklaces

Kukui Nut Necklace

Guys with Pink Tees

Pink Tee for Men


Ugg Boot

5 comments May 23rd, 2006

ExPosure Pre Show

ExPosure Crowd
Pre Show Mingling

Second Room ExPosure
Vendors in the Second Room

ExPosure Bar Scene
ExPosure Bar Scene

1 comment May 21st, 2006

Ready Made Outfit | Young, Hip and Professional on Holiday

By George Storefront
Spotted by Omiru in the store window of "By George."

Carrying all the necessary pieces of fashion for the young professional who knows how to work style both off and on the clock, “By George” (based in Austin, TX) is a retail boutique where you can rub elbows with some of the chicest Austinites. 

This boutique is on top of its game when it comes to the latest trends – not only for the modern female, but for the metro male.  Right across the street from the Whole Foods world headquarters, their storefront display gleams with stylish delight – especially with this “sleek urban working man on a three-day weekend” look.  Its light-as-air color palette still maintains an endearing masculinity by contrasting with bold accessories (i.e. a dark hued tie and duffel bag) – but thanks to Omiru, you don’t have to make a trek to the Lone Star State to achieve this look. 

De St. Tropez Suit | $269 at Original Penguin


Polished pique premium French cuff shirt | $78 at Banana Republic


Framed silk box tie | $59.50 at Brooks Brothers


Paul Smith canvas & leather weekend bag | $510 at Bergdorf Goodman


Type Z lace-up | $75.95 at

Add comment April 20th, 2006

Street Style NY: Cartoon Chic

Cartoon Bag
Spotted by Omiru in Washington Square Park.

And a Closeup of the bag:
Cartoon Bag Closeup

Like Trix cereal, Cartoons aren’t just for Kids.  This one’s for you, Chris!

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Street Style NY: The Long Cardigan

Omiru Street Style: Cardigan, Boots, Low Slung Belt, Short Skirt
Spotted by Omiru in Washington Square Park in NY.

Trend Alert: Long Cardigans
aren’t just for grandpa anymore!  They look surprisingly fresh paired with basics and a touch of embellishment.

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Profiles in Style | Bryon Malik

Byron Malik Profiles in Style

 Name: Bryon Malik
Occupation: Photographer
Found: House of Mamasan Fashion Show, at The Supper Club.

Style Philosophy
: Style is the essense of looking great without even trying.
Wardrobe Staples: Black Leather Blazer….Classic Shaft.
Where I Shop: I like to shop at many diffrent places, from Kenneth Cole to Crossroads [Trading Company].
On a scale from 1-10, how important is style to you? Style is very important…I’d say a 10.
If you could save only one item from your closet it would be: It would have to be The Shaft….Black Leather Blazer.

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Hip Hop Culture Couture

Hip Hop Fashion at Mamasan Fashion Show
Hip Hop Fashion as seen at the House of Mamasan Fashion Show

Hip-hop culture consists of four primary elements: MC’ing, turntablism, breakdancing and graffiti.  Some might say that basketball is the unspoken fifth element, but in our humble opinion, fashion is more relevant in the fabric of hip-hop culture.

Ever since the days of the retro rap of Run DMC, there has been a phenomenal impact of hip-hop culture in the world of fashion.  Think about it – the bling, the Adidas track suits, the fat laces, the hoop earrings – it’s all been a prominent force in urban street garb.

Now, the world of hip-hop takes up a reasonable chunk of the fashion industry.  Brands like Roca Wear, Sean John, Baby Phat, Fetish and Akademiks play a big role in hip-hop while other brands like Triple 5 Soul and Juicy Couture are more of an authoritative undercurrent.

Sure, there are the more obvious aesthetics involved in this realm (i.e. uberbaggy jeans, Kangol hats, throwback jerseys), but there is a less blatant spectrum to this edgy world of hip-hop.  And as cliché as it may sound, it’s a lot about the attitude when trying to pull off some of these hip-hop clothes.  Otherwise, you’ll just look like a big poser.


 ecko Connectivity Track Jacket | $68 at



Rocawear Men’s Aspen Jean | $75.99 at


 House of Dereon Cashmere Blend Swing Coat | $109.99 at


 Apple Bottoms Stitched Apple Jeans | $39.99 at

1 comment March 17th, 2006

Ready Made Outfit | Military Man

Spotted by Omiru at San Jose State University.

In a fashionably subconscious bout of support for our interesting political climate, the "military" look has been garnering a considerable amount of praise among urban hipsters.  Clad in camo, rich browns and shades of war-torn green, many men have been sporting a look that gives a whole new meaning to "An Army of One."


A. Kurtz Sergeant Camo Cap | $56 at


Tiffany Sterling Silver Coin Edge Tag Pendant | $160 at Tiffany & Co.

WESC Men’s Robin Military Jacket | $187.50 at

Junkfood MTV Camo Tee | $28 at



55 DSL Maiden Pant | $85 at

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Best of: Bright, Hardware-adorned Shoes

Burberry Buckle Shoe

Spotted: a rich crimson red Burberry buckle shoe!

Sadly, the shoes were bought quite some time ago, according to the shoe’s owner.  But if you’re looking to get your hardware-adorned shoe fix, you’re in the right place…

Prada Natural Linen Snakeskin Buckle Slingbacks

Prada Natural Linen Snakeskin Buckle Slingbacks | $372 at Bluefly

Prada Sport Orange Leather Buckle Mules

Prada Sport Orange Leather Buckle Mules | $228 at Bluefly

Yves Saint Laurent \'Veruschka\' Slingback

Yves Saint Laurent ‘Veruschka’ Slingback | $369.99 at Bluefly
(Also available in Tan and Black.)

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