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You Said: Yes to Brogues


kameryn-canvas-brogues_073110We asked: Would you wear Brogues?

You said:  Yes to Brogues, with a 63-37 split in votes.

Style tip? Brogues (aka Wingtip Shoes) have been making a statement on both sides of the Atlantic.  They feature punched patterns (aka brogueing) along the seams and outer layers of the shoe - and are traditionally a menswear shoe.  Though brogues are now made for both women and men, they still retain their classic masculinity - and as such are a perfect counterpoint to feminine outfits.  We love the juxtaposition of a menswear-inspired brogue against a flirty, feminine summer dress.  Just remember to skip the socks.

Next question: Cats eye sunglasses feel very retro - yet au courant.  And they certainly make a statement. But what do you think?  Tell us, would you wear cats eye sunglasses?  Cast your vote on the sidebar!

Pictured: Kameryn Canvas Brogues | $110 at Topshop

2 comments August 2nd, 2010

Six Statement Necklaces To Spice Up Your Summer Wardrobe

What’s the easiest way to give your wardrobe a pick-me-up?  Accessories, accessories, accessories.  And this summer, the statement necklace is here to inject some drama into the sea of neutrals that’s defining fashion this season.  How to wear the statement necklace?  Juxtaposed against basics - the blank canvas will allow these necklaces to shine.  Here’s six statement necklaces to spice up your summer neutrals:


1. Fenton/Fallon for J. Crew Carrington Chain and Needle Necklace | $195 at J Crew
The chain link detailing, combined with the spikes, make this necklace a fantastic counterpoint to a feminine frock.

2. Assorted Initial Pendant | $24 at Urban Outfitters
Personalize your necklace with your initials.

3. Two Strand Beaded Multiplier Necklace | $39.99 at Target
Add a bit of color to a neutral outfit with coral beads and gems.

4. Sequin Twisted Necklace | $118 at Nordstrom
Juxtaposed pearls and chains make for a smouldering textured necklace.

5. Chain and Crystal Twist Necklace | $98 at J Crew
Asymmetric intertwining of steel and gold-plate chain feels so luxe.

6. Antiqued Chainlink Bib Necklace | $6.80 at Forever 21
Pair this chainlink bib necklace with a plain dress for a striking, eyecatching effect.

How would you wear the statement necklace?  Share your style with us in the comments!

7 comments July 29th, 2010

Trend Alert: Colored Khaki Pants


Who said that khaki pants have to be boring?  In a season full of neutrals, we dare you to add a bit of color to your wardrobe.  Instead of wearing standard sand-colored khakis, why not try a slightly nontraditional color?  You can play it safe with navy, olive, grey, or brown - or go wilder with a lighter blue slate or an orange-tinted clay color.  How to wear these colored khaki pants?  Pair them with a slim cut shirt and driving shoes for a classic summer look.  And where to get them?  J Crew’s colored khaki pants are well-cut and well-priced - here’s four of our favorites:

1. Sun Faded Stanton Pant in Urban Slim Fit | $39.99+ at J Crew

2. Broken in Chino in Classic Fit | $29.99+ at J Crew

3.  Sun Faded Stanton Pant in Classic Fit | $69.50 at J Crew

4.  Lightweight Essex Pant in Classic Fit | $49.99+ at J Crew

How will you wear colored khaki pants?  Share your style with us in the comments!

1 comment July 28th, 2010

You Said: Maybe to Cutoff Shorts


levis-501-cutoff-shorts_072510We asked: Would you wear Cutoff Shorts?

You said:  Maybe to Cutoff Shorts, with a 50-50 split in votes.

Style tip? Cutoff shorts had their 15 minutes of fame with Arrested Development’s resident "nevernude" Tobias Funke, but they’re seeing a resurgence this summer, given fashion’s fixation on all things denim.  Cutoff shorts work surprisingly well on women with short legs; their short silhouette exposes more leg - and visually elongates your legline.  You can further extend the visual length of your leg with a well-chosen pair of sandals or espadrilles, especially one with a heel.  Cutoffs don’t have to just be a summer style - wear your cutoffs this Fall as well, paired with tights.  Should you choose to wear cutoff shorts, you have a variety of styles to choose from - but our favorites are distressed (the perfect treatment to pair with the cutoff hem) and expose a bit of pocket.

Next question: Brogues, aka wingtips or oxfords, have been in the style spotlight for months.  They were a posh pairing for winter clothes, but they also work well as a counterpoint for feminine frocks in warmer weather. But what do you think?  Tell us, would you wear brogues?  Cast your vote on the sidebar!

Pictured: Levi’s 501 Cutoff Shorts | $50 at Urban Outfitters

5 comments July 25th, 2010

You Said: No to Blousy Shorts


roll-up-hem-shorts_071710We asked: Would you wear Blousy Shorts?

You said:  No to Blousy Shorts, with a 60% to 40% vote.

Style tip? Blousy shorts might not sound like a good idea, but they’re surprisingly wearable on women with a slim bottom half.  The key to wearing blousy shorts is to balance out the volume on the bottom with a more form fitting top - and finish off the outfit with a belt to reign in the volume.  For maximum figure flattery, choose your shorts in color from the darker side of the color spectrum.  We’ve successfully paired an olive pair of blousy shorts with a drapey black tank and a collarless faux leather jacket, finishing off the look with a draped boyfriend belt and a pair of heeled sandals.

Next question: Cutoff shorts remind us of Arrested Development’s Tobias Funke, but we’re finding them strangely appealing despite the association with Funke’s "nevernude."  But what do you think?  Tell us, would you wear cutoff shorts?  Cast your vote on the sidebar!

Pictured: Roll Up Hem Shorts | $60 at Topshop

3 comments July 18th, 2010

You Said: No to Cuffed Sandals


reese-sandals_071110We asked: Would you wear Cuffed Sandals?

You said:  No to Cuffed Sandals, with a 66% to 34% vote.

Style tip? This season’s sandals feature a new twist - a cuff that wraps around your ankle.  While the cuff is primarily for decorative effect, it’s also a useful feature to keep the shoes securely on when you’re out and about.  But while the cuff adds to the dramatic effect of these sandals, it also visually cuts your leg at the ankle, making your legs (and therefore, you) look shorter.  This leg shortening effect is particularly powerful with sandals that feature wide cuffs.  If you’re not blessed with the longest legs, we’d recommend trying a sandal with a thinner cuff to offset this effect. 

Next question: Blousy shorts provide a nice counterpart to tight tops, but they can also be difficult to wear, especially for pear shaped women.  But what do you think?  Tell us, would you wear blousy shorts?  Cast your vote on the sidebar!

Pictured: Reese Sandals | $19.80 at Forever 21

2 comments July 11th, 2010

You Said: Yes to Backpacks


bdg-nylon-backpack_070510We asked: Would you wear Backpacks?

You said:  Yes to Backpacks, with the slimmest of margins -  a 51% to 49% vote.

Style tip? A throwback to school days, the backpack is re-emerging on the fashion scene as an accessory that combines both form and function.  We appreciate the backpack for much of the same reason that we like the oversized handbag - you can go about your day with everything you need, right at your fingertips.  But how do you wear the backpack without looking like a student?  Choose sophisticated versions with updated detailing - an extra special buckle closure, or a streamlined silhouette. 

Next question: Cuffed sandals that have strap(s) that wrap around your ankle help keep sandals on your feet when you’re out and about.  But the cuff also visually shortens your leg. What do you think?  Tell us, would you wear cuffed sandals?  Cast your vote on the sidebar!

Pictured: BDG Nylon Backpack | $48 at Urban Outfitters

2 comments July 5th, 2010

What to Wear July 2010


What do you need to update your closet this month?  Day dresses and colorful shorts, slouchy roll up pants and fantastic embellished tops, colorful clutches and decorative oxfords.  To keep warm at the office when the AC is on at full blast, a chambray blazer with ruched sleeves.  And to top off a casual outfit, while counterbalancing feminine embellishments - a military inspired field jacket.  Here’s Omiru’s top picks for July 2010:

1. Linen Dip-Dye V-Neck Pullover | $78 at J Crew

2. Pleated Roll Up Shorts | $49.50 at Gap

3. Pins and Needles Peter Pan Striped Tunic | $38 at Urban Outfitters

4. Slouchy Belted Pants | $49.50 at Gap

5. Solid Ripstop Field Jacket | $98 at J Crew

6. Rose Sequin Embellished Top | $90 at Topshop

7. Ecote Classic Canvas Backpack | $68 at Urban Outfitters

8. Craft & Creation Top | $58 at Anthropologie

9. Premium Leather Macrame Knotted Oversized Clutch | $118.36 at ASOS

10. Whip Smart Blazer | $98 at Anthropologie

11. Kimchi Blue Teardrop Oxford | $48 at Urban Outfitters

What will you be wearing this month?
  Share your style with us in the comments!

2 comments July 1st, 2010

You Said: Yes to Maxi Dresses


tie-dye-maxi-dress_062310We asked: Would you wear Maxi Dresses?

You said:  Yes to Maxi Dresses, with a 57% to 43% vote.

Style tip? Maxi Dresses, very popular in the boho 70s, reappeared on the fashion scene a few seasons ago.  And now that it’s summer, their simple, long silhouette, paired with espadrilles and oversized sunglasses, feels very California chic.  This style, because it is floor length, can overwhelm petite frames - so it’s best worn on taller women.  If you’re petite and would like to try a maxi dress, look for one with a closer fit and a smaller pattern to keep the look in proportion.

Next question: School days may be out, but backpacks are very In with the fashion crowd. But these aren’t your typical Jansports - these new backpacks feature sophisticated colors and details - like leather piping.  What do you think?  Tell us, would you wear a backpack?  Cast your vote on the sidebar!

Pictured: Tie Dye Maxi Dress | $27.80 at Forever 21

1 comment June 27th, 2010

You Said: Yes to Oversized Sunglasses


jodi-oversized-sunglasses_062010We asked: Would you wear Oversized Sunglasses?

You said:  Yes to Oversized Sunglasses, with a 75% to 25% vote.

Style tip? Oversized sunglasses are a Hollywood classic - they give you an air of mystery.  And they’re excellent at protecting your eyes, to boot!  We appreciate their mix of fashion and function - and the sense of drama they add to your look.  How do you find the right pair of oversized sunglasses for your face?  The key to getting this look right is to contrast your face shape with the shape of your glasses.  If you have a round race, look for glasses with an angular shape.  And conversely, if you have a more angular face, you’ll do best with glasses with a more rounded shape.

Next question: The Maxi Dress, a favorite silhouette in the 1970s, made its way back into fashion in 2009 - but it seems to have enough staying power to last through 2010.  But this floor-length dress silhouette isn’t for everybody, and it can be especially overwhelming on shorter women. What do you think?  Tell us, would you wear the maxi dress?  Cast your vote on the sidebar!

Pictured: Jodi Sunglasses | $78 at Banana Republic

3 comments June 21st, 2010

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